5 stats to guide your marketing resource decisions in 2019

5 Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Resource Decisions in 2019

5 Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Resource Decisions in 2019

Resource decisions are some of the most important and difficult decisions a marketing leader must make. Am I the right person doing the right things? Should I use internal resources, external resources, a combination of the two, or just move that great idea to another quarter and hope that the decision will magically work itself out?

Planning and implementing a marketing strategy will benefit from an objective perspective and skills that may not be available in-house.

But how will you choose the right resources to optimize results? A new study Ascend2 , Marketing resource effectiveness survey summary report provides valuable insight to help companies make critical resource decisions in 2019.

Here are some notable findings from the study:

Finding #1: Collaboration in Planning and Implementation

About three-quarters of marketing professionals consider the collaboration between external and internal resources to be a valuable combination of objective and subjective insights for both marketing planning and implementation. strategy.

Marketing Resource Statistic

Having a fresh perspective when you’re planning your marketing is of great value. To get the most value from ideas and input from outside sources, make sure to have an open mind when you receive their input. It’s important to get data and input from your audience about what they want and how they want it. But make sure you do more than required; It is important that you listen.

About 75% of marketing professionals consider collaboration between external and internal resources to be a valuable combination. Click to Tweet

Search #2: Start by defining your goal

To determine the right resources you need, you should first define your primary goal. Increasing the number of leads, sales prospects and customers acquired, as well as increasing brand awareness, are all key goals for marketing strategy according to the majority of marketing professionals.

Marketing Resource Statistic

Search #3: Most Effective Tactics Used

With so many marketing tactics that you can do, an important step is determining what you should do based on what works. Social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO are effective tactics for 53%, 48%, and 47% of marketing professionals respectively. While email has been incorporated into almost every form of digital marketing, it no longer tops the charts as a standalone tactic.

Marketing Statistic Tactics

When deciding on the resources you need, consider how your resources understand the individual tactics they will work in and how all the pieces fit together. You want your resources to be flexible and strategic.

Seek #4: Seek outside resources to spearhead your toughest tactics

While the previous chart shows only 25% of marketing professionals looking at the data and artificial intelligence – push marketing to be the most effective tactic, 49% consider it a difficult tactic to implement. This can be a difficult situation affecting effective use. You may need to seek outside resources to execute your most difficult tactics, versus not doing them at all.

Marketing Statistic Difficulty

49% of marketing professionals consider AI data and tactics difficult to implement. Click to Tweet

Discovery #5: How Efficiency Is Changing

As marketers become more proficient in all forms of digital marketing practices and technologies, the effectiveness of the tactics employed is increasing. A total of 94% of marketing professionals believe that the effectiveness of the tactics is improving to some extent. A major reason for improved performance is the improved skills of marketing professionals, continuing education (online courses, certificate courses, webinars, reading online resources) , etc.) and advances in technology.

Marketing Effectiveness Statistic

When faced with a difficult decision, I am always looking for research that can help guide my decision. Research can also be used to sell my plan to the management team and fine-tune my existing strategy.

Get more details about the study by downloading the full study, Marketing Resource Effectiveness Survey Summary Report .

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