Concept of mass communication and media

mass media concept

Mass media have the ability to spread information over a wide range. This is considered the most superior way of conveying information that every marketing professional applies. Let’s explore the concept of mass communication and information about mass communication in the article below.

What is the concept of mass media?

Mass media concept

The concept of mass communication has the English name of Mass Communications. These are understood as activities to spread information in the community. Mass media plays a role in conveying messages to the public quickly. These messages are the main cause leading to the formation of public opinion.

However, the impact of mass media depends on many other social factors. Such as: status, class, psychology and communication intensity with respect to the media. On the other hand, mass media is dominated by public groups, social institutions and state agencies.

mass media concept
mass media concept

Definition of mass media

Mass media are specific means used by people to spread information on a large scale. Mass media can be any source that sends information to the public. For example: Internet, social networks, television, newspapers, etc. In fact, radio and television only become mass media when they are connected to access information.

Most users use mass media as a way to stay informed. However, each object has different uses. For example: students/students use it to study, search for documents, businesses use it to promote their products and brands, entrepreneurs use it to research the market, view news news, politics, etc. Mass media is the biggest source of entertainment information.

Functions of mass media

Mass media is an important factor in modern culture. They can convey information through text, images, sounds, etc. and have wide spread. Some important functions of mass communication concept:

  • Usher in an era of mass, bringing people across the globe together
  • Provide information of heritage and cultural value
  • As a special “surveillance” tool of society
  • Provide useful information about knowledge, education and entertainment for people
  • Ability to accelerate the delivery of products and services
  • Helping businesses transmit information to customers more easily, increasing brand recognition effectively
  • Open space for the public to freely express their own views and opinions (even those with disabilities)

Some popular mass media

Social Media (Social Network)

This is the most used mass media at present. They help users access information quickly and easily. In addition, popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Twitter, etc. possess an extremely large number of potential users. Therefore, the transmission of information on these platforms will be very convenient and effective.

Another plus point when communicating through Social Media is that it will not cost you as much as other means. Modern businesses always have a separate Social Media channel. Because this is the best way for them to communicate with their customers.


Although Social Media is highly effective, it still has certain limitations. The large number of social media users is both a plus and a drawback for communicators. At the same time, an object can use 2-3 different accounts at the same time, forming many “virtual nicks” that will affect the process of approaching potential customers.

In addition, the security and information safety issues on some social networking platforms are still quite lax. Many individuals and businesses face the situation of losing their accounts. Even bad guys can break into your account to perform illegal acts.

mass media concept
mass media concept


The Internet opens the era of modern digital technology, optimizing all search activities of users. Looking up useful information and knowledge has become easier thanks to Google’s algorithm. In addition, the number of users accessing the Internet is increasing rapidly, opening up new opportunities for communication activities on this platform to develop strongly.

Therefore, modern businesses cannot ignore effective communication media such as the Internet. Setting up a website, forum, blog, etc. online is a must for businesses to promote their brand.


Every day, the volume of information updated to the Internet is extremely large, making content censorship on the network not guaranteed. The rampant appearance of unorthodox information is increasing, they gradually become “competitors” to compete for your search engine ranking position.

The consequences of this also make users lose confidence when they have to receive too much inaccurate information online. However, with the advent of the network security law, this situation has also been partly overcome.


One of the oldest and most widely used means of communication is the press. Compared to the Internet, information in newspapers is more trusted by users. Since all content is before being published in newspapers, they go through a rigorous censorship process.

In addition, newspapers have strong coverage and relatively low fees. Media on newspapers helps businesses reach the best quality audiences. They are usually successful businessmen or civil servants. This helps you to attract a large number of potential customers for your business.


As mentioned above, newspapers are the oldest means of mass communication. Therefore, the press still retains some traditional characteristics that are outdated. The public today tends to “live fast – do it fast”, so reading a newspaper also makes them feel like a waste of time. Therefore, articles without catchy and sensational enough titles will be difficult to “pull” readers.

mass media concept
mass media concept


It can be said that television is the “fashionable” mass media today. Because this medium is capable of transmitting information by both sound and image. In particular, the accessibility of television is very large. The information broadcast on television is extremely reliable.

This medium always updates lively and attractive content to viewers. Therefore, businesses can better convey messages to customers. Using television to promote brands is a communication method that brings outstanding efficiency. With the movement of images, the tone of the sound helps viewers identify the brand more easily.


The biggest drawback of television communication is the extremely high cost. And of course, this is not the right mass media for every business. In addition, too much advertising also makes viewers feel uncomfortable, so communicators need to consider how often to display ads to suit the tastes of viewers.

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