Instructions on how to create a .well-known directory for SSL authentication on IIS

Windows does not allow you to create a folder with a “dot” in front of the name of that folder, we need to apply a little trick like the instructions below:

  1. Go to C: drive (you can choose the address when you understand the method below)
  2. Create a folder with the name well-known (no dot in front)
  3. Create the next subdirectory pki-validation, so the existing path will be: C:well-knownpki-validation
  4. Download the requested TXT file into the folder “pki-validation”
  5. Mở IIS Manager
  6. Right click on the website to authenticate and select Add Virtual Directory
  7. Notice the Alias ​​section you need to enter the value as .well-known
  8. In the Psychical Path section enter the path to the well-known folder you just created in step 2. For example:
  9. Click OK to create an alias

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