B2C Content Marketers, Get Ready for More Responsibility in 2021 [Nghiên cứu mới]

B2C Content Marketers, Get Ready for More Responsibility in 2021 [Nghiên cứu mới]

Warning for spoofers through 2021: Will not wake up to the “new normal” in February, March, or any time after. We were here.

The pandemic simply accelerated the fundamental changes that were already being made, like B2C content marketing benchmarks, budgets, and trends: Insights for the Report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

By some estimates, consumer digital behavior has skyrocketed before 5 years in just 8 weeks. The events of 2020 hit the vertical speed button on the intermittent scale.

For B2C marketers, it has become a lot more important to develop direct, digital relationships with customers.

For #B2C marketers, it has become a lot more important to develop direct, digital relationships with customers, according to @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. #research Click to Tweet The events of 2020 also leverage B2C brands to develop in-house capabilities to develop content and digital experiences to foster those direct relationships with consumers. At the end of March 2020, a survey by the National Association of Advertisers found 55% of members expect their internal agency is the most important resource for post-COVID-19 advertising and advertising production. Another 42% responded to “other internal teams.”

Found one @ANAmarketers #survey 55% of members expect their in-house agency to be their most important resource for post-COVID-19 advertising and promotion production via @mp_joemandese @CMIContent. Click to Tweet And it’s safe to bet that the “other internal teams” are content teams. In a 2018 version of the same study, ANA found 78% of dealer members have referred an internal service . And “content marketing” was the top “special service” offered, with 75% of respondents building an internal team for the approach.

I see more and more B2C companies using multiple elements of content creation, production, and management, especially in larger organizations. And the move to in-house services spurs a broader development process to build a more informed and creative resource for business.

In 2021, it’s not enough for content marketers to understand how create blogs , Infographics or other creative media content . They also need to understand how content activities operate on a large scale. That means understanding technology, governance, and structuring content so it can be reused, repackaged, and leveraged across silos. .

Content marketers need to understand how #content works at scale, says @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. #research Click Go To Tweet Content marketers with skills and knowledge beyond how to create powerful content will gladly grow and lead that charge.


New B2C Content Marketing Research

In July, we surveyed content marketers about the new level of complexity the pandemic is bringing to content marketing. At the same time, we also asked about ongoing categories, including:

  • Create and distribute content
  • Indicators and goals
  • Budgeting and spending

The results caught my attention regarding everything to do with B2C marketers continuing the battle despite the unprecedented obstacles of the B2C market. work remotely and a challenging economy.

Quick Reply

Most B2C marketers consider their organization to have made the pandemic-related changes quickly and effectively and expect those changes to take effect in the near future.

A chart showing B2C marketers

80% of marketers say their pandemic-related #ContentMarketing changes were effective through @CMIContent 2021 #B2C #research. Click to Tweet Not surprisingly, when we look at the changes, the largest number of marketers report Revision their content messaging and targeting strategies. Additionally, more than half of B2C marketers (54%) have adjusted editorial calendar .

As you might have guessed, we’ve seen more usage virtual events and Live video streaming – two ways marketers can reach digital audiences quickly. And 48% say their company has established an online community, another way to reach and reach a digital audience.

Interestingly, some B2C marketers have revisited their customers/ buyer personality (18%) or change their content marketing data (13%) for pandemic response. These results show that marketers are working quickly to pivot around existing processes and strategies and when and where to publish it rather than changing the underlying strategies.

Only 13% of B2C marketers have changed their #ContentMarketing metrics in response to the pandemic, @CMIContent 2021 #B2C #research. Click to Tweet That behavior translates into interesting discoveries about the overall impact of the pandemic on B2C content marketing strategy. Only 26% of respondents said that the pandemic has a main impact their B2C content marketing strategy.

26% of #B2C marketers say the pandemic has had a big impact on their #ContentMarketing strategy, @CMIContent 2021 #research. Click to Tweet However, more than half (51%) report both short- and long-term adjustments to their B2C content marketing strategy as a result of the pandemic. This finding suggests that more fundamental, lasting changes may be being made for 2021.

A pie chart showing the nature of adjustments made to B2C content marketing strategy as a result of the pandemic.

Long Hint- change terms

The growing and expanding responsibilities of content practitioners combined with the trend toward more sourcing and consumer-facing digital experiences leads to a visible, lasting change. : audience and data.

The availability of Customer Data will become an extremely valuable commodity this year. As we saw in this year’s study, authority and trust are huge goals for content marketing. You need data to know where and how reliable , but you need to be reliable to get the data. If that sounds like Catch – 22, that’s because it is. But bring value to audience before They becoming customers is one way to get out of it.

If you’re looking for measurement, no other foundational factor is as important as connecting your content marketing experiences and achieving 360 – the viewing level of the audience you’re capturing. This includes, of course, the data that customers willingly, trust and love give you as part of that program.

This is what some analysts are calling “zero party data.” However, as we have done for the past decade, we just call it audience building.

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