8 digital marketing trends for 2020


8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Are you in the process of planning 2020 digital marketing?

These are the biggest digital marketing trends for 2020, according to consulting group by Convince & Convert :

Messaging Go Mainstream

While email will continue to be an important way for brands to communicate with customers, other methods will increase dramatically in 2020, especially SMS and Messenger/WhatsApp. While these methods of communication are already widespread in other parts of the world, the US and Canada will start to catch up this year, as brands look to increase open rates and engagement by changing change the means of communication.

The long-standing avoidance of using SMS because it is “too invasive” is slowly disappearing and the rumored combination or combination of Messenger and WhatsApp becoming the WeChat-style messaging powerhouse will be the catalyst for this trend. Now, DTC e-commerce brands are capitalizing on these opportunities, and more organizations will soon follow, as consumers are signaling a willingness (even) to want to communicate outside of email and due to its technological complexity and relatively modest cost.

Jay Baer, ​​Founder & President

Brands need to respond to consumers’ continued demand for instant information

The Internet has given us the amazing ability to access more information and data than ever before. Thanks to our beloved mobile devices, we can get that information anytime we want, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Unfortunately for brands, that means they now have to provide instant information and answers to every customer question, anytime they want, wherever they are or not. doing. That demand will only grow in 2020, as seen by Recent Google Report shows that “best” and “now” mobile queries have increased by 125% over the past two years, and that “where to buy” and “near me” mobile queries have increased. more than 200% increase.

Near Me Searches

According to Google, “best” and “now” mobile queries have grown by 125% over the past two years, and “where to buy” and “near me” mobile queries have grown. increased to 200%. Click to Tweet

Anna Hrach, Strategist

Standards are being raised in terms of digital privacy and wellbeing

Last year, people made 2.5 billion visits to their Google account pages, where they can view or adjust how their ads appear. 1 in 3 Americans have taken steps to improve their digital well-being in the past year, and 80% say this has had a positive impact on their overall health. YouTube has sent more than 1 billion “take a break” reminders since the feature was introduced last year.

1 in 3 Americans have taken steps to improve their digital well-being in the past year, and 80% said this had a positive impact on their overall health. Click to Tweet

In 2019, it is clear that user privacy, trust and happiness go hand in hand with effective advertising. To be successful, marketers need to work to win people’s trust by raising the bar industry standard and provide more tools and insights to help them manage their digital wellbeing.

Anthony Helmstetter, Strategist

Content synergy across digital touchpoints is gaining momentum

Making the web more inclusive and accessible is gaining momentum. Guidelines for accessing updated web content released in 2018 started to gain real traction over the past year as web developers and UX designers started moving away from the “one size fits all” that was popular until recently. .

The WCAG standards are structured around four principles: Understandable, Workable, Understandable, and Robust. A framework of 13 guidelines falls within these principles. While not obvious, these guidelines are extending beyond websites to include additional types of content, including video and graphics most commonly found on social media. Adding captions on all video content and descriptive captions as alt text for images has become commonplace among social media creators – however, additional steps are required. to create and publish new social content that will be inclusive and accessible.

More than 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired, and 2018, Instagram has made improvements to make it easier for people with disabilities to use the platform. Creating all content, whether on website, email, social media and voice, according to WCAG standards helps make content more accessible with many people with disabilities. It also helps older generations (and really everyone) by making content more useful.

Lauren Teague

Lauren Teague, Strategist

Teams need to become adept at interpreting and collecting useful data

As we continue to move towards a digital marketing environment that is easier to track and measure, marketing teams have the opportunity to learn, understand, and predict audience behavior more accurately than ever before. 81% of marketers expect the majority of their decisions to be data-driven by 2020, based on Gartner 2018 Marketing Analytics Survey . The difference is that many teams have found their skill sets deviated from this new reality over the past few years.

81% of marketers expect the majority of their decisions to be based on 2020 data. Click to Tweet

As we move into 2020, there is practically no longer an option for marketing teams to understand data well. It is paramount for all marketing teams to be adept at storytelling and interpreting data.

Zontee Hou

Zontee Hou, Co-Head, Consultant

First-party customer data collection is becoming increasingly important

As Europe’s General Data Protection Authority has given way to more Internet privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act, brands will need to put more emphasis on collecting and use of customer first-party data.

The paradigm has started to change over the past few years because until recently, third-party data (e.g. data like your credit card purchases came from a data aggregator like a DMP) heavily used both for media targeting and other marketing activities.

Privacy regulations are now increasingly forcing brands to place greater emphasis on first-party data collection and use – which is not only mandatory, but good for businesses and consumers alike.

In fact, according to a March survey of North American digital buyers conducted by Vision Critical, 80. 1% of respondents said they would feel comfortable sharing personal information directly with a brand for the purpose of personalizing the marketing message. But only 16.7% said they would consent to sharing this type of information through third parties.

Mary Nice, Co-Head, Consultant

Voice-activated content will increase in popularity

Voice is the new interface that will soon surround us in many places and ways. Voice content for Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Samsung devices is being developed by brands big and small.

We’re building a voice-activated content strategy for our clients at Persuasion & Conversion – help them capitalize on this rapidly growing consumer engagement opportunity (for more on what we do with content voice, see Why it’s time for voice-activated content ).

Voice-activated content via smart speakers and other devices is an early-stage emerging field. However, the rapid adoption of these devices suggests that voice will continue to evolve as an interactive ecosystem.

To see an example of our own voice-activated content, check out our Holiday Visit History. If you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, enable the “Holiday Visit History” skill/app for a special surprise from me and Convince & Convert. Go HolidayHitHistory.com if you need instructions. I’ve been working on this with our team and am so proud of the results!

Jenny Magic, Strategist

Trendy chatbots will become more mainstream and provide more interaction options

According to Salesforce’s “State of Connected Consumers” report in 2019, 77% of customers say chatbots will change their expectations for companies in the next five years.

77% of customers say chatbots will change their expectations for companies in the next five years. Click to Tweet

Their use has begun to explode, and the level of interaction deep within them will increase accordingly. Consumers will welcome being able to use their voice to talk to a chat bot instead of typing alone, and those who really want to get their message across using video will find they will too. that option. This is a great example about this technology has been used.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, Partner and Digital Strategy

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