3 Examples of Surprising and Exciting Content Marketing (Plus Our Hot Thing)

This week is all about the unexpected. A writer creates a compelling wicket to find other ads. Ronald McDonald House sponsors content that has nothing to do with itself. And the NEA’s Membership Benefits turn ‘boring’ content into a hot game.

Killer ad hit the ball at an unexpected point

ONE 686 – word description of a set croquet for sale is in Craigslist’s used sporting goods category .

CMI . Community Member Doug O’Bryon introduced us to his unique and lengthy creation.

Why was he gone for so long? Doug says he wants to exercise his mental muscles and bring a little joy when the supply of gravity is in short supply, and possibly attract the attention of someone looking for a real original. to tell their brand story.

Here are some of our favorite excerpts from the ad:

“The Croquet Caddy pictured here represents a low profile in Postmodern Design. Originally molded by a first-year community college dropout in Manufacturing Technology, this over-engineered abomination has all the structural integrity of a Bible School Noah’s Ark. Holidays are built with toothpicks, marshmallows, and guilt…

An image showing a vintage croquet set.

“(It is) not clear to me that the designer of this fabrication was motivated by one wish for all – REVENGE. The result is a toxic concoction created to entice unsuspecting buyers by combining an aesthetically pleasing ensemble of Elmer’s wood, metal, steel and glue – all are all made into a unique but criminally fragile industrial artifact, guaranteed not to damage…

“And speaking of the deposit, this last insult is entirely accompanied by cascading anticipation of a tumultuous journey, as the bottom of the shiv has been shaved into a flat, blunt end like a pancake. – cannot penetrate any ground by simply pressing against the body-weight – and thus ensures a quick escalation towards a maneuver that requires more torque, utilizing the mallet has now been compromised as the multiplier, with players one-by-one attempting to “push” plane pillars on the unwanted pitch of the field. Statistically, the first two hits will miss the target, injuring both the big toe and the big toe, before stepping back and hitting Paul Bunyan all over on that little Satanic stick. ”

As of this publication, the croquet set is still available. Mention this post and he might have $1 off.

WHY IT’S HOT: What does this have to do with content marketing? We asked Doug to explain: “There are only a handful of truly original creators and cutting-edge thought leaders — and they don’t live inside corporate org chart boxes,” he says. he said. “If you want to capture this rare, free-range, story/brand talent, don’t look for them in the same old locations using old methods.

“Create an engaging environment and let them find you.”

That’s a great idea. If you want truly creative, unique content marketers, look for them in places that are different from the traditional. That’s what Doug hopes brands looking for advertising will do and will find his Craigslist post on.

If you want to find rare talent, don’t look in the expected places. Create an engaging environment and let truly creative originals find you, @DougOBryon via @CMIContent said. Click to post a Tweet

Sponsored content does not necessarily belong to the sponsor

The Ronald McDonald House charity has a program of sponsored content on The Washington Post. But it doesn’t use the paid space to tell stories about its nonprofit. Instead, it curates articles from The Washington Post’s editorial side to tell a positive or inspiring story.

In this collection of seven articles, story #1 tells the story of an airport pianist who was flooded with tips after an Instagram influencer posted about him. The second story follows students who built a device to help their teacher husband, who uses a wheelchair, to walk with the couple’s newborn child.

WHY IT’S HOT: Sponsored Content can be a valuable means of getting your brand in front of an audience on popular websites like The Washington Post. But there’s no rule that says you can only publish content relevant to your organization, or that you should only promote content you create.

All stories have positive messages and inspirational themes, closely linked to the mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charity. . Also, it should be noted that The Washington Post’s advertised content has been around for at least a few months. So chances are they won’t reappear on the editorial side of the site. But because articles are evergreen, they can still attract readers.

There’s no rule that says sponsored content should be about your organization or that you should only promote #content you create. See the @RMHC location on the @WashingtonPost site for example via @CMIContent. Click to Tweet

NEA membership service gets boring ‘content into a hoot

In a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat, Jill Golden shared an example from her work as a content strategist for NEA Member Benefits. “We were a bit silly to advertise a ‘ boring’ theme,” Jill told us. “We created a great guide for that specific audience, and we drove people to it with fun social media videos (and then postcards),” she says. related).

This is one of Facebook videos which features a white owl:

The first text overlay asks: “Did someone say free retirement guides?” followed by another overlay: “Owl take one.”

Facebook video description? “It is always the right time for educators to offer retirement planning advice.”

As Jill explains: “I think if I liked it, the audience would probably like it too. Building on that success, we’ve made several other videos that have been released since the summer and are also driving a lot of engagement and traffic. ”

WHY IT’S HOT: Almost all of us have had to deal with uninteresting subjects at one time or another. While the piece of content may have to follow a traditional format, like this retirement guide, you can be creative when promoting it. Just make sure your selection aligns with the voice of your brand.

Your helpful #content can take a traditional form – but you can still get creative when it comes to promoting content like @_goldengrams did for @NEABenefits through @CMIContent. Click to Tweet

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