How to enhance brand stories so they deliver an emotional punch [Ví dụ]

How to enhance brand stories so they deliver an emotional punch [Ví dụ]

This week, it’s all about raising the bar for conversations. Procter & Gamble, Volvo and T-Mobile show how to make the brand platform important by focusing on more than just promoting the product.

P&G encourages lens expansion

“Words alone will not make a change. Sustainable action and investment are needed to address systemic bias and inequality in advertising and media. Those words come from P&G, a brand that puts money (and action) behind its claims.

Expand the screen is an initiative to raise awareness and promote investment into Black Owned Media. The first two-minute video challenges viewers to think and recognize how stereotypes are in the media affect to their perception.

P&G also released three behind-the-scenes episodes featuring the views of those involved in the making of the video. It’s all must-see content.

Widen The Screen’s purpose extends beyond this series of videos. “(It) is a content creation, talent development, and expansive partnership platform that celebrates creativity and enables Black creators to share the full spectrum of the rich Black experience. black,” according to P&G.

This summer, P&G will partner with Black-owned film production studio SpringHill Company on a project that immerses viewers in a young boy’s imagination to showcase a range of professional opportunities beyond athletics.

P&G is not new to supporting Black creators. Now in the third year, Queen Collective is a collaboration between P&G, Queen Latifah, Flavor Unit Entertainment and Tribeca Studios. The talent development and mentoring program gives women filmmakers of color a platform to share important stories from their unique perspectives.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: P&G says it better than we can: “Only when we expand our screens to Enlarge our field of vision can we all expand the range of images we see, the voices we hear. hear, the stories we tell and the people we understand. Full.”

Displaying a range of stories (images, voices, and words) is a way to get beyond the surface and really begin to understand other people’s experiences.

P&G continues to use its massive platform to tell important stories . All brands – regardless of size – can tell and promote the stories of people who don’t have the platform to get their message across.

Of course, the theme you choose must have some related to your brand. There are so many stories to tell – you should have no trouble finding stories that align with your brand purpose.

Advice for A. Lee Judge has LinkedIn post about this initiative caught CMI Lisa Dougherty’s Eye .

#WidenTheScreen # content initiative from @ProcterGamble showing brands how to do more than talk about diversity and inclusion to really make a difference through @Brandlovellc @ALeeJudge @CMIcontent. #WeeklyWrap #ContentMarketing Click to Tweet


Controversial life saving seat belt

Do you know (or do you remember) how controversial seat belt and seat belt laws were? Did you know Volvo invented the three-point seat belt and shared the patented design with other car manufacturers?

New exhibition at Fotografiska New York uses portraits and sound to tell the stories of 15 people whose lives were saved thanks to the seat belts invented by Volvo.

The exhibition, a collaboration between Volvo Cars and photographer Martin Schoeller, also tells the story of Volvo’s past while offering a glimpse into the company’s future. Volvo says it’s committed to “saving an extra million lives with controversial new safety innovations, including speed limits on its new cars and exploring camera technology that can detect see if the driver is distracted or intoxicated,” according to a MediaPost’s article about the exhibition.

If this topic sounds familiar, you may remember this touching video that we introduced last year.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: People may find it interesting to hear Volvo say, “We invented the three-point seat belt. But that reality can’t compete with the impact of hearing stories about how that invention saved lives – from people who wouldn’t be alive telling stories without it.

The combination of visuals and sound creates an emotional experience for audiences that will last long after they’ve left the museum (or finished viewing it). video).

It’s also a great way to educate people about past controversies to minimize future controversies.

. @VolvoCars might just remind people that it invented the three-point seat belt. Instead, it creates #content experiences from people telling stories about how wearing seat belts saved their lives, via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap #ContentMarketing Click to Tweet


B2B audiences want emotion in their content

Where is the turkey?

T-Mobile celebrates April Fools’ Day like Thanksgiving.

The company debunked what could be a tough day for brands by turning it into a holiday of gratitude with the #GivesThanksNotPranks campaign.

The campaign gives everyone this pre-checked retweet: “I’m swapping jokes for thanks. All you have to do is tweet #GiveThanksNotPranks. Per tweet = $5 to @DonorsChoose from @TMobile. ”

But #GiveThanksNotPranks has gone beyond a charity-focused Twitter campaign. T-Mobile created the microsite as a home base for the initiative. They shared information about sponsors Choose an organization and how to support the campaign (share, direct donation or message).

T-Mobile has brought corporate partners, from Motorola, Twitter and TikTok, to Mattress Firm, Wattpad and SanMar into the campaign , launched on March 22 and covered the media. Other brands joined in the tweet festival. T-Mobile followed by announcing the results — more than $1 million raised for classes in need through Donors’ Choice — on April 2.

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: CMI recently advised brands to avoid April Fools’ content unless it suits their voice. In this case, T-Mobile did the right thing, CMI’s said Stephanie Stahl . “Uncarrier” did what “it is not yet April Fools” by giving up the habit of vanity to turn to good deeds.

The company also avoids the mistake of treating #GiveThanksNotPranks as a one-day opportunity. It started buzzing more than a week before the date in a smart way. And it seems to have been adjusted Twitter Strategy during the week as its activity spiked. It’s gone from posting every day or so to regular posts and replies every day through April 1st.

Unlike most brands, T-Mobile followed up immediately to share the results (that’s the brand’s pinned tweet). Often, whether it’s a fundraising story or one that promises more, brands fall under the radar. The rest of the audience wonders or, worse, feels taken advantage of. And that makes them less likely to consume that brand’s content or promotions in the future.

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