3 ways top enterprise content marketers do things differently [Nghiên cứu mới]

What makes a successful content marketing program? Every organization answers that question differently based on its goals.

However, successful programs tend to share characteristics that can provide directional cues for other content marketers.

Enterprise content marketing standards, budgets, and trends CMI’s newly released: Details for 2022 Sponsored by Imagine reveal those clues to marketers at companies with at least 1,000 employees. In this study, the best performers were defined as those who said they considered their organization’s content marketing to be extremely or very successful.

This is what effective corporate marketers do differently.

1. They measure content performance (and do it well)

Ninety-three percent of the top performers said they measure content performance and more than half (61%) say they are doing an excellent or very good job.

Why is that remarkable? When you look at responses from an entire group of corporate marketers, the measurement picture is different. A still high percentage (78%) say they measure content performance, but only 36% say they are doing a very good or excellent job at it.

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Performance measurement is difficult. But it’s one of the most important things that the content team must do in 2022 according to CMI chief strategist Robert Rose.

Measuring #content performance is one of the most important things a content team has to do 2022, says @Robert_Rose via @EditorStahl @CMIContent @Contentimagine. Click to Tweet After all, without measuring performance, you will struggle to understand what resonates and what needs improvement. And you will never be able to prove worth of your content marketing program.

2. They leverage content marketing technologies

Top performers have higher adoption rates for almost any content marketing technology . The biggest difference lies in three types of technology: content creation/scheduling/collaboration/workflow, customer relationship management (CRM).

Content Creation / Scheduling / Collaboration / Workflow

Eighty-nine percent of the best performers use content creation/scheduling/collaboration/workflow tools compared to 77% of all businesses polled.

I’m not surprised to find that top performers are more likely to use these tools. Calendar is an essential part of a content marketing strategy. Top performers tend to have larger teams and tools to organize processes that make collaboration easier and more efficient.

CRM system

Sixty-two percent of top performers use a CRM system compared to 50% of all businesses polled. The most efficient businesses tend to be laser-focused on the customer. A CRM system provides a central place to manage contacts and sales processes, streamline processes, and improve workflow.

Recommendation analysis / content performance

Forty percent of the best performers use the content performance/recommendation engine compared to 26% of all businesses polled. That’s the widest gap we’ve observed (14 percentage points) between the top performers and the total number of business respondents.

I see a link between success and measurement. If you can rate content performance you can tune in and tune to continue improve .

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3. They differentiate their content

In a sea of ​​similarities, differences help your content get noticed.

Successful enterprise content marketers know this: Twenty-two percent of top performers say they always or frequently differentiate their content from that of their competitors. But of the general corporate marketers surveyed, only 49% do.

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The top performers seem to different Their content isn’t because it’s hard to get attention, but because it delivers results for them. Only 37% of the top performing artists said it was getting harder and harder to get attention compared to last year compared to 49% of the total respondents.

How do these top performers differentiate their content? We didn’t ask that directly, but we did find a clue. Top performers attribute their overall content marketing success to “the value our content delivers” (70%). And it’s safe to say Valuable content could be a point of difference.

Take a moment to discover unique content or content experiences that only your organization can deliver.

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4. They focus on their customers

Top performers are more likely to see the entire buyer journey. Seventy percent strongly or somewhat agree that their organization provides a consistent experience throughout the engagement journey. About the same percent (69%) of manual content is based on stages in that journey.

Over 69% of top performers create business #content based on the buyer journey and provide a consistent content experience, according to @CMIContent #research via @EditorStahl @Contentimagine. Click to Tweet In contrast, only half (51%) of all corporate marketers say they provide a consistent experience and/or create content for stages in the buyer’s journey.

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The best performers are also more likely to prioritize their audience’s information needs over their organization’s sales/promotional message (79% versus 61% for all).

79% of top enterprise content marketers prioritize the needs of their audience over their organization’s message, according to @CMIContent #research via @EditorStahl @Contentimagine. Click to Tweet Key point? Top performers know the true value of content marketing is realized when customers are put first – center – from content planning through their content experience.

They have even more differences

While the report goes into more detail, the top performers also distinguish themselves by:

  • Report higher content marketing maturity
  • Make a profile a content marketing strategy to guide their efforts
  • The budget is expected to grow bigger in 2022 than in 2021
  • More full-time content marketers on the team

Even if you can’t secure a larger or more budget full-time employee , you can still take steps to improve the performance of your content marketing program. Consider what success differentiators you can change. Can you put your audience at the center of the content experience? What about your av analytics how can metrics be used to see what’s working and what’s not? Are you doing the most with the technology you have?

If your content marketing program isn’t as successful as expected – even if you already consider it a top performing program – you can take steps to make it great or even better. greater great.

What are you doing to drive your content marketing 2022?

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