How to grow your email list

How to Grow Your Email List


How to Grow Your Email List
Growing your email list and getting your readers to opt in is getting harder and harder these days.

With web users increasingly overwhelmed with content offered to them from around the world, they have less time to pause and read more carefully. And they are even less likely to want to be your regular readers and subscribers.

So I can totally relate to the sentiments of Anita Campbell, founder of a famous publication, Small Business Trends :

Anita Campbell quote

Right! To grow your email list, you need to get started! But how to do that? Here are a few new ideas to try:

1. Diversify your traffic sources

One of the biggest mistakes businesses often make when it comes to digital marketing is sticking to the same traffic and lead sources that have worked in the past. Google’s algorithm and rankings are constantly changing, PPC ads require constant investment and testing, and banner ads aren’t as effective as they used to be. I can go on and on. Continuing to rely on exact analog sources for digital displays is bound to fail.

That being said, starting your email marketing strategy starts with starting your traffic collection strategy and it is an ongoing journey.

Here are a few tactics you might want to try to diversify your traffic sources (and stop depending on your existing sources).

Target several related queries instead of one

There are many ways your target customers can search for the products and solutions you offer. Expanding your target query list expands your chances of ranking and allows you to be discovered by highly qualified leads that you may have missed.

Serpstat Clustering Tool is an effective way to discover closely related queries to optimize for within a landing page or content. Serpstat determines how closely related queries are based on the number of overlapping URLs that rank for those queries in Google.

Run your keyword list through the Serpstat clustering tool to determine what other queries you should target in any of your key landing pages.

Serpstat cluster tool

Start answering questions on Quora

Quora is one of the most effective traffic – driving channels out there – it sends meaningful clicks from people who are deeply interested in the topic. So if you’re doing your job right when answering questions on Quora, you’re likely to see good engagement from that traffic.

This is a guide to Quora marketing explain in more detail the following:

  • Avoid self-promotion and try to be informative and helpful
  • Subscribe to related categories and topics to be notified of new questions that need answers
  • Turn on Quora regularly (at least weekly) for new questions and answers
  • Follow, like and comment to grow your audience gradually
  • Invite other members to answer the questions you have asked

Quora for Marketing


Interviewing and appearing on podcasts and webinars positions you as a trusted source and brings in pre-qualified leads (i.e. people who already know you can be trusted). The number of clicks may not be high, but this is likely the highest quality traffic you will ever see.

Start a Google search to find outstanding opportunities and have a PR Manager reach out to each media establishment explaining why you can provide value.

Get featured Google

Buzzsumo is another great tool to use here.

Buzzsumo Interviews

Once you become a featured guest at one or two locations, you’ll start to see bloggers and journalists approach you regularly with invites featured on their shows. It is the phenomenon of getting richer and richer. In the Internet marketing industry, some places where pitches can start include:

Here are more ideas to development and diversification your traffic. Once you’ve built a more diverse traffic conversion strategy, make sure track your analytics to determine the best conversion channels.

2. Integrate a Smart Opt-in Bot

Old opt-in forms may not perform as well as they used to because web users are developing “form blindness”, just as they once developed “banner blind features”. Too many websites these days ask web readers to share their email addresses.

On the other hand, trying to be too “honorable” with your choices—in some form—may not be a good idea either. This can annoy your readers and hurt your brand image, as well as cause negative action from Google (ie. Google’s “Interstitial” Update ).

So how do you still keep visitors curious enough to opt-in to your email list?

Alter is a smart marketing bot. It takes seconds to install and requires absolutely no configuration. After you add the code, Alter will begin to view and analyze the user’s behavior and offer helpful suggestions as to where they might want to go next.

It’s powered by artificial intelligence, so it teaches itself to better serve your audience. The more you use it, the better it becomes.

Alter integrates with major email marketing platforms (GetResponse, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Aweber). Alter will gently suggest that your readers opt in when they’re ready to take action, increasing your on-page engagement rate.

Email Opt In Bot

3. Diversify your visual marketing

Visual marketing is still a great way to stand out and web user conversion . Whether it’s social media or a news outlet, online readers look for visual content, and when they find it, they may feel much more willing to subscribe.

If you do a good job of creating a persuasive image to go with your content, you will get more readers to subscribe. Some of the comments include:

  • Animation tutorial
  • Visual Quotes
  • Annotate screenshots

The most important aspect of visual marketing is that it should add value, rather than merely decorate it. Create mind maps and processes to better explain steps, a set of comparison charts, and visual lessons. Anything that makes the information easier to understand will do.

Tools like Location can be of great help here. Their video maker offers thousands of original templates (including how-to videos, product demo videos, promotional videos, etc.) that you can easily edit and publish on your blog and/or social media. They also offer a wide selection of seasonal images for you Engage your readers better .


Here are some additional resources to grow your email list:

Whether you’re trying to get people to join your newsletter, download a one-way guide, or get them to sign up for your live webinar, these tips will help you diversify your campaigns. His tactics to hopefully shake things up. boost and generate more email subscribers!

By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.

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