How Volvo Trucks turns B2B video into a viral art form

Ask Swedish marketing director Björn Owen Excited about the future of marketing and he’ll take a moment to tell you about the power of content.

As an employee of Spoon, the content marketing agency of Volvo Trucks, Glad is helping drive a number of increasingly ambitious European content marketing projects. Across the continent, more than 70 percent European marketers created more content last year than last year 2014.

Volvo Trucks, one of the largest B2B trucking companies in the world, is perhaps best known for its 2013 video, “The Epic Split,” in which Jean-Claude Van Damme performs a split between two vehicles. is moving in reverse. The clip became an instant hit, garnering more than 80 million views.

Since that viral success, innovative content has been the driving force behind the marketing engine for Volvo Trucks.

“To be successful with content marketing, you have to have a simple omnichannel mindset because your brand’s audience is scattered across many different platforms, channels, and media,” says Glad.

Over the past few years, Spoon has created many large projects ranging from stories in Swedish to Volvo Truck Magazine , Infographics about energy trends, animation, Welcome to My Cab web series that takes viewers inside custom loading cabs and even companion demo for “The Epic Split” received 1.7 million views. (“The Epic Split” was created by another agency, Forsman & Bodenfors.)

Glad emphasizes that most of the content is reused for multiple channels. For example, a recent story titled “ Stay alive on one of the most dangerous roads in the world ” was published in the digital edition of the magazine last August, reformatted with a new layout. for Facebook adjusted into video and accompanied by animated GIFs. The story was also expanded into an eight-page spread titled “Close to Heaven” in the print edition of the magazine.

While Volvo Trucks relies on diversified output, video has become its biggest resource when it comes to targeting its target audience: companies with large truck fleets as well as small businesses looking for transportation solutions. downloads and a brand with a premium image.

“Video is a very versatile medium where we can create a longer story for YouTube, which can then be trimmed to other media,” said Agneta Malmcrona, global content director at Volvo Trucks. shorter episodes and publish on other social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn. . “We see this as a smart way to think big and narrow at the same time, and it’s also a very cost-effective way of doing things.”

A year after “The Epic Split” arrived “ Volvo Trucks vs. Koenigsegg ,” pitted a Volvo truck against a high-performance sports car to introduce dual-clutch transmissions in the brand’s heavy-duty trucks. The campaign lasted for three weeks, Spoon took more than six months from concept to completion. But the effort is well worth it. The video took just a week to get one million views online, resulting in 412 winning media headlines in 35 different countries.

Creating all this content requires a huge amount of manpower. According to Eric Lundekrans, who manages the Spoon account, the company employs dozens of creators, from editors to art directors, motion graphics designers to video reporters. “In a big project, all these roles are played,” he said. “But our editors have to be able to do what editors at any modern publishing house do — write, manipulate images, create GIFs, edit simple videos, write simple code. Simplify if needed, publish on all digital platforms, increase social media posts and analyze data. ”

In partnership, Volvo Trucks provides direction for what they want to communicate about their product, service, or core brand values, while Spoon delivers the concepts and execution. “It’s a close and transparent customer-agent relationship where everyone comes up with ideas for discussion,” says Lundekrans.

“In larger marketing campaigns, the aim is often to create widespread awareness, but at the same time to generate leads,” says Malmcrona. “We have had success generating leads in marketing campaigns simply by linking from social video-based content to agency landing pages. This gives us a very good ROI. ”

Little Jean-Claude Van Damme was also uninjured.


By Nguyen Manh Cuong

Nguyen Manh Cuong is the author and founder of the nguyendiep blog. With over 14 years of experience in Online Marketing, he now runs a number of successful websites, and occasionally shares his experience & knowledge on this blog.