6 steps to make an effective sales and marketing plan in business

sales marketing

Planning sales and marketing is the way to create an overall strategy to bring success. Marketing and sales will be based on goals, plans, sales objects, advertising forms, strengths of the company… Understand all and offer the most intelligent and perfect sales plans. For this plan you will anticipate the risks. You will determine the amount of work and the source of revenue you need to achieve. Today’s article we summarize from A to Z the steps of effective marketing and sales planning. Hope you can consult and orient the best strategy for your sales unit.

6 steps to create an effective sales and marketing plan

Know your product

To come up with a marketing and sales strategy for your product, the first thing you need to do is understand your product. What are the opportunities for your product to compete well in the market? What are the challenges your product faces against other competitors? The specific timing and strategy will depend on how knowledgeable you are about your product. Knowing your product, you will know how to manage, advertise and implement appropriate plans.

In advertising you can “hype” about your product. But before setting up the advertising steps, you must understand the product well to choose the advertising segments, target customers and focus on implementing the appropriate marketing plan. In Vietnam, we often have the motto “know the enemy, know we will win a hundred battles”. Understanding your products, researching products and competitor information will help you have strategies. You will make a difference and come up with sales and marketing plans to dominate the market.

sales marketing
sales marketing

Who are your competitors?

Customers are the goal to be achieved in the sales strategy. This customer base is not just your own target and audience. Products and services from your competitors are also researching this source of potential customers. By understanding who your competitors are, by doing detailed research on them, you can come up with the perfect strategies to “beat” your competitors and win potential customers and increase sales. sell.

Find out about the products and services your competitors are offering. Compare that product and service with the product you are trading to know strengths and weaknesses. To do this you have to compare on many aspects. Such as:

  • Who are the customers your competitors are targeting to sell to?
  • What advantages do their products have over yours? Weaknesses of your product to help you understand weaknesses and drive promotional action.
  • How are competitors implementing their marketing and sales plans? From there develop better than their sales plan.
  • Selling locations, when they launched advertising services, why they achieved the current success…

Build an effective sales and marketing strategy

An effective sales and marketing plan is the guideline of action and helps you towards success. From there, orient their employees to act and sell better. To do this you must define what your goals, plans and outcomes are. At the same time, do not forget which form of advertising to choose, risk management, financial planning… You should first be able to answer basic questions to find the key to your goal:

  • What are your product resources, employees, and market advantages?
  • Product vision, future product orientation and long-term plan in production and competition with competitors in the same field.
  • What are the short-term and long-term goals you need to achieve for the product? If not, how to fix it? If you have surpassed the sales target and have a large number of customers, what will the next plan be?
  • Who is your target audience? Is your product right for that audience? Need to fix the product, offer a suitable price for its potential customers.
  • What advertising channels will you use for your product marketing?
  • When will be the right time for marketing forms to bring high efficiency? Each product will need a ripe time to generate better interest from its customers.

Orientation of online sales marketing plan

Define clear goals for offline and online marketing campaigns. Make a communication plan about the message, slogan and budget for this field. To be successful, this is important to customer orientation. When customers see the ad, orientation and benefits from your product will create an impression, sympathy and buy more products or services.

Online marketing is growing rapidly today. Most consumers have smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The first thing consumers do when buying a product or finding out about a service will be to google search, see social networks, review, review youtube, then order or go to the store.

This habit is even more common when the covid pandemic is complicated. The number of people shopping online, accessing products and services at home is even more popular. Shipping policies, promotions when oder, investment in onpage optimization… are all very important. At this time, it is advisable to focus on online marketing strategies rather than offline.

Wisdom in choosing online marketing channels

Newspapers, media, Email, Google Adwords, Youtube, SEO Website, gifts, actual booths. Forms of poster or social network marketing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Dozens of effective sales channels are being used today. All of these advertising channels can be paid, free, and require a specific sales and marketing team. You won’t be able to cover all of these sales channels. You must determine the advertising channel that is most suitable for your products and services.

  • Sales marketing on mass media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines will be for essential, common and wide-ranging customers.
  • Sales advertising for large businesses, bulk wholesale should be through the form of letters of recommendation on a large scale.
  • The form of conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs will be for new items that need to attract the attention of customers.
  • Contact by phone will be made through customers registering information on your advertising channels. Or from purchasing customer information from a variety of valuable sources.
sales marketing
sales marketing

Invest heavily in perfecting your website

Buyers will visit the website to refer to the product by viewing the product image and description. Especially compare prices between websites, see customer care programs. You need to invest money to develop a perfect website. Such as:

sales marketing
sales marketing
  • Invest in capturing and editing beautiful product images from any angle.
  • Products presented on the web must have a clear catalog, detailed product quotes.
  • Investing heavily in articles on the website, linking links with other domestic and foreign websites. Can exchange links with famous websites to generate valuable pageview clicks.
  • Web should register transparent activities from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, have a clear company address.
  • Paying attention to the customer care system…

The most important are issues related to web SEO and onpage optimization. For example: images, links, articles, keywords, videos… To do this, you must hire companies specializing in web SEO. Or form a professional online marketing team.

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