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Nguyen Tan Phat


During use, quite a few users Outlook encountered problems in sending and receiving mail on Outlook, they get the error message “The message store has reached its maximum size…”.

The cause of this error may be due to profile Outlook is being filled.

How to fix problems on software outlook 2010 onwards as follows:

B1: At the interface Outlook you choose File

B2: At the interface Info choose Account settings

B3: At this interface you choose Change Folder

B4: In this interface you choose New Outlook Data

Note: When you choose New Outlook Data software outlook will force you to set a password for the profile, at this step you can skip it by Cancel Or you can set a password for the file, the password you must save and not lose to avoid you will not be able to retrieve the data.

B5: You will name profile > OK

B6: In this interface will display 1 of your profile, you will choose the folder Inbox of file > OK

After creating your new profile is complete, exit the software Outlook out and reboot, your problem fixed!

Note: Outlook’s datafile has a limit of 50GB, normally the data will reach 49GB and will be full.

Good luck!

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