4 Examples of Higher Education Content Marketing Any School Can Do

Higher Education Content Marketing Examples


Higher Education Content Marketing Examples

Press releases and perfunctory social media posts don’t cut it anymore. In this day and age, every institution (not just higher education) struggles to get noticed. Every organization fights for the eyeball.

Over the years, we have worked with higher education institutions from the top college to university community. One of their big challenges is how to take the rich learning environment, in the classroom, on campus and now increasingly digital, and make it accessible, meaningful. meaningful and relevant to the broader composition of these organizations. This is where content marketing for higher education comes into play.

With this challenge in mind, I’d like to share four great higher education content marketing examples. These are the ways that colleges and universities are using content marketing to reach important audiences.

Content Marketing Ed Higher Example #1: NYU “Where RA Now” Podcast

Leveraging niche communities — Targeting networks of people

Resident Assistants (RAs) supervise dozens of students in the community at colleges and universities. As Senior Vice President of Student Affairs at New York University , Tom Ellett has worked with thousands of RAs over the years and knows how important they are to supporting students in their personal and academic lives. Tapping into a current community of highly motivated current and alumni, Tom released a podcast called, “ Where OUT Now ,” Pair current RA with former RA to discover skills that former RAs (now successful NYU alumni) leverage in their daily lives. Full disclosure: I was a guest on the show.

What I like about this podcast is that it doesn’t try to appeal to a large audience. Instead, it focuses on an influential niche community in the enormous reach of NYU (with over 500,000 alumni). As a content creator, you know it’s important that your content is highly relevant to your audience, and that often means targeted. By focusing this podcast on a single community with broad impact, Tom and his team are able to create relationship-building content through reminding alumni (and current students) about RAs in their own lives.

Higher Ed Content Marketing Example #2: University of Arizona Specialty Videos

Facilitating student decisions: Making it easy to get information in

For everyone, choosing a major is an important decision during one’s college/university experience. Of course, most schools have instructions on their website (and sometimes still in print) from sets that explain the requirements, expectations, and experiences of the major, but in a fast-paced digital environment high, always on, and modern today, is this still the best way to make this important information available to students?

University of Arizona’s College of Social & Behavioral Sciences is a unique school within this great university. “The people college”, SBS focuses on areas that explore people and how they interact with the world. This area of ​​focus, however, may not feel particularly intuitive to freshmen undergrads, so their team created a new series of short videos that explore each SBS major: not only How current students feel about them, both new students may be surprised to learn, and how these majors benefit real-world alumni.

Although each major is short, they are packed with useful, engaging information and showcase real members of their community, sharing their stories. This series is just getting started, so I am — for one — looking forward to seeing how they perform as more students join them during the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Content Marketing Higher Ed Example #3: Indiana University “Pride of IU” Microsite

Draw in Community: Touch Personal Pride

When it comes to fundraising, it’s important for higher-level organizations to tap into broader communities: supporters, fans, and alumni. It is therefore essential that they ensure that these communities are engaged and interested in the work that is being produced as a result of their participation.

Indiana University “IU’s Pride” Microsite does an outstanding job in using a journalistic approach to explore the traditions, innovations, and experiences that IU is creating on campus and outside. outside the school grounds. By exploring why and how it works, instead of the usual “announcement” post, it gives its community a real piece of the impact and meaning behind its work.

Pride of IU: Content Marketing Example

Content Marketing Higher Ed Example #4: Concordia College #AlumniFeature Series on Instagram

Go Small for a Big Impact: Telling Micro Stories

Regardless of brand or industry, the vast majority of our audience no longer go to brand-owned products to experience their content. Therefore, developing original content on social media is an important part of brands’ content marketing strategy. and the character of the community continuously.

The #AlumniFeature series showcases intimate portraits of their alumni in the real world, making it easier for potential, current, and past community members to relate to these individuals — and the Concordia community says shared. They realized that Instagram is now as much a microblogging site as it is a photo site, and they leveraged both aspects of the channel in an effective and engaging way.

Concordia Content Marketing Example

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