B2B content marketing trends to watch in 2020

B2B Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

B2B content marketing trends are constantly evolving, making it important to keep abreast of how things evolve. MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute recently released B2B Content Marketing 2020 report. It describes some of the emerging trends related to B2B marketing, providing insight into how these concepts evolve in the coming months.

Here are six B2B content marketing trends to watch out for this year:

Continuous dependence on social networks and blogs

One question that B2B marketers may be grappling with concerns the best way to distribute the content they make. Some content marketing statistics From the report indicates that companies often rely on social media and blogs or short articles to connect with their B2B customers. Research shows that 95% of respondents have posted content on social media within the last 12 months and 89% of published blogs or short articles during that time period.

B2B Content Types

The most popular types of content for B2B marketers

Marketers’ However, the preference for those stores didn’t just start this year. For example, Dropbox Business won a 2018 LinkedIn Marketing Award by moving to an always-up-to-date approach with targeted content distributed across social media platforms and elsewhere. Brands enjoy a 29:1 return on investment from that strategy.

As a result of such results, marketing professionals will realize that easily accessible communication channels, including social networks and blogs, are worth exploring this year. The goal in content marketing is to reach people where they are, and both approaches help make that happen.

Focus on factual, informational content rather than promotional messages

Most B2B content has promotional aspects. The goal is to get people to take desired actions, and that usually means doing business with a company or at least demonstrating a willingness to learn about them. However, when asked about their priorities, the vast majority of the most successful marketers put their energies into fact-checking and providing highly informative content to their audiences.

B2B Marketing Concepts

The vast majority of the most successful B2B marketers have put their energies into fact-checking and providing highly informative content.

The results show that 95% of the most successful B2B content marketers – and 92% of all respondents – check the accuracy of their content before delivering it. What’s more, 88% of the most successful marketers and 66% of all respondents said they were more responsive to their audience’s information needs than the company’s promotional message.

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Ideas are correct information that builds trust. Trusting customers are more likely to support a company than those who lack confidence and doubt the information they read. Some businesses get it right that it’s still possible to integrate promotional content into a largely fact-based piece of content.

When CipherHeallth recently described how their automated solution helps screen hospitalized patients for COVID-19, it mentions and links to guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, the content specifically mentions statistics related to hospital use of technology.

Approaches like these help people feel confident in the information they read. Individuals concluded that the publisher was interested in giving candid facts about a hot topic. Marketers can and should do similar things to build trust with their readers.

Marketers will continue to rely on content to build brand awareness

The study from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs also asked study respondents to disclose some of the goals they’ve set over the past 12 months. They also asked about the goals these marketers achieved through successful content marketing to a B2B audience. Brand awareness is a big win, with 86% of people saying they’ve enhanced that aspect with their content marketing efforts.

B2B Content Marketing Goals

Brand awareness is the top goal achieved by B2B marketers using content marketing.

What’s more, 79% of people reported that content marketing helps them educate their audience, and 3/4 of those polled cited that it improved trust and credibility. . Blog posts can do all that and more, especially when marketers take the time to write about related topics that are important to their readers.

Eg, blog maintained by CAT Rental Store serving people who need to rent construction equipment. It discusses how to choose the right size of construction equipment, how to choose bucket accessories to rent, what to consider when renting an event generator, and more.

That kind of highly specialized content helps people learn more about how CAT Rentals can help them. It also provides the material the target audience is most likely to want to read, which can increase time on site and leave visitors eager to explore more on future visits.

LinkedIn dominates social media choices, but other platforms are also widely used

When B2B content marketing professionals decide to use social media to spread their content, the next decision will be regarding the choice of platform. As the chart below shows, LinkedIn is the top choice for both paid and organic marketing efforts.

B2B content distribution channels

The most popular B2B content distribution channels on social media

But, another obvious thing from those content marketing stats is that the other platforms aren’t far behind. This suggests that marketers should take the time to research all the social media channels available to them. They may determine that LinkedIn is the most appropriate choice, but not necessarily.

In one example, CBD’R US, a brand of cannabinoid product, noticed that Instagram is a B2B channel best for the company. That result is due to a number of aspects, including that both retail and wholesale stores operate within the same niche on the platform. Additionally, the brand partners with Instagram influencers to expand their reach.

Marketers will continue to invest in metrics-driven solutions

The metric shows whether content marketing for B2B brands is delivering the desired results. When it doesn’t, it can tell marketers it’s time to tweak a campaign. Index-related investments are relatively new to content marketing in the B2B space, as the chart below shows. Since 65% of respondents have established key performance indicators (KPIs) for content marketing initiatives within the last 12 months, they are still in the early stages.

B2B content marketing measurement

B2B content marketing metrics and KPIs

Additionally, while 80% of respondents use metrics to gauge content performance, only 43% are currently doing so to track return on investment (ROI) for content marketing. Index-related investments will continue this year and for the foreseeable future. However, more professionals will likely start paying attention to ROI content statistics. After all, content performance is a smart thing to track, but the effort must pay off for the company’s bottom line.

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Marketers will consider outsourcing to meet their creative needs

Companies that want to start focusing on or deepen their engagement with B2B content marketing often rely on outside organizations to help with the work. Existing budgets may not allow hiring an internal team, and businesses may want proof that B2B content is right for them before they devote the necessary resources to building an internal team.

Research from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs has shown that 84% of respondents outsource their creative need for content marketing . Content distribution is the next most likely reason companies depend on outsourcing, but only 31% of people mentioned it.

Content Marketing Outsourcing

Content creation is the most popular content initiative that B2B marketers outsource

However, the report also reveals that 50% of people outsource and 50% have yet to do it. The highest percentage of companies that chose to outsource (71%) were large entities with at least 1,000 employees. The report also clarifies that the overall success a company has experienced with its content marketing has little to do with whether the business decides to outsource.

When companies make that choice, they must evaluate their internal resources and find out if they are enough to give the business the positive results it wants, needs and expects. Outsourcing is not the right option in all cases. However, it can be a tool to empower a company to do more with its content marketing plans if an internal team does not exist or it is not feasible to create one with sufficient resources. existing main.

Next steps

If you haven’t already, get your free copy of MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute B2B Content Marketing 2020 report today. While today’s environment is constantly changing, these B2B content trends are highly relevant to your success this year.


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