3 video content drawn from Salesforce, TikTok and Facebook

3 video content drawn from Salesforce, TikTok and Facebook

This week, Salesforce made a move to get its own “+” sign. A study commissioned by Facebook looked at the difference in impact between video and still images. And a TikTok executive talks about the brand’s success on the world’s most downloaded social media app.

Salesforce targets ‘+’ in streaming

In a groundbreaking move, software brand Salesforce is launching a streaming service to transform its marketing into a owned and operated media entity, according to a story in Axios .

A free streaming service called Salesforce+ will provide content to help sales, marketing and executives develop and improve their business skills. The company’s goal, CMO Sarah Franklin said in the interview, is to drive viewers to connect with the brand, so they want to use the company’s products and interact more.

Salesforce+ will launch in September with live show from the Dreamforce event and the original series on demand. The company hired more than 50 editors leading up to the launch. Its in-house operation, Salesforce Studios, will film and produce content. Future plans may include an expansion to include partner and community submitted content on the platform.

Success will be measure by subscribers and viewership, said the CMO.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Salesforce is transforming its content marketing into a full-fledged form media company. While you may not have the resources for an in-house studio, you can still benefit from some form of media modeling for your content marketing. How can your brand grow and own an audience? How can your company deliver content that your audience will subscribe to and read/watch/listen to over and over again?

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How to make a video to pack this biggest punch

Video-based social media ads receive better responses than static image ads. That was the finding of an analysis in Australia by Analytic Partners and Australia-based Laboratories (authorized by Facebook).

They reach that conclusion by looking at the ROI of the ad. Although they do not specify the sample size, the conclusion model what others are seeing .

The team also said they see much of the video’s success as being creative ( video , story , etc.), but important part can be attributed to enforcement factors like targeting, format, timing, duration. They’ve come up with nearly a dozen best practices for creating videos for social media.

Among the tips:

  • Make a video so that it also works when viewed with the sound off.
  • Stick to a single, clear message.
  • Use quick pre-made movements or edits to grab scrollers’ attention.
  • Use bright and close colors.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Introduce about 2/3 of content marketers (68% B2B and 62% B2C) use pre-produced video (as opposed to Live streaming). While the advice in the report was created for social media advertising, most of the advice works well for video creation in general. Unless you’re telling a documentary-style story, you may not be qualified to make a video that builds a story and ultimately turns a big profit. You have a moment to get their attention and then just a second or two to get to your point before they move on.

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More brands spend time on TikTok

TikTok has a motto for brands interested in its platform: “Don’t create ads. Create TikToks. ”

Becca Sawyer, SME solutions lead at TikTok, recently explained that in an interview with Social Media Today : “We always remind brands not to think too much. TikTok is a place where authenticity and practicality aren’t just accepted; it is held. ”

Brands shouldn’t consider the last click the holy grail either. Becca told Social Media Today, “Brands should think about Unique TikTok – it’s an entertaining, immersive experience where people build and find community… We often remind brands that engagement before the last click is valuable. ”

During the interview, Becca shared some examples of businesses that are doing well on TikTok. Sour Patch Kids, the most followed snack brand on the platform, partnered with popular TikTokers to create campaigns like Example: #SourPatchPrankFund . challenge April Fool’s day. People who have posted Sour Patch Kids related TikTok videos can monetize their pranks.

www.tiktok.com/@vinny_3000/video/6946279862776663302″ data-video-id=”6946279862776663302″>

@ vinny _ 3000 ‼️SOURPATCHPRANK‼ ️ ## sweepstakes ## SourPatchPrankFund @therealsoourpatchkids ♬ RADIUS – Bandeaux.

She also mentioned the Georgia-based restaurant Izola’s Country Cooking use your account to recommend daily specials with customer traveled to try the food (many of them said they learned about the place on TikTok.)

www.tiktok.com/@izolas/video/6993676505742150918″ data-video-id=”6993676505742150918″>

@ izolas You know it’s breakfast time. ## izolas ## nearsavannahgeorgia ## Hinesvillegeorgia ##wake up ## fyp ##for you # #fooddownsouth ## yeslawd ♬ original sound – by Izola

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: TikTok is now most downloaded social networking app in the world. With that growing popularity, it’s a smart channel for brands to investigate. Also, the advice “Don’t create ads. Make TikToks” translates to whatever channel you publish to. You want to be part of a conversation, not an interruption in the conversation.

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