An inside guide to what makes a great B2B brand partnership influencer


The Inside Scoop of What Makes a Great B2B Influencer Brand Partnership

There’s a lot of work to be done to find out right influencer or key opinion leader (KOL) for y our brand. How do you have a better chance of getting “yes” from the people you really want to work with?

There can be a lot of speculation and I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of advice for B2C brand partnerships but I’m here to help you get the happiness of B2B collaboration.

Who should I ask better than ourselves Jay Baer the founder of Convince and Convert and very popular pular and sought after customer experience and marketing speaker, author and master genius.

So, let’s find out what makes for a great B2B brand partnership with an influencer. What makes them successful, what makes them withdraw, what attracts them, and what makes them enter a long-term relationship?

B2B Influencer Brand Partnership Details with Jay Baer

Jay Baer - B2B Influencer According to the development Of post-pandemic brand partnerships, what do brands need to consider when working with a B2B influencer?

For B2B in particular, influencer marketing programs have accelerated the pandemic. This is because in the past a lot of interactions with B2B customers were done face-to-face. And without a live event, something has to fill the awareness and lead generation (plus budget) gap. Influencer marketing has certainly played a part in that.

While there are still fewer “influencers” in B2B than in B2C, there are still more than there were just a few years ago. Therefore, B2B companies must be more concerned with who can actually drive the desired customer behavior and how.

What offers and arrangements work best for you as a B2B influencer?

This has always been true, and even more so today most companies are interested in working with B2B influencers: treat it like a relationship, not a transaction. Doing one-time promotions for brands can work (a bit). But it’s much more impactful when you can work with a brand over a period of months (or years) and really understand the product, the people, and their place in the market.

“Make influencer marketing a partnership, not a transaction.” – Jay Baer, ​​Founder at Convince & Convert Click to Tweet

What tells you someone has done their research and you both have the right vision?

When brands reference work I’ve done in the past, or even books I’ve published, and how that content fits their approach to market, you know they’ve done more. is just looking at the number of followers on Twitter or something like that.

What is the off/red flag when someone holds out their hand to you?

When they immediately ask about how many signup webinars you will guarantee, or the number of clicks that a Linkedin post will accumulate. That is to view influencer marketing as a quick traffic generator and potential short sale.

What communication channels do you prefer brands use to reach you?

IM old. Even though I check seemingly millions of “inboxes” every hour, email is still the easiest way for me to keep things organized.

How do you define success when collaborating with a brand?

For me, it’s not too much data to be a demo. A lot of the brands I work with are in the software business in some fashion. For me to ally with a brand in that category, I needed to see what the software could do and firmly believe it would help executives, marketers, and CX professionals (plus) my core copper). My rule of thumb is “If I don’t pay, I won’t advise others to do it”.

Do brands give you creative freedom and flexibility?

I’ve been in the B2B influencer and content creation space for a decade or more. So I’m very comfortable going solo (or nearly so) when it comes to creating content and messages and even ideas for full shows. That said, the more background I have, the better I perform. Where it gets tricky – and this rarely happens – is when the brand wants you to say very specific things that aren’t “like me”.

Another hot spot is when brands want to reach the title, description, content for a webinar (e.g.) and I know it won’t be too interesting for the audience, but they press the button. strong in his position. This can be frustrating as I have created more webinars myself than any other B2B brand in the world, so I feel like I have more data on what my audience wants from the format. there.

Overall, what do you believe is the secret to an influencer’s brand partnership success?

The question says it all: make it a partnership, not a transaction. This is why Persuasion & Conversion strives to work with a select number of great B2B brands each year, offering a full-scale program for each brand that includes a wide variety of content.


By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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