5 sessions we can’t wait to attend

Social Media Marketing World 2019

Social Media Marketing World 2019

Social Media Marketing World. It is an event, an experience. Something you must witness to fully appreciate. World famous speakers. The theme is progressing. And the opportunity to meet fellow marketers is invaluable.

Last year was my first time attending. And it blew me away. I listened to podcasts Social Media Examiner a while and familiar with many speakers and topics. But I wasn’t prepared for the depth of conversation and inspiration the conference would arouse in me.

This year, I’m happy to be back (Jay will be there too). Not only for networking opportunities, but also for the amazing transfer of knowledge from industry experts across the globe. I wish I could attend all of the sessions because honestly, they’re just as good. But since I couldn’t, I made a list of Top 5 “Can’t Miss” talks to attend.

We start…

Session #1: How to create an engaging Instagram Story

Sue B. Zimmerman Speaker: Sue B. Zimmerman

Why am I excited about it?

According to 2019 social media research report , The Infinite Dial , Instagram is the only social media network showing user growth in 2019. If you are a marketer looking to capture opportunities with a specific audience, this is your platform. . With Facebook moving to pay-to-play, many businesses are looking to Instagram as an alternative.

And on Instagram, Stories are stealing the show. Audiences are looking to engage with authentic content, and they love the real-time nature of Stories. Throw in stickers and hashtags with engaging content and you have the recipe for success.

Plus, Sue B. Zimmerman knows Instagram. Her talk will shed new light on how to use Instagram Stories in a way that works for both you and your audience.

Lee Odden and Jay Baer at SMMW 2014

Lee Oised and Jay at SMMW 2014

Session #2: Attribution analysis: How social media marketers can maintain a lead

Chris Penn Speaker: Christopher Penn

Why am I excited about it?

Christopher Penn is a shining example of marketers helping marketers. Last year, I went to the Analytics Slack channel and asked a lot of questions about Facebook audience insights. Christopher texted me and asked to meet at the net square. He sat down and went through each screen of my questions, instructing me on how to do what I needed to do. . . for 45 minutes. Rub.

Christopher is not only a great person but also an analytics and AI wizard. And, apparently, he loves sharing his magic. His new book, AI For Marketers: Introduction and Primer: Second Edition launched last month and is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their understanding of artificial intelligence. At SMMW this week, I had the pleasure of learning from his expertise on the fundamental topic of attribution – how to track it, use it, and apply it. Let the game begin.

Jay Baer at SMMW 2016

Jay Baer and Mike Stelzner at SMMW 2016

Part 3: How to create a personalized experience with Messenger Bots

Speaker: Dana Tran

Why am I excited about it?

I will be honest. I know chatbots , but not as much as I like, especially when it comes to taking advantage of them in Messenger. And since SMMW is about learning new topics, as well as connecting with others, I can’t wait to dive into this topic and start using this tool more optimally.

And who better to learn from the chatbot expert himself? Dana Tran knows bots inside and out, and this talk is sure to win. Bring it in.

Jay at SMMW 2015

Jay at SMMW 2015

Session #4: How to write an email newsletter that people delete their calendars to read

Ann Handley Speaker: Ann Handley

Why am I excited about it?

Ann Handley is on my list of the most impressive speakers of 2018. She is brilliant! Last year, she shared her love with EB White and used Charlotte’s Web to illustrate better storytelling. I can still picture the conversation. And I have a photo with her to prove it.

This year, Ann is applying her content expertise to email newsletters — an area that is presenting opportunities for many marketers. And one of her leads the group with the biweekly letter Total anarchy , which she sends to me herself (along with a bunch of other subscribers, but feels like she wrote it just for me) every other Sunday. On these particular mornings, I lay in bed, absorbing her revelations, inspiration, and education, who were constantly trying to expand my writing toolbox.

I was curious to see how Ann weaves storytelling into the email marketing space. (And I’m excited to see what Argentina outfit she chooses to wear.)

A content expert? An emerging opportunity? An active speaker? Sign me up.

Part 5: How to turn your customers into volunteer marketers

jay baer convince and convert content marketing social media marketing word of mouth strategy Speaker: Jay Baer

Why am I excited about it?

Jay is a great speaker. And wicked wisdom. So whenever I get a chance to hear him, I take it. This year, I have the pleasure of listening to Jay’s talk on c Advocating for customers – a tool that is tragically underutilized for many businesses. Businesses use their brands to attract and retain customers, but often fail to convince those same customers to actively share their experiences.

In Jay’s latest book, Chat trigger , he outlines the four requirements for a “strategically developed activity discriminator” to qualify as conversational triggers, as well as different types of conversational triggers This session would be a great opportunity to learn ideas on how to create your own conversation triggers. I can’t wait!

There you are — Top 5 can’t-miss sessions from #SMMW 19. You can see the full list of speakers and sessions this. Hopefully you’ll get the most out of the conference and maybe catch up on a few of the showcases above.

Want to meet at the event? Drop us a line here . We’d love to connect!

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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