Advertising concepts and popular forms of advertising today

advertising concept

“Advertising” is one of the most important tools influencing the purchasing power of consumers. “Appearance advertising” aims to influence the behavior and buying habits of consumers or customers by providing sales messages in a convincing way about the seller’s product or service. Let’s learn about advertising concepts and popular forms of advertising today!

Advertising concept

Advertising is a “paid form of propaganda” to do the job of introducing information about a product, service, company or idea. that media people have to pay for online media to put information to build prestige brand. From there, potential customers can use the advertised products and services.

advertising concept
advertising concept

What is the purpose of advertising?

The purpose of advertising is to find new customers and remind old customers to:

  • Advertising will attract customers’ attention, introduce products with advantages, designs, and features so that consumers are interested, satisfied and come to a decision to buy products for new customers. and is a reminder for old customers to rest assured about the quality of the product they are using and continue to use it.

The purpose of advertising is to protect market share and put pressure on competitors:

  • The advertisements appear in many places with many different forms, showing the potential and influence of the product in that market, making the competitors cautious when intending to encroach on the market.

The purpose of advertising is to strengthen the brand image:

  • The majority of Vietnamese consumers have shopping habits, the power to choose products according to the influence of advertising, the brand that advertises a lot will be defaulted in the minds of consumers to a strong, large and prestigious brand.

The purpose of advertising is to change the consumer’s attitude towards the product:

  • Many consumers initially do not have much sympathy for some products, but when exposed to the concept of advertising and advertising that product, their attitudes change, first to try it and then to become a regular customer.

What are the characteristics of advertising?

  • Advertising is a paid form of communication.
  • The payer for the promotional content is an identified actor.
  • Advertising content to persuade or influence buyers.
  • Advertising messages can be delivered to customers by many different media.
  • Advertising reaches a large number of potential customers.
  • Advertising is a non-personal marketing communication activity.

What are the commonly used types of advertising?

Brand advertising

  • Branding advertising: To build an image of credibility with people with a brand in the long run. This advertising content is usually very simple because it only emphasizes the main branded product or service.
advertising concept
advertising concept

Local advertising

  • Local advertising: Mainly informing customers that the product is available at a certain point of sale to entice customers to come to the store. Such as advertising for the opening of the store, advertising of supermarkets, etc. .v

Political advertising

  • Politicians: Often do advertising concepts to persuade voters to vote for them or support their opinions and ideas. The US presidential campaign is a prime example.

Directory advertising

  • Instructional advertising: This is a form of advertising that teaches customers how to buy a product or service. “such as yearbook yellow pages”.

direct-response advertising

  • Direct response advertising: This form of advertising is intended to sell directly, customers only need to call or email, the product will be delivered to the place.

Business-to-business advertising

  • Enterprise market advertising: This type of advertising only targets customers who are businesses or companies, not consumers. For example, advertising products that are raw materials for production, or products used only in factory offices.

Institutional advertising

  • Corporate image advertising: This type of advertising aims to build awareness of an organization, or gain sympathy or support from the crowd for a company or organization. “such as advertising by organizations of the United Nations, or advertising by tobacco companies to make their company’s image more public-friendly.”

Public service advertising

  • Public service advertising: Usually advertising in support of government programs and campaigns “such as planned birth, traffic safety”.

Interactive advertising

  • Interactive advertising: These are mainly internet advertising activities aimed at individual consumers. Often consumers will respond by clicking on the ad or turning it off.

What media can I advertise on?

Tools used to introduce promotional products. Advertising media includes all media capable of conveying information to the public such as:

– Newspapers.

– Electronic information pages, electronic equipment, terminal equipment and other telecommunications equipment.

– Printed products, sound recordings, video recordings and other technological devices.

– Billboards, banners, signs, light boxes, specialized advertising screens.

– Transport.

– Fairs, seminars, conferences, events, exhibitions, cultural and sports programs.

– The person who conveys the advertising product; advertising object.

– Other advertising means as prescribed by law.

In order to ensure the order of state management in advertising activities, to harmonize the economic, political and cultural interests of business organizations and individuals, the state and the public, as prescribed by law Some limitations on the area of ​​advertising advertising concept, the duration of the advertising program, the number of advertising times as well as the prohibited advertising activities require the subject performing advertising activities to comply.

advertising concept
advertising concept

Benefits of advertising?

Advertising brings the following benefits in business:

– Provide information to help customers contact the business

– Contribute to increasing sales or market share by providing information about products or services to customers

– Notify customers of any changes such as improving the quality of customer service or launching new products

– Give people information about your specific products or benefits.

– Take specific actions such as inviting customers to your business such as inviting customers to buy products with special offers.

– Raise customer awareness of your business to facilitate long-term sales or service provision

– Remind customers to buy from you.

– Shape people’s attitudes and perceptions of your business the way you want.

– Build a unique brand for the business to distinguish it from competitors

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