7 real estate marketing strategies to improve business efficiency

real estate marketing

The real estate market has undergone many years of development and depends on many factors such as interest rates, economic conditions and job growth… These factors directly affect the behavior of both investors and buy real estate. However, regardless of how the market is currently operating, you can apply the right real estate marketing strategies to effectively increase your chances of closing a sale. This article looks at some important marketing strategies that can be used to improve your real estate business.

What is real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing is a type of marketing carried out in the field of real estate in which sellers provide services, products and efforts to satisfy customers and thereby achieve profit goals.

The real estate industry is a very specific industry. The main activities of real estate companies are: real estate valuation, real estate advertising, in which there are quite a few real estate agents and brokers. The real estate agent is also the one who has to run ads and find customers – the normal job of marketing. How to identify the right audience, choose the right message, the right time and the right channel to reach them?

For that reason, the real estate industry needs a clear direction to dominate the market. Marketing for the real estate industry is an urgent need, the right step to grow quickly in a competitive market.

real estate marketing
real estate marketing

Features of real estate marketing

Before you have a breakthrough idea, you need to understand the unique characteristics of this industry. What everyone is aware of is that real estate is the industry that brings “huge revenue” to businesses. Therefore, it is very important to have an important preparation step to achieve the desired results.

Strategic vision

Marketing for real estate is different from ordinary goods in that it requires marketers to have a long and wide vision. Real estate marketers must have an overall understanding of the economy; the development of infrastructure; characteristics of the position, trends of society in the past, present and future.

Emotional marketing

Buying and selling real estate and land is not an overnight thing. Real estate is a big asset for everyone, so the decision to buy/sell will normally be carefully considered. Therefore, to be able to “close the sale”, the real estate marketing strategist must be able to hit the customer’s psychology with “emotional marketing”.

Customer segmentation of Real Estate Marketing

There are 3 customer segments of Real Estate Marketing: Cheap real estate, mid-range real estate and high-end real estate.

Cheap real estate is aimed at successful singles who are preparing to get married, want to move from rented houses to apartments… In addition to price, they are interested in the convenience of the house as the project can. Can be used immediately or not, optimal living space, swimming pool, green trees… The other two objects are usually the elite who care a lot about the level of real estate projects.

7 effective real estate marketing strategies

1. Identify and research the target market

This is probably the number one priority marketing strategy you can use to increase sales for your real estate project.

Brokers and real estate businesses should focus on the right target market for their real estate project and strive to be the leader in that market. This makes it easier for you to brainstorm ideas for what to do to reach your target audience, have a plan for dealing with market risks, and most importantly, come up with a strategy. suitable for competitors who are leading in the short and long term.

real estate marketing
real estate marketing

2. Expand the budget for the marketing campaign

Another important factor to increase sales in the real estate sector is to invest more budget in your real estate marketing campaigns.

There are many costs involved in implementing a real estate marketing plan, such as costs for real estate websites, advertising costs for digital channels, costs for media and PR plans for the property. project,…

The thing to keep in mind here is that your spending must be properly allocated and directed to the target audience for your real estate project. For example, customers in urban areas can promote real estate marketing campaigns through online marketing channels, or customers in rural areas can promote methods such as distributing leaflets, advertising banners…

3. Build project website and use digital marketing channels

Regardless of your target market or project, the first thing to do for a real estate marketing plan is to establish your presence on the internet with a professional website, as well as advertising for the project. on social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, etc. These activities require to be deployed in a strategic and correct manner so that the result is a great potential in reaching customers. target.

You can also conduct your real estate marketing campaign through search engines like Google and Coc Coc with paid advertising campaigns. Some effective advertising methods for these tools can be mentioned as Google Adwords, display network advertising, remarketing, etc.

4. Drive sales through word of mouth marketing

Promoting transactions through referrals from previous customers is considered one of the most effective real estate marketing methods.

New customers easily choose real estate projects when introduced by friends, colleagues or relatives. You can always promote this approach by offering incentives when someone refers a new client to your real estate project.

5. Respond to customer needs quickly

We live in a world that is moving faster than ever. It is very important in this marketing strategy to respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible or else you risk losing those customers.

You should always ensure that you respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible. You can’t delay answering today’s customer inquiries for the next day. Responding to customer inquiries quickly will increase the prestige and reputation of the real estate business.

6. Regularly posting about real estate projects

If you want to accelerate real estate sales and are serious about long-term success, regularly posting news about real estate projects is considered an effective method, including news about the developer, about the amenities of the project, the benefits of the homeowner, the vivid images of the project, or simply about the progress of the real estate project.

All current and potential customers will appreciate information from such newsletters, as it represents your interests and commitment to customers.

real estate marketing
real estate marketing

7. Branding

Just like companies with big brands in the market, the real estate business also needs to strive to develop a brand for itself. This brand can be the name of the project, the name of the investor or even the real estate trading floor. Any real estate marketing strategy you adopt should keep this concept in mind.

People often wonder how to do this in the real estate business and how to maintain and increase their real estate sales. The answer lies entirely in your real estate marketing plan!

Increasing real estate sales is not an overnight thing, but requires effort and time. The marketing strategies listed in this article are worth your careful and persistent effort.

Success does not come from haphazard marketing plans without a plan; rather, it comes from developing and following a specific marketing plan that you outlined earlier.

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