Customer experience STILL NOT a priority {New research proves it}

Customer Experience Research


Customer Experience Research

Customer experience is on the decline, with business owners and executives reporting in numerous studies that it’s a top priority.

In fact, research from our friends at Walker shows that by 2020, customer experience will surpass price as most important criteria among B2B buyers .

Through 2020, customer experience will surpass price as the most important criterion among B2B buyers. #CX # B2B Click to Tweet

Now, New data from Yelp showed that the customer experience differentiator was also fully valid across restaurants, being the most prevalent of all B2C vertical markets.

Yelp analyzed thousands upon thousands of restaurant reviews and discovered that for every 5 star review mentioning “great taste” or similar, 13 5-star reviews mention “excellent service”. customer service” Or similar.

This is fascinating and confirms what Daniel Lemin and I wrote in Chat trigger . Simply put, competence doesn’t create conversation.

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Online and word-of-mouth reviews rarely happen when you deliver what your customers expect. We predict restaurant food will be delicious, so that rarely prompts customers to take the time to evaluate and confirm that assumption.

Conversely, when an eatery (or any buyer in any industry) encounters a great customer experience, they are more likely to tell that story — online or offline — because they don’t. expect and anticipate excellence of its kind.

If you are a restaurant, great food is a deposit at the table. The same is true for you, regardless of your business type. Whatever it is you do well, CANNOT stand out. Why don’t consumers leave 5-star reviews on electrical gadgets when a light switch is successfully turned on? Because “switch = light” is the Minimum Viable Distribution. It gives customers what they’ve been trained to predict and nothing more.

Create unexpected customer experiences Word of Mouth

Yelp filtered the data the other way and found that more than 75% of all reviews that mentioned “customer service” in any way were 5-star reviews. This means that unexpectedly good customer experiences yield positive word of mouth more often than unexpectedly bad experiences yield negative word of mouth.

Unexpectedly good customer experiences drive positive word-of-mouth much more often than unexpectedly bad experiences yielding negative word of mouth. #CX #yelp Click to Tweet

Create Word of Mouth

For more mathematical proof, note that reviews that mention “customer service” as 15 are likely five stars instead of one.

customer experience study yelp graphic good vs.  bad service

Reviews that refer to &# 039;customer service’ as 15 are likely five stars instead of one. Click to post

I do not suggest businesses should not pay attention to capacity. Properly delivering your core product or service is a requirement to reduce customer disruption. But to generate word of mouth and turn your customers into volunteer marketers, you simply have to prioritize the customer experience. More specifically, exceed expectations in one or more ways that drive word of mouth, in person or online through reviews or social media.

Customer experience is not just about eliminating friction and minimizing mistakes and disasters, but it’s also about delivering something the customer didn’t see coming.

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