3 Useful Content Marketing Examples That Show Brands Starting the Game

3 Useful Content Marketing Examples That Show Brands Starting the Game

This week’s examples show how fun it can be to get others involved in the creation and distribution of your content. Whether it’s your home colleagues, viewers, or gaming clients, look outside of your content team for inspiration, collaboration, and fan-friendly competition.

Ask your child to work

Children have been our colleagues for a year now. Why not ask them for help with content creation?

The content team at digital company Jellyfish Training asked their kids to create visualizations of what the office will be like in the future. They included the resulting hand-drawn designs in a blog post and send a press release about the post to the media.

Posts aren’t all fun and games – Jellyfish also combines a realistic feel alongside captivating designs. Jellyfish Training’s vice president of real estate and facilities offered advice on how to improve your work-from-home setup and adapt to the environment to make the transition back to office life easier. easier.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: You’ve probably heard a lot of advice on how and why include your brand staff in content marketing. Jellyfish has turned that idea into reality by harnessing the creativity of its employees’ children. Think about it: staff maybe Share a recent company blog post about work-from-home tips. But they will proud Share what their kids have created for your brand.

If your child has been your coworker for the past year, take a page from the @jellyfishglobal playbook – put their imagination to work for your #ContentMarketing via @CMIContent #WeeklyWrap. # For example Click to Tweet

We love that it’s an interesting visual change to employee-generated content . And, honestly, we might not have written about (or even read) a press release with working-from-home tips. Been there, reading that at this point. But the children’s imagination gave a new twist to this method.

However, Jellyfish could have gone beyond the project further with some cross-use between Public Relations and social networks. Its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds reveal only one tweet about the project (a share of The Drum report). Each child’s picture as a separate post makes up a set engaging, shareable social media content .

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: Jellyfish sent us a press release.

Get viewers involved

There is a lot of food related content out there. So it’s a bit surprising to see a brand enter that nice territory. The new entry comes from one of the biggest retailers in the world and features many celebrities, so it could stand a chance.

Walmart Cookshop website There are dozens of episodes of culinary programs. The all-star lineup includes Veggie Boost with Jamie Oliver, Over The Top with Patti Labelle and Casa Vergara (starring Sofia and her son Manolo). Other shows are based on a premise, like Create Your Own Basket and Mystery.

Even a big brand like Walmart needs something to create featured content in food content rankings on the internet. What’s so special about Walmart Cookshop’s video? They Interactive .

Get this from Jamie Oliver . Viewers choose why they watch – to get their kids to enjoy their veggies or to take their side dishes to the next level.

Clicking the dot in the upper left brings up a drop-down menu where viewers can purchase ingredients (a direct link to the sale) or share an episode’s content promo ( ).

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: Interactive content is a great way to identify – and deliver – the content that viewers want. It allows Walmart to combine personalized without having to invest heavily in content customization. The presenter records a brief introduction showing two options. Viewers see choices on the video overlay. (If viewers don’t choose, the host will “choose” for them.)

#interactive video is a simple way to identify – and deliver – # the content that viewers want. See the latest examples from @Walmart Cookshop via @CMIContent #WeeklyWrap. #WalmartCookshop Click to Tweet

We think this is a great way to help viewers control what they’re watching. Instead of letting the platform algorithm “recommend” videos, viewers can make their own choices.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: CMI’s Kim Moutsos recently saw an article about Walmart Cookshop on Eat this .

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Make your brackets

March is the most famous month for brackets (head hat to you, NCAA basketball league). Paruzal Games is getting into action to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Great Escape Contest Designed to find the fastest room escape team on the internet. Teams pay a $200 registration fee to compete in the tournament, which involves four or more unreleased Paruzal games. All participants receive a gift bag and discount for playing Paruzal online escape games.

The eight fastest teams enter the rounds and compete until the fastest team is crowned in April.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Celebrations are often focused on the brand, not the customer and audience. And they often involve a lot Outdated content boring. Paruzal Games has avoided all of that. They are luring their audience with the promise of unreleased products and bragging rights.

Paruzal has formatted its content in recognition of the popularity of major tournaments at this time of year. And it even turned the competition into a revenue stream, raking in $200 per team.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: Maracaibo Media Group sent a message to CMI.

Make your celebration fun for your audience – and also a source of revenue. The @ParuzalGames Great Escape tournament delivers great #ContentMarketing inspiration through @MaracaiboMedia @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

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