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2020 Social media research proves that platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp are starting to make their mark on young audiences and are becoming the most engaging social networks.

Infinite Dial Research 2020 Recently, our friends at Edison Research and Triton Digital released 2020 Unlimited Dial Report – annual report on social media usage patterns among Americans. Fun fact: the Infinite Dial report is also the current longest running continuous survey of digital media consumer behavior. (See our) 2019 social media research recap here.)

The report presents emerging changes in user preference platforms, as well as what to expect this year in terms of growth.

I really recommend you get the full 2020 report as the highlights mentioned here are just a small selection of interesting statistics and user behavior contained in The Infinite Dial 2020.

Here are nine key takeaways 2020 Social research trends this report uncovered, based on a survey of 1,502 Americans, 12 years of age and older.

Social media usage continues to be flat

While the report shows that social media use has grown 1% this year, the rate of social growth has remained relatively consistent for Americans since 2016.

Instagram is approaching #1 fast

While the use of the social network has remained largely unchanged, Instagram continues to see significant growth in its users, second only to Facebook in popularity.

Social Media Brand Usage

Instagram is Leading the Way for the Younger Demographics

For ages 12 – 34, Instagram continues to hold the top spot (on Facebook) as the most frequently used platform. Instagram continues to see incremental growth with this demographic, while Facebook’s growth has largely remained static.

Social Media Brand Usage

Live Video Games Streaming is gaining traction

Up from last year’s results, 9% of the population 12 or older are playing live video games — an increase of 28% from 2019. Due to the rise of streaming platforms online like Twitch, making live streaming more accessible to everyone.

Live Streaming Video Games

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this statistic next year, given the overall rise of the entire live-streaming platform due to the coronavirus pandemic.

TikTok made a strong first impression

TikTok is very hot on the scene for users aged 12 – 34 years old and has achieved significant growth. Of this audience, 29% reported using TikTok and 4% claimed it was their most used social platform.

While TikTok has a long way to go before competing with likes like Facebook and Instagram, it’s certainly on the upswing.

WhatsApp is attracting more users

Like TikTok, WhatsApp usage has increased by 26% among users aged 12 – 34 in the past year. Interestingly, the percentage of WhatsApp users in this demographic is now equal to Twitter’s.

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Snapchat is on the decline

Compared to last year’s report, Snapchat usage and preference has dropped significantly across all audience demographics.

This is most likely because Instagram has improved its stories functionality with a variety of filters, stickers, and visual tools, while Snapchat has remained relatively unchanged in its capabilities.

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Facebook continues to rise among millennials

After two years of no user growth for 35-54-year-olds on Facebook, in 2020 usage for this demographic has grown by 7%. This makes this age group the biggest users of Facebook of any other group of Americans.

The young audience has returned to Facebook

While not a significant difference from 2019, Facebook users between the ages of 12 and 34 have grown by 3% in 2020. This is surprising since Facebook has lost users from this demographic in the past few years. past year.

Facebook Usage - 12-34

Here are nine key discoveries from this year’s Infinite Wheels 2020 report. But there is much more to discover. Get all, 78 – page report and take a look.


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