Digital Marketing salary how much? Digital Marketing job opportunities

digital marketing salary

Digital Marketing salary how much? Is there a big difference in the salary of Digital Marketing in different positions? This is a question many candidates ask when applying for this position. Don’t worry, will help you answer these problems through the article below.

Digital Marketing salary

The frequency of development of the Digital Marketing industry is increasing. At the same time, the market share of creative factors in this industry is also growing. Along with many new technologies such as AI, Big Data, Digital Marketing is gradually creating its own trend with many positive changes to the market.

Because of that, salaries in the Digital Marketing industry receive great attention. Depending on the position (corresponding to the work to be done); Accumulated experience, … but the salary of Digital Marketing will be different. Let’s take a look at freeC’s analysis of this industry salary of Digital Marketing.

digital marketing salary
digital marketing salary

Digital Marketing salary at Agency

In the Agency environment, the salary of Digital Marketing has a stable distribution from low to high. The environment always creates initial challenges for Junior, Middle, Senior, etc. The assigned tasks depend on capacity and create pressure to explore creativity; promote the development of personnel.

Usually, in the initial stage, the salary for Digital Marketing positions is usually only 2 – 5 million/month.

After a practical experience, when you try your hand at positions such as Account Executive or Copywriter with a level of 1-2 years of experience required. At that time, the salary will gradually stabilize and allocate from 8-15 million/month depending on your capacity.

Especially, when the skills are “mature” and complete the required qualities, you are trusted and ready for higher positions than Leader/Manager. At this time, the salary will be much higher.

And of course, with the dream of pursuing a creative path in Marketing, the salary for the Director position will be very high. However, the specific salary will depend on your qualifications and years of experience.

  • Salary from 3-5 years of experience is 70-90 million/month
  • Salary over 5 years of experience is 100 – 120 million/month

Digital Marketing salary at Client

Client is a specialized creative environment in which Digital Marketers can try their best. For Clients, those who do Digital positions are often in the Marketing team in – house.

Client focuses on building plans and solutions to develop communication strategies. So depends a lot on the smaller specific locations. The following are updated positions in Digital Marketing corresponding to specific salaries.

Digital Marketing Internship

This position does not require too much experience and is suitable for newcomers; especially fresh graduates. Although the professional work is not too much, this is the stage where you have to speed up; study hard and practice skills.

The salary for the Digital Marketing internship position will range from 1 to 7 million/month. Of course it will depend on the capacity of each individual. As noted, the average salary that each Digital Marketing intern receives is 4 million/month.

Digital Marketing Staff

Once you have experienced and perfected the basic skills, you can become a professional Digital Marketer. You will continue to work with many tools; more projects to develop their expertise and create professional values ​​for themselves.

Some sales and communication channels that a Digital Marketer can reach:

  • Channel Business Website
  • Social Media (Social Media)
  • SMS
  • Email marketing, TVC

Salary for Digital Marketing position at this stage will range from 7 to 30 million/month depending on position and capacity; The size of the organization and operation of each enterprise, etc.

The position of Marketing staff, specifically the Digital Marketer stage, has stability and ability to complete the job as well as the required qualities, 2 levels are formed with the salary fluctuating as follows:

  • Junior position with salary from 7-10 million/month
  • Senior position with salary from 10-30 million/month. In particular, this position requires candidates to have at least 1 to 3 years of work experience.

Digital Marketing Team Leader position

For this position, the requirements for management qualifications will be more concerned. Employers not only choose individuals with good expertise, they also look for people who know how to supervise, monitor and manage the operating process. Quality assurance, work efficiency (KPI); at the same time is responsible for training and guiding “newcomers” to help them develop.

The salary for the position of Leader Digital Marketing usually ranges from 10-30 million/month; with 1-3 years of industry experience required.

Head of Digital Marketing

Salary of the Head of Digital Marketing has the role of a direct manager of the Marketing HR department. In fact, this is the dream position of many individuals at the beginning of their career journey.

In addition to attractive benefits, the salary for Head of Digital Marketing Manager position ranges from 36-45 million/month. And the experience requirement of this position must have at least 3 to 5 years of working experience.

Digital Marketing job opportunities

In addition to learning about the salary from the Digital Marketing industry, freeC also wants to share with you about the need to find a job. Specifically, job opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry. It depends on the goals that you set out when you start pursuing the field of Marketing.

You can completely learn or consult with teachers and relationships to understand the development path of a professional Digital Marketing/Digital Marketer. Accordingly, there are 3 options that you can pay attention to; and plan to do them now:

digital marketing salary
digital marketing salary


This is the environment that creates the best challenges for candidates. Especially as a business providing communication solutions, each individual will often work in many positions; alternate and challenging limits is also very high.

Sometimes it will be very stressful for young people. However, undeniably, this is the environment that can help you learn about Digital Marketing in the fastest way.


  • Creative, young and flexible working environment
  • Requires high pressure resistance
  • Contact and rubbing with many customers; Real projects should be able to help develop qualifications and skills faster


Known as a trading company, they have a potential in-house team; can self-deploy digital marketing salary solutions.


  • Focus on building and developing a certain product/service
  • Candidates need to have a good understanding of the nature of the company; development orientation and flexibility to adapt to this working environment
digital marketing salary
digital marketing salary


If you don’t want to be forever under the pressure or workflow from In-house, you can choose to work as a freelancer. This is a job suitable for individuals who love freedom, not too restrictive. Here are some interesting points when you choose to freelance:

  • Working time is flexible and proactive.
  • Easily manage your desired salary (do more, enjoy more)
  • Freelancers are usually very active. They make money with more purpose and sensitivity. Freelance work market is very potential.
  • Many employers still evaluate freelancers because of their work experience (working directly with partners, big clients; big projects, …)

Digital Marketing salary is very diverse, depending on the position, the salary fluctuates high and low. However, if you are determined to start “engaging” in the Digital Marketing career journey, you need to cultivate and practice right now.

Digital Marketing industry is developing and promises to explode in the near future. Through the above article, freeC hopes that the candidates can plan to develop themselves; strive to be able to achieve the dream Digital Marketing salary.

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