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instagram tourism marketing research


instagram tourism marketing research

If you are into travel and tourism marketing, you need to be on Instagram. In fact, 60% of social media year-old travelers are active on Instagram and 48% of Instagram users use the app to find new tourist attractions and places to explore*.

60% of social media year old travelers are active on Instagram and 48% of Instagram users use the app to find new travel destinations and places to explore Click to post a Tweet

Why travel marketers need an Instagram strategy

Travel and Instagram are so synonymous that Instagram recently ly released features allows businesses to add “Book Now” and “Reserve” buttons to their feeds. View photos, then book a vacation – all in one experience.

As Instagram continues to add features, travel brands must evolve their content strategy or risk being left behind. In-feed bookings, carousel multi-image posts, Instagram Stories, swipe up web/shopping links, and powerful promotion options are all boon for location-based brands and tourism, providing more ways to reach and engage tourists. Instagram’s influence on decision-making reinforces that consumers continue to crave images.

Why we created this report

tourism marketing research cat Given how important Instagram is to travelers’ social strategies, we dive into a breakdown of what works and doesn’t work for travel brands on Instagram. We are publishing our findings in our latest research report,” Instagram on Tourism Marketing: How Countries Boost Their Marketing “.

With the help of Crowdriff and data collected through Opponent IQ Convince & Convert reviewed the Instagram feeds of all 50 US states (plus Washington, DC), run by their state tourism offices during the first half of the year. 2018 (January 1 to June 30). We analyzed every part of an Instagram account, including Stories, campaign triggers, aesthetics, and topics of their posts. With over 7,000 posts shared by 49 US states, plus Washington, DC (Mispelling: A State That Still Doesn’t Use Instagram!), there’s plenty of content for us. analytics – not to mention the use of Stories, Featured Sections, and IGTV.

From this research, we identified markers of excellence and opportunity for travel brands who need to up their Instagram game.

While this study focused on travel marketing and Instagram accounts for U.S. state tourism offices, many of the findings and best practices apply to other industries. Whether you’re working in tourism or technology, you’ll find research helpful.

Download full 19 – report page to see everything, including:

  • How many states are there? promote contests and giveaways and which state holds the most contests (the answer will surprise you)
  • The 7 most common elements of successful Instagram posts for tourism marketing
  • Type of photo Hottest on Instagram – 96% of the hottest posts included this!
  • A proven formula for an engaging Instagram, not to be missed Posted for travel

Here are my 3 favorite finds from “ Instagram for Tourism Marketing: How Countries Are Stepping Up Their Marketing “.

1. User-generated content tops the list of most engaging posts

2. # PureMichigan is the Most Used Official State Hashtag

Makes you want to see what the Great Lakes have to offer, doesn’t it?

All but one of the 50 states have an official, branded hashtag like #PureMichigan, and only two of the 49 officially advertised hashtags don’t include a name or writing state abbreviation (#dfmi = Nevada and #almosthaeven = West Virginia).

state tourism hashtag instagram

#PureMichigan is the most used official state hashtag on Instagram. #tourismmarketing Click to Tweet

3. South Dakota tops the engagement list with a score of 5. 25 Interaction Rate% Per Post

Mazel! South Dakota may be sparsely populated, but Mount Rushmore State fans are loyal and active. South Dakota scored 5. 25% average engagement rate per post, beating Alaska (4.93%), New York (3.04%) and Virginia (2.39%).

states higher average engagement rate instagram

South Dakota instagram engagement

With cute posts like this, are you really surprised at South Dakota’s seller engagement rate?

Increase visitors, bookings and appointments with a brilliant Instagram strategy

These are just a few of my favorite facts and findings from the report. Download the full report now to see the data you need to improve your Instagram efforts in 2019.

Comments on the report? E-mail me. I’d love to hear what you think!

Next month, we’ll be discussing how to run Instagram travel contests. Keep stable.

source: MMGY Global’s “ American tourist portrait 2018 – 19

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