How to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software

Kaspersky Anti-virus software is no stranger to technology users. This is a product of a world famous software manufacturer and distributor – Kaspersky La. However, for some reason you do not want to continue using but do not know how to remove Kaspersky antivirus? Please refer to the article “How to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software” below of BKNS to know more about the steps!

How to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software

How to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software

1. Overview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software

Before sharing how to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software, let’s have an overview of this software together!

Kaspersky Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software. This software is designed for phones, computers, tablets with the effect of timely detecting and removing malicious viruses, hacker attacks, data theft fraud, spam processing,… Outstanding features of Kaspersky anti-virus software:

  • Scan and remove viruses on time
  • Smart and flexible scanning and antivirus including quick scan, full scan, external device scan, selective scan, etc.
  • The feature of automatically updating data from the server
  • Self-defense, not allowing other software to access, change or attack

2. How to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software

To remove Kaspersky anti-virus software, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Kaspersky’s software removal tool here:

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file

Step 3: Press Accept

how to remove Kaspersky anti-virus software 1

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code

Step 5: Select the version of Kaspersky you want to remove

how to remove anti-virus software Kaspersky 2

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