Great content experience begins with giving up control [Ví dụ về tiếp thị nội dung]

Great content experience begins with giving up control [Ví dụ về tiếp thị nội dung]

This week, it’s all about the experience. Old Spice becomes tradition. Lexus goes digital. NASA to Mars. And all three do more than bring the audience along – they put them in positions of power.

Your next haircut may suit Old Spice

Men’s grooming brand Old Spice will open its first barber shop next month. But for content marketers, that’s not big news. Here it is: Barbershop will also be a content studio (and retail store and test lab) for the Procter & Gamble-owned brand.

: An image showing the new Old Spice barbershop.  The front desk is shaped like a boat, Old Spice ad images on the wall, and barbershop chairs fill the retail space.

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The studio will produce social media content and digital in real time. Some of the content will come from tutorials created by celebrity barbers (with celebrity clients) in residency in Columbus, Ohio, location – near Ohio State University.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Experiential marketing offers opportunities for brand to connect with people in real life –– so building a lasting relationship with your audience goes a long way. Old Spice cleverly combines the barbershop with a content studio so their audience (college-aged men) can experience the brand – and become part of its content, too.

After all, if you’re about to have a celebrity stylist visit your barbershop, why not get more out of the visit by creating content from the event?

Old Spice plans to use the barber studio to create content not only for its own channels, but for retail partners like Walmart and Target to use on their channels.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: We watched the news in the Columbus Dispatch, then found out the details through this Article on Media Post had an interview with Leif Edgar, the brand director of the Old Spice hair team.

. ProcterGamble-owned @OldSpice smartly combines a barber shop and #content studio – a group of college-age male customers who can experience the brand – and becomes part of #ContentMarketing through @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

Twitchers designed the ultimate gaming car for Lexus

Lexus tapped the Twitch community to design a new vehicle. During a January live stream hosted by popular Twitch streamer Fuslie, more than 550,000 viewers gave their opinions on features ranging from car upholstery. to the custom controller. The builders then spent months building the vehicle, which was named Gamers ‘IS, Lexus description as a “fully immersive gaming vehicle.”

Marketing Dive The event reports tied to a marketing campaign for the Lexus IS, targeting the vehicle to “those who ‘wholeheartedly’ pursue their passions.”

In the vehicle designed by the Twitch community, LED panels project programmable content onto the rear window. The trunk includes a custom-built gaming computer, and the passenger side includes an integrated gaming system with haptic feedback in the seats. Twitch voters chose an interior with the Neon Tokyo label.

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Lexus told us this week there are no plans to produce the vehicle, based on the Lexus IS 350 F Sport.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Brands should consider the growing opportunities to connect with Twitch audiences. In addition to Lexus, Capital One, LampsPlus and other brands are entering non-game channels. And that makes sense given the growing audience on Twitch. Between January 2020 and 2021, concurrent viewers more than doubled – from 1.36 million to 2.9 million. (And end up 80% of that audience is 34 or less.)

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: We took this news and some details in a great piece of work by Robert Williams in Marketing Dive .

. @Lexus and @Twitch transfer control to the player to design a “completely immersive gaming vehicle.” You won’t see it on the road, but you will learn something about creating #content experiences, via @marketingdive @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to post a Tweet

NASA counts 360 when landing on Mars

Direct coverage of NASA during space launches is nothing new. After all, the world held its breath along with NASA employees when the moon landing was broadcast live on television in 1969. Last week, when #CountdownToMars for perseverance was just hours away, NASA gave live streaming on YouTube, offers a 360-degree view, live audio from inside the rooms and a running commentary explaining what’s going on.

More than 2 million people participated in the interactive broadcast . Many people took control of their own viewing experience, moving the camera to see what was happening in different parts of the room.

Miss it? You can view it here. Don’t forget to play with the 360 ​​– the degree tool in the upper left to see what’s around.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: The Mars landing was great. As for content marketing, the NASA example shows how brands can not only engage viewers behind the scenes, but let them take control of their experience. A master of rituals – i.e. a live storyteller – takes the experience to the next level.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: We are fans of #CountdownToMars and realize how great NASA has been at sharing experiences with the world.

Can’t get enough #CountdownToMars? Check out the 21st century # experience with content designed by @NASA – and teaching content about #ContentMarketing via @NASAPersvere @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

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Cover photo by Joseph Kalinowski / Content Marketing Institute

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