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When sending emails to friends or customers, errors are often unavoidable in the content and title. In this article, Mat Bao will show you how to recover Emails sent via Gmail and Outlook on phones and computers easily.

How to recover sent Emails on Gmail?

Are you worried when you just clicked the send button of an Email with many errors using Gmail and are confused how to recover sent email how again?

You can rest assured because Gmail has integrated the Undo Send feature – getting back sent messages is extremely useful if you find that the email content is missing or has some errors.

Feature Retrieve Sent Emails This will save thousands of cases, especially when you have important transactions with customers and partners.

To use this feature, you need to enable the Undo Send feature in Gmail, also known as undo send. These steps are performed as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you need to open the Gmail window on your computer screen.
  • Step 2: How to enable the Undo Send function. In Gmail, top right, click the gear icon (Settings).
  • Step 3: Click “General”. You will see “Undo Send”, choose the time you can cancel, delete the Email. Only options are 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds (Choose 30 seconds is best).
  • Step 4: Click the “Save Changes” button and activate the Undo Submit function.
  • Step 5: After enabling Undo Send, your Email can be recovered within the set time and leave no trace in the recipient’s Email. This is how to recover sent email quite easy.

We observe that when sending a message, you will see the system Outgoing message and the option to Undo or View the message. Click Undo to Retrieve Sent Emails That’s it, you have done the way to recover the sent Email.

Gmail apps are used by millions of people because of their convenience

Gmail apps are used by millions of people because of their convenience.

Use Dmail to recall Sent Emails on Gmail

Although how to recover sent email Because the Undo Send feature is quick and useful, but there is a drawback that is the maximum time of 30 seconds after you have pressed send is too short.

It is during this time that you will hardly be able to detect errors. Therefore, instead of this method, you can refer to the withdrawal method by Dmail.

Once you’ve started adding the Dmail extension to Chrome. Please make a schedule to delete Email and don’t forget to delete Sent Email.

In case, you want to delete the sent Email, select the Dmail icon -> Revoke Email -> OK. At this point, the content of your message has been completely deleted.

However, you also need to note that the content of the email is lost, but the sender’s name and subject are still in the recipient’s inbox.

Accordingly, when using this step, you need to consider when using the method of recovering long-sent emails in Gmail!

How to Recall Sent Emails in Gmail with Dmail

How to recall Sent Emails in Gmail with Dmail.

How to Recall Sent Emails on Outlook

For Outlook Emails, you can recover them quickly by the simplest and easiest operations.

How to Recall Sent Emails in Outlook

How to Recall Sent Emails in Outlook.

Recall Sent Email with Preset Action

The first step is to select the Mail item and then select Favorite Folders => Sent Items.

At this point, on the screen, look at the right frame. Here will appear the messages that you have sent. Your job is to choose the letter you are intending Retrieve Sent Emails in Outlook to be able to open them up.

Not stopping there, click Actions -> Recall This Message.

On the screen, a window will appear with options for you to recall the previously sent letter.

Next, under “Are you sure you want to”, check the option “Delete unread copies of this message”. This will cause the system to automatically recall messages that were sent to you by mistake.

However, for this method, MS Outlook is only able to recover the messages that the recipient has not read. Therefore, you should set up a notification for yourself in case the mail has been or has not been recovered.

To be able to do this step, please check the box “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient”. Then click OK to confirm.

Cancel mail

Canceling messages is similar to Outlook email recalls. When you have finished the content of the letter you send, select Options and then choose Delivery Options.

The next step is to tick Expires After => time to cancel the message. Next, you just need to select it, click OK to confirm and finally click Send to send the message.

Delete Sent Messages

You want to delete the wrong email sent to someone else, or correct the content of the sent message, although it is not a way to recover the sent Email, but it is still quite good.

Step 1: You also open the completed letter, then go to Action => Recall This Message…

Step 2: When the window appears, check the “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message” check mark so that the system can recall the sent message in outlook and replace it with a new one.

Or tick the “Tell me if recall succeeds or fail for reach recipient” check box to receive notifications about the results of changing sent messages.

Step 3: Click OK to finish. Immediately after, the compose message window will appear and you rewrite the new content for the sent letter. Finally, click Send to resend.

How to recover email sent on phone

Step 1: Go to the Gmail app on your phone.

Step 2: Next, go to compose and send a Gmail message.

Enter sender and subject in Gmail

Enter the sender and subject in Gmail.

Step 3: After sending, there will be a message sent and undo, you choose undo to stop sending the message.

Click Undo to recall the sent Email

Click Undo to recall the sent Email.

After selecting undo, the application will return to the compose message interface. You can edit or delete the message.

The above article has helped you to remove all difficulties when you want Retrieve Sent Emails on Gmail, Outlook and on phones and computers.

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