Communication concepts and the power of communication 2022

communication concept

Today’s society is developing more and more, people’s living standards are constantly improving. People always make their lives comfortable and complete, especially to meet their increasing needs. One of those needs is the exchange of information. The introduction of this need has given rise to the development of communication. So what is the concept of communication and the power of the current media industry in people’s lives.

Communication concept

The concept of communication is understood as the process of exchanging information, interacting with each other between two or more people, enhancing mutual understanding, changing perceptions. The concept of communication is also understood as a human product, the driving force that stimulates the development of society.

Basic elements of communication

+ Source: is the element that carries initiating and potential information at the beginning of the communication process.

Content: It is the message that the media wants to convey to people.

+ Communication channels: You can use different means and methods depending on the time or need to use.

+ Recipients: The individuals or organizations that will receive the message.

+ Feedback: Is the opinion, reverse information from the recipient.

Noise: Some information may be corrupted during message propagation.

communication concept
communication concept

The power of media

Today, the media industry has many benefits to help people develop. Media has great power, it spreads in the community very quickly. The media industry affects all aspects of life. From the concept of communication, you also see that it is through communication that people are connected, everyone in the world through facebook, television, newspapers, etc. can connect with each other and create a circle. strong and deep connections.

The media industry has a huge influence on the state. Thanks to the state media, it is possible to make economic, socio-cultural and legal policies to reach the people the fastest. Based on the concept of state media, the state can propagate and conduct public opinion polls to improve the apparatus as well as policies to expand and develop the country. Thanks to the state media industry, it has received a high consensus from the people.

The media has great power in providing information about life and law, bringing all the knowledge in the world to the entire people. Media helps everyone be entertained, learn how to live the good of the peoples of the world. The media is the voice, the means to protect the legitimate interests of the people.

In addition to serving the needs of people’s lives, the media also supports businesses in promoting their brands to attract consumers to know and use the company’s products and services. Communication is an effective tool for leaders to utilize to develop their businesses while contributing to the development of the national economy.

Through the concept of communication, you also understand that the media’s ability to bring information into the social community is very large. Therefore, as an information user, you need to refine information and take advantage of information sources to improve your knowledge. The media industry has two sides, so it is necessary to promote its good side to develop a better society.

How to create an effective communication plan in 9 basic steps

Step 1: Define specific project goals

Before starting any project, we need to set ourselves a specific goal so that after a definite period of time we can measure whether the goal that we set out at the beginning can be achieved or not. Only when the project goals are available can the communication goals be set. This is a basic but important first step to being able to achieve effective communication for your projects and activities.

communication concept
communication concept

Step 2: Communication goals

The communication goals of projects and social activities are characterized by being specific to measure and that goal must be set over a finite period of time.

Step 3: Target audience

Determining the target audience for communication activities is an important step, if the target audience is too broad, it is necessary to divide them into many different groups to make a communication plan for each separate group. target, it is difficult to implement a communication plan because the interests of each public group are different. After dividing the target audience, the group that is easy to influence, we will do the communication first.

Step 4: Communication message

“Put 80% of your time, effort, and energy into designing communication messages.” The media message is what you want to say and have to say when making the media concept plan. Each message produced must “push action” by helping the public answer the question: Why should I buy/believe/care…. The message should be short, easy to understand, easy to remember, and pay attention that the message is not a slogan. When determining the communication message, it should be derived from what people care about, what people need to say that and deliver that to satisfy the interest of the target audience. When the interest of the target public is beyond our ability to respond, we should not approach because then we have chosen the wrong target audience.

Step 5: Strategy

That’s how to tell that story out, there needs to be a compelling, engaging way of storytelling. The 16 immutable communication concepts are:

Sex Strange story Controversial Ghost
UFO Great asset Famous people The ant wins the potato
Reveal the secret Cling on Moving Useful, useful
Extraordinary Weird, silly Prize Competition

Step 6: Tactics

It is a way of prolonging, saying it over and over again. A good first impression must be made to attract the attention of the public later.

communication concept
communication concept

Step 7: Choose a channel and design an item

It is necessary to choose which communication channel we have the target audience in and depending on where our target audience is. There are many communication channels, each channel we only need to choose a representative. As for the design of the item, it depends on the channel we choose, for example, newspapers have articles, photo channels have photos, social networks can put clips, radio …

Step 8: Create a media plan and budget

It is necessary to clearly describe which items will be released at what time and how much money will be spent, so controversial and kicking methods should be used to create “media debate”. Crisis prevention and handling, when it comes to prevention, it is necessary to have experience and experience; Crisis management requires skill.

Step 9: Measure and report

The final step of the communication plan is to measure the goals that we have set, and learn from them for the next time. With an open space, the young people coming to the seminar not only received the experience sharing of the guests but also had the opportunity to ask questions and have their questions answered right in the hall. The sharing of speaker Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Long is really useful experiences for young people who have been and will be participating in social activities.

Communication concept and popular media

For successful communication, certainly indispensable means of communication. Here are the current popular media concept media:


In today’s growing digital age, surely no media maker will ignore this medium. The Internet brings great advantages such as fast information transmission speed, the ability to reach a large number of users…

However, this medium has many shortcomings such as rampant unorthodox information, too many advertisements that make customers feel uncomfortable or difficult to access the brand, or even not control the information. domestic and international news.

PlatingSocial Media (Social Media)

Still using the Internet platform to connect with customers, but social networks will make it easier to “collect” objects with similar characteristics. From there, businesses can reach customers easily, transmit information to more accurate recipients.

Social media costs are usually not too expensive. So today, this vehicle is very popular. The effectiveness of Social Media depends a lot on the acumen of the implementer because it is greatly influenced by constantly changing trends.


Having existed since the twentieth century, television is considered the most effective means of mass communication. Businesses often choose media concepts when they want to convey information and messages to the entire public, but it is difficult to target a specific audience. One disadvantage of television communication is its high cost. An ad broadcast in the “golden hour” can cost businesses tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dong.

communication concept
communication concept


Newspapers have existed for a long time for mass communication. Newspapers have high credibility and communication costs are not too great. Today, the press is more diversified with types such as printed newspapers (paper newspapers), voice radios, electronic newspapers, etc.


In terms of the ability to reach customers, the phone is the means with the lowest level. However, customers over the phone are the ones most likely to buy from the business. They have a greater need to receive information when contacted by phone. Of course, do not take into account annoying calls and provide information / description when the customer has no need.

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