The internal crisis of Facebook, a series of major system failures, misinformation about vaccines are global technology failures in 2021!

1. Misinformation is everywhere

False news is the big problem of 2020 and continues this year, spanning many fields, from politics, technology to health. In particular, according to CNet, the number of fake news related to vaccines has spread, leading to a delay in vaccination. Much of the misinformation is spread on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is a terrible technological failure that has a big impact on the world.

2. Facebook scandal

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Not only fake news, Facebook has also been involved in many other scandals, culminating in the shocking revelations of former employee Frances Haugen, known to the media as the Facebook Profile. From September, she exposed a series of insiders of the former company in leading newspapers in the US, revolving around Facebook’s prioritization of profits over control of misinformation, the ranking algorithm that fueled hostility. hatred and division, Instagram negatively affects young users… Facebook’s own research shows that about 360 million people are addicted to Facebook.

3. Supply Chain Crisis

The impact of the pandemic has seriously affected the Asian supply chain since the beginning of the year, especially in areas with many manufacturing factories such as China, Southeast Asia and India. The serious chip shortage has caused the shipment and delivery of products, from smartphones, laptops, game consoles to home appliances and auto parts, to be delayed for many weeks compared to before. Intel says the chip crisis is likely to last until 2023

4. Massive system crashes

In early June, a series of major websites such as Reddit, Amazon, CNN, Paypal … crashed for hours. The cause was determined to be a server failure of Fastly’s world’s most popular cloud-based content delivery network. Experts consider this to be the largest network incident ever of the above websites and services.

5. Increasing security incidents

This year, ransomware attacks increased sharply. In May, leading US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline had to shut down its entire network after a ransomware attack. The company’s CEO later admitted to paying $4.4 million to hackers to keep the system working. DarkSide, a hacker group specializing in ransomware attacks, is believed to be the culprit.

According to the FortiGuard Labs cybersecurity threats report in September, the scope of attacks with ransomware and other malicious code is expanding, in part because many people have to work and study remotely. Statistics show that the average weekly activity level of ransomware in June was 10 times higher than this period last year.

Global technological failures have had a huge impact on all of humanity.

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