5 reasons to use accessiBe to make your website accessible


According to the CDC, 26% of American adults are living with some type of challenge including visual impairment, hearing loss, motor skill problems, epilepsy, or cognitive dysfunction.

This means a lot for your website, from both a fairness and efficiency perspective.

Recently, my team and I were introduced to accessiBe , the easiest and best way to make your website available to everyone. I am ashamed to tell you that for many years, ConvinceAndConvert.com was not fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and was not accessible to everyone.

I apologize for that, especially now that I know how quick it would be to fix.

In 48 hours of signing up with accessiBe, we turned ConvinceAndConvert.com into a fully compliant website and available to everyone. Doesn’t cost much, doesn’t slow down your site, and doesn’t affect SEO. And our site is bigger than most (several thousand pages).

Our website currently includes screen reader optimization for visually impaired users, keyboard navigation optimization for people with mobility impairments, on-page, live dictionary/terms for people with disabilities. people with cognitive disorders and more.


Is your website accessible?

Here’s how to find out:

1. Run fast, Free accessibility test on your website (it just takes a moment).

2. Enter Your website URL and find out if you’re ADA compliant now (probably not).

Here are 5 reasons why accessiBe is a no-brainer in terms of website accessibility and you should check it out today.

1. You will increase conversions by making your website easier to use.

26% of American adults currently live with a disability. They deserve equal access to your website.

From a business perspective, that makes sense. People with disabilities have money in their pocket, just like anyone else, so the easier it is for them to get to your website, the easier it is for them to convert and become customers.

What does AccessiBe look like to users? Here are some views.

accessiBe accessibility adjustment example

The user can choose the appropriate accessibility profile. This interface will pop up on the right.

And this is what it looks like on the Hilton Hotel website.


This is an example of the accessiBe interface on the Hilton Hotel website.

2. Making your website accessible with accessiBe will help you win lawsuits.

It will also help prevent lawsuits, because suing a company with an accessible website for ADA compliance isn’t worth the effort.

If your website is not ADA compliant, your company may be sued or receive a request letter from a law firm that specializes in ADA compliance requesting a settlement on behalf of the disabled. Will it prevent lawsuits altogether? No. In the United States, you can sue anyone for anything. But you will be MUCH less sued if your site is compliant.

For any customer sued, accessiBe will work with you through the litigation support process. They will test and demonstrate exactly how compliant your site is. They will provide you with a form letter to return to any law firms that have approached you, as well as your purchase receipt (just so you have it), in addition to the accessibility statement. yours.

Up to now, accessiBe has never had a customer sued after installing accessiBe separately. But, in America, anything is possible. It’s reassuring to know that accessiBe will support you should that happen.

3. Setting up accessiBe is really not that simple.

We have all gone through martech deployments that were supposed to be easy but took months. Not so with accessiBe. Not even closed.

All you need to do is add a single line of JavaScript code to your website. You can send it to your developer and get it up and running with accessiBe in less than 48 hours (we got it up and running in that amount of time at Convince & Convert). It is extremely straight forward. I wish all implementations were this simple.

You also have the option to customize the branding and colors for your website. That will take a bit more effort (leave that part to your agency or creative team).

4. accessiBe is the easiest way to make your website accessible

In point 3, I talked about how easy it is to set up. Edema.

The same goes for the actual product. Making your website accessible with accessiBe is actually very easy. accessiBe is the only fully automated website accessibility solution powered by AI.

You add 1 line of script to your website and the accessible interface immediately appears on your website

Using contextual understanding and image recognition, acessiBe’s AI scans and analyzes web pages to learn the elements and functions they include, and adapts them to your screen readers. user.

And every 24 hours, AI will scan for new and revised content to correct. UNBELIEVABLE.

At Convince & Convert, Kelly Santina, our operations manager, is the accessiBe administrator. Kelly is extremely busy (probably the busiest in our group), but administering her accessiBe makes a lot of sense as it requires 0 effort. Indeed. Or she’s awesome (really both).

5. You will spread positive word of mouth.

In my book, Chat trigger S , I discuss how important EVERYONE has had a positive experience with your company. That will ultimately help drive word of mouth.

Now let’s get back to that 26 percent statistic. If 26% of your audience cannot easily and positively access your website, what will those people say about your company?

And let’s face it: making your site accessible is the right thing to do.

Not only is having an ADA compliant website important from a legal standpoint, but it’s also important from an ethical standpoint.

Next steps to make your website accessible

  1. If you have not already done so, find out if your site is ADA & WCAG compliant with accessiBe ACE checker – It’s easy and free.
  2. Watch this quick and fun video demonstration by accessiBe, The easiest way to make your website accessible to everyone with accessiBe now.
  3. Registration free trial accessiBe .

Installing accessiBe is the easiest and most important way for you to improve your website in 2021. Oops, if you contact them now, you will have it up and running in 2020.

accessiBe is a Convince & Convert partners and customers. However, we will still use and recommend solutions even if they don’t.


By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.