How to buy a domain name and fix the domain name can’t be entered?

How to buy a domain name and fix the domain name can't be entered?

Every website needs a suitable domain address that attracts customers, readers and visitors. The easiest way to buy a domain name is to check if the domain name can be registered, choose to buy, fill in registration information and confirm ownership by email.

In general, the way to buy a domain name consists of only 5 steps:

  1. Choose a reliable domain registrar.
  2. Check the domain name to see if the domain name is registered.
  3. Add domain name to cart & complete checkout
  4. Fill in the information of the person/organization that owns the domain name
  5. Verify domain owner

Note: You have registered to buy a domain name [ten-mien-cua-ban].com but the domain is down after a few days. There is a big chance that you have a verification failure error, which means you have not confirmed the domain name via email. Go to Step “Fix unvalidated or clienthold domains” to complete the registration.

Below, we will guide you step by step in detail and give you some tips to register the most suitable domain name.

How to buy a domain name fast in 5 steps

Domain names are like brand names, you need to know exactly why you chose that domain name. Your domain name is also one of your website’s most important online assets. If you do not know what a domain name is, we have an article explaining the concept of a domain name here.

To save time, you can also go directly to this page to check and buy a domain name right away, or you can go through the entire guide below on the process and how to buy a domain name below. Let’s just get started.

Step 1 – Where to buy a domain name?

To buy a domain name, you need to choose a reputable domain name registrar. Buy domain names from registrars only ICANN certified like Hostinger to ensure clear procedures, and peace of mind about ownership. At the same time, Hostinger also supports personal information protection to ensure your information is not exposed on the Internet, selling cheap premium domain names from only 23k/year:

buy domain name today

Step 2 – Check if the domain name can be registered

First of all, you need an online tool to check domain names? Hostinger has a cheap domain checker available. After you type the domain name you want in the search bar and press the button Check then wait 1 second. This tool will check if the domain name has been registered before, and also list more similar domains.

available domain name

Step 3 – Choose a domain name & pay

Once you have found the domain name you like, go ahead and hit the . button Add to cart.

choose domain name to buy

Select the domain name or variation of the domain name you like and press the button Open Cart & Checkout, and then press the button Payment:

buy domain name

After pressing the . button Pay Now, you will be given a payment method to proceed with the payment:

domain payment method

Step 4 – Fill in the domain name registration information

As soon as you have purchased the domain name, you will be redirected to the control panel management page. Or you will need to log in again with the email account used in step 3, log in to the domain management interface:

On this page, you will see a window pop up to complete the domain name registration. Press the button Setup (Setup)

Domain name registration

You will be redirected to the registration information page, where you need to fill in the domain name owner information called WHOIS information.

domain name registration form

Explain the information that needs to be filled in to register and own a domain name:

  • First Name – Tên
  • Last Name – Last Name
  • Address line 1 – Contact address
  • City – City
  • State/Region/Province – Tỉnh
  • Zip/Postal Code – Postal Code
  • Country – Country/Region
  • Phone number – Contact phone number
  • Company – Company (optional)
Province and postal code can be looked up right here – Zip Code Vietnam 2020:



After entering the domain name owner information, the domain name registration process will be executed, you only need to do one more confirmation step to complete the registration.

IMPORTANT: You need to fill in correct information to avoid domain name decommissioning, or even loss of domain name. Make sure information such as email address, phone number, is your are owned. Especially the email address, you need to own it, have access and be sending and receiving emails normally

Step 5 – Claim the domain name

This step is very simple but very important, as it confirms the owner of the domain name with the email address you enter when you sign up. Usually a confirmation will be sent to your email as soon as the domain name registration application is completed in the step above.

Domain name registration confirmation email form, you need to click on the confirmation link in this email:

domain registration confirmation

If you don’t receive it, you can try resending the confirmation form from the control panel. We recommend that you click on the confirmation link immediately, because if after 15 days you forget to confirm, the domain name will be suspended.

Congratulation! Now you have completed the 5 steps showing how to buy a domain name and own the domain name. You can continue to create email by domain name or point the domain name to hosting to make a website. In addition, if your domain name is only active for a few days and then cannot be accessed, see how to fix the error below.

How to fix the domain name cannot be entered due to registrant verification failure

If you see that the domain name does not work, the website is inaccessible after registration for a few days, it is likely that the domain has an error: “Domain name on hold due to Registrant verification failure. Please get in touch with your Registration Service Provider to remove the hold.” This error occurs because you have not confirmed the owner or verified the domain name by email. The telltale sign is when looking up whois, the line domain status The text will appear: ClientHold as shown below:

client hold - domain not working

Steps to verify ownership by email, thereby fixing the domain name can’t be entered::

  1. Access to correct domain management page. Hostinger’s domain management page is at:
  2. Select tab Domains to enter the domain management area
  3. Choose a domain name got an error
  4. You will see a message like the one below at that domain management page.
    resend the domain name owner confirmation
  5. Press the button Resend Verification
  6. Check the domain’s contact information again to get the email address. This is the email that will receive the link to fix the Registrant verification failure error:
    Information whois domain email address
  7. Access enter the email address found in step 6
  8. You will see an email similar to the following:
    fix registration hold error
  9. Click on the link in the email to confirm the domain is owned by that email.
  10. Wait about few hours up to 24 hours for domain DNS to be broadcast and working again. Unconfirmed notifications will disappear in 1-2 days.

If you can’t find the same email, instead of looking in the Inbox folder, check other folders such as the Junk, Junk Mail, Spam Mail folders. In addition, you can also find the Registrant verification failure error correction email by searching with the keyword “Hostinger”. Or contact the 24/7 customer service team to get help resending confirmation

9 Tips for choosing a domain name

Have you read how to buy a domain name, it’s easy, right? But how to choose the right domain name? The domain name of your website is your important asset, visitors will use this name first before even knowing what your website is. Here are some tips that you should apply to choose your domain name:

  1. Do your research first. You need to know what your customers want. Pay attention to popular keywords and what customers search for. It will help you determine which name is worth representing your big project.
  2. Memorability and readability are paramount. Don’t choose names that are too long and difficult to read. An easy-to-read, easy-to-remember domain name will likely increase traffic to your website because visitors always remember your domain name when they want to find something related.
  3. Choose .com if possible. As always, the .com domain name is the top choice of any project. And with .com, users don’t have to remember this extension because it’s already too familiar, they just need to remember your project name. And that’s the first step to success! Choose a .com domain name if possible.
  4. Check for copyright infringement. To avoid legal problems, do not register domain names that contain too common names, associated with big brands. You can use Copyright Checker to avoid trouble for this reason.
  5. Do not use numbers and dashes. While numbers and dashes can make display domains easier to read, they do more harm than good. For example, a lot of people confuse the number 0 and the letter o, or the number 2 and the word two. So don’t use numbers and dashes are best.
  6. Buy more similar domains. If you’ve found a domain name that you like, but keep buying more domains that have the potential to cause typos, to ensure all traffic from the net is directed to your domain name. It’s like Amazon bought the domain name to point to the website’s home page, or will go to Facebook.
  7. Check names on social networks. Once you’ve chosen a domain name, purposefully place it on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Even if you don’t plan on getting involved in social media promotion, give it the exact same name to make sure no one else will take it and confuse your project.
  8. Think about the future. Websites and domains are long-term investments. Therefore, choosing a domain name that is only “hot” in a certain time or in social networking trends will not be suitable for a long-term project. Think beyond that and find a more sustainable domain name instead.
  9. Discuss your general idea. If choosing a domain name based on user intent is too difficult, you can ask friends, relatives, and colleagues to discuss. Who knows, maybe they’ll give you an idea, what’s most appropriate.

How to hide Whois information of a domain name

When registering a domain name, you will need to enter identifying information to make sure you are the owner of the domain name you intend to purchase. This information is public by default on the Whois database, which is a regulation of the ICANN domain name management organization.

You can order additional features to hide domains in the shopping cart. You can also hide domain information after You have successfully registered your domain name.

Steps to enable hiding domain information:

  1. Log in to the members area, select the item Domains
  2. Go to the domain name management page you want to protect your personal information
  3. Choose Privacy Protection of that domain and press the . button Order if you have not selected this function when ordering domain name.
    privacy protection - protect domain information
  4. Pay Domain Privacy fees. The cost is only about 120k/year.

That’s it, now you have successfully protected your personal information or your company information, partly from threats on the internet.

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In this tutorial, we show you step-by-step how to buy a domain name. Domain names usually have a low price, if you like a certain name that no one has yet checked, choose it right away, someone else can take that domain name at any time. Or you can also take the time to invest in choosing a name you really like. We hope you find the right domain name for your project, and have a successful start-up!


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