10 PSA That Really Gets Your Attention

If Sarah McLachlan ever appeared on cable, then you know it’s time to mute the TV. Sarah has a lovely voice, but her public service announcements about animal cruelty are so dramatic and heartbreaking that she even changes the channel as they go on.

Of course, it’s hard to create a campaign that promotes going home an important point while still being entertaining . But it can be done. PSAs don’t have to be serious, and they don’t need to be based solely on fear. In fact, bringing the viewer’s attention to a good cause can really be most effective with a light touch. Here are 10 examples of PSAs that can stand on their own as a great piece of content marketing.

1. If you don’t tell them, who will: use condoms

It’s hard to talk about sex – no pun intended. That’s why sex education videos provide information and who will really see is just as important. For each Mean Girls – style teacher asserts that if you have sex “You will get pregnant — and die,” there should be a video like “On a condom.”

“On a Condom”, created by WomanCare Global and Funny or Die , detailing the risks of inappropriate fallback. Plus, since we’re talking genitals with comedians, there’s bound to be loads of jokes about other regions. Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant and Whitney Cummings certainly won’t let you down.

PSA Scores for: The idea that someone can cough up a condom during sex. (You can’t. Don’t try this at home.)

2. #Rufflife

Ever wanted to see Danny Trejo in a dog costume? If so, I won’t ask you why; it’s your business. But if you have, your dream is about to come true. #Rufflife shows Trejo, dressed in a furry dog ​​suit, fighting for survival in a shelter. While the ad is hilarious, it also draws a clever parallel between being in prison and life in prison, which anthropomorphizes animals and makes their suffering more relatable to humans. viewers.

Ultimately, PSA revealed that 3 million unwanted cats and dogs die in shelters each year. If that doesn’t make you want to talk and take care of your pet, I don’t know what will.

PSA scores for: The Canine Crips and Bloodhound Bloods.

3. #AuNomsDesSeins

After seeing this ad, whose title means “In the name of breasts,” you’ll know more slang for lumps in French than in English. Sponsored by the French coffee company Carte Noire, this is a hilarious PSA that shows that every woman should be screened for breast cancer — whatever she calls “the girls.”

Remember: If caught early enough, 90 percent of breast cancers can be cured.

PSA scores for: Fry eggs for twins. No further explanation needed.

4. Bristol Aging Better

According to this PSA, 3.9 million older adults in the UK say television is their main form of company — statistically, that’s heartbreaking. So how can you solve that in a way that’s fun to watch? The answer: by animating the stories using adorable animals in place of the elderly.

It’s universally true that animals make everything more appetizing — even this line: “When you’re depressed, isolated, and down, you can’t see the future.” Thankfully, this ad is reaching out to those people and telling them they have a lot to look forward to.

PSA scores for: A chicken flies off the treadmill.

5. Pizza Farm

Nick Offerman is a man who radiates the bright rays of Americana. So if he tells us that there is a problem with our country, we should probably listen.

“Pizza Farm” parodied the US government’s alleged crackdown on elementary school lunches. Many children are still being fed litter trays. Look no further than when USDA classifies pizza sauce as a vegetable . Of course, maybe we were wrong. Maybe pizza to be is a vegetable. Maybe dry ketchup under the lid, too.

In this PSA, Offerman shows viewers his all-natural farm. He grows pizzas on vines, taquitos on trees, and taciturn Joes on the ground. It’s all a joke, of course, as the position’s tagline explains: “Our kids’ health is no laughing matter.”

While I won’t laugh at malnourished children, I will laugh when someone is pinning fish fingers to a tree.

PSA scores for: “Fries are practically a salad, which is why I love mine with the ranch. “Can’t argue with that logic.

6. Love has no label

The most creative campaigns make people wonder how anyone can entice them. That’s exactly what Chris Northam one of the creators from R/GA behind this live PSA, must have thought when he placed a giant X-ray screen, ersatz in Santa Monica this past Valentine’s Day.

The demonstration shows different skeletons hugging and kissing. When the owner of the skeleton stepped out from behind the screen, it was found that the couples were gay, biracial, elderly or heterosexual. The video made a wide impact, garnering people’s attention 54 million views on Youtube.

Nick Law, global creative director at R/GA, said: “An important undertone to all of this is for people to recognize their own prejudices. Adweek . “It’s not just a metaphor; it really is a sublime demonstration. ”

PSA scores for: Feeling. All of them.

7. Don’t talk while watching movies

Capturing nostalgia is a great way to engage consumers. Tapping into consumer sentiment is also an effective method to silence people while watching a movie — at least that’s what Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights think.

More than anything, this PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema begs the question: In the age of the iPhone, can anyone talk constantly and be inspired anymore? Come on guys, at least put your phone away and go to the movies.

PSA scores for: “You screwed up the Coach’s speech. We push you out of the cinema. ” Listen listen.

8. What if the Bears killed one of the five?

I’m super impressed that someone tasked with creating a PSA on sexual assault not only made it impactful but funny enough to share. Somehow, a genius at College Humor figured it out.

The general premise of the location is clear from the title. Simply put, you wouldn’t let a bear kill a fifth of your friends — so why stay silent about the fact that one in five women will be sexually assaulted by the time she’s finished college. learn?

For those wondering, the chance of being killed by a bear is about 1 in 2.1 million won — and that is if you’re already in Yellowstone National Park. Worry about that later. Let’s address sexual assault first.

PSA Scores for: “You know the old saying. The bear will be the bear. ”

9. Agree to Tea

Figuring out the definition of consent can be complicated. Making someone a cup of tea is not. So let’s compare the two! Let the British think of such an apt analogy. After all, it’s pretty simple: Don’t force people to drink tea if they don’t want to.

Warning: this video drops a few f . bombs . Clean version can be found here .

PSA scores for: Fixed numbers put it for the better.


What happens when you have the smallest budget ever but still want to make a funny video? You use an old PSA by Bell Save on drugs and put the head of the Philadelphia Police Department commissioner on someone else’s body.

Come on, the Internet loves nostalgia and lousy Photoshop. How could this go wrong? (And no, it doesn’t.)

PSA scores for: Horrible ’90 clothes and a really terrible (and purposeful) voice.

If you’ve ever come up with an idea for a PSA, remember to look beyond the usual scare tactics. When was the last time you passed your smoking PSA without changing the channel or checking your phone? Instead, put humor and nostalgia on your first bet. Although you may never get the best score Saved by Bell’s remake but you can wrap.

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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