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make advertising banners

Advertising banner Today, it is also one of the most popular marketing publications on the online environment. Most companies use one format or another because of its low cost, measureability, and increased brand awareness. Wish you can own impressive banner designs. What are banners? This article will give you steps to make banner ads reasonably and effectively, helping you to minimize errors and convey your message in the clearest way.

Banner known in Marketing is an advertising media publication for products, services, events, brand images and many other purposes. There are two most popular forms of banners: store sign banners and online advertising banners.

This type of banner usually has very large and large sizes and is placed on the big signs of the store or at places where it is allowed at the junction and the intersection where there are many people.

These street sign banners have the main effect not to promote product purchase behavior or promote certain promotions, but to “recall” the brand image in customers’ minds, so that when they have needs, that brand will appear in their memory.

make advertising banners
make advertising banners

These online advertising banners are also placed on websites with a large number of visitors such as major domestic and foreign newspapers. This form of advertising is also quite popular in advertising and communication because of its practicality and economy.

Steps to design effective banners for online business shops

Not only designers in particular but all online business people in general want an effective banner and advertising image. But the question is

“What is an effective banner, advertising image? ”

“How to design effective banners and advertising photos? “

This article will give you the steps to design banners and advertising images that are reasonable and effective, helping you to minimize errors and convey your message in the most clear way.

Step 1: Identify customers and buying behavior.

The first thing when you want to make banner ads or advertising images, you must clearly define who your customers are and their buying behavior.

For online shops, it is necessary to avoid confusion between “user” and “customer”. Users of their products and services can be “users”, but the payers are “customers”. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately study the buying behavior of this “customer” group to offer a suitable advertising program.

They will prefer to shop in-store or prefer to stay at home and choose online, which needs to be clearly defined by you to increase the effectiveness of your program.

Use the program “Order via fanpage and website today to receive a discount” or use the program “Buy directly at the shop to receive a gift of up to 1,000,000 VND” depending on your research. save their buying behavior.

make advertising banners
make advertising banners

Step 2: Determine in which channel your banners and advertising images are applied (appropriate image size)

After you have an idea of ​​​​the program and target audience, the next step is to determine on which channel you will use this image?

The main online channels today include: Facebook, Instagram, Website, forums, …

1. Facebook:

+ Facebook Fanpage cover photo: Because Fanpage cover photo displayed on computer and mobile is different.

View on computer: 828 x 315 px

View on mobile: 828 x 465 px

Therefore, for the information to be fully displayed on both computers and phones, you need a 1222 x 465 px image. In which, the information that needs to be displayed is mainly located in the 828 x 465 px box as shown below

+ Timeline post image (advertising image): 1280 x 682px

+ Square image: 1200 x 1200 px

+ Vertical image: 800 x 1200 px

2. Instagram:

+ Ideal size on Instagram is: 1200 x 1200 px

3. Website:

Because each website design banners and different advertising images will have different image sizes, ask your website designer and find the best photo frame.

Each different channel will have different appropriate image ratios. You definitely don’t want your photos to be cropped, cropped, or “smalled” just because the image size is not correct.

Uplevo is currently providing design services on Facebook with standard image sizes as prescribed.

Learn more about professional website design secrets

Step 3: Determine the message of the banner ad image you want to convey to customers

Banners and advertising images need to clearly define the message they want to convey to customers.

Clarity and coherence are top priorities! Therefore, do not try too hard to provide too much unnecessary information to force viewers to remember, they will not remember and skip it.

Banner design and advertising images need to be able to answer:

– Who? Who are your customers (gender, age, income level, interests, ..) -> thereby offering designs suitable for this target group

– What? What product or service is this banner design about? What is your product? -> What will I put on the banner, advertising image.

– When? Time of my show

– Where? Where is the location of the shop?

– Why? Why buy from me and not from competitors -> Give reasons for them to choose your products

– How? How can I purchase?

In my opinion, step 3 will be the most important step in the process of designing banners and advertising images. Because if you do not define the message conveyed, no matter what you show on the banner, it will cause customers to misunderstand and misunderstand.

Some templates for making banner ads on Uplevo to help you get more ideas:

Step 4: Proceed to design an advertising photo banner

As mentioned above, clarity and coherence are the top priorities in designing banners and advertising images. Don’t get too hung up on color or over-explain your show.
“Make it simple”

Make your banner simple in an impressive way, all the necessary information must immediately catch the customer’s eyes. According to some studies, your banner, ad image will only have 1 second to attract your customers. In that 1 second, customers will decide, whether this banner and ad image is attractive enough or not, or they will ignore it.

*Choose color:

Each different color will carry different meanings, and it is also something that directly affects the emotions of the viewer. But do not use them too rigidly, try to choose colors that are appropriate and in sync with the brand color, time and customer file.

Yellow: The color symbolizes sunshine, energy, and optimism. Yellow is also a color that symbolizes “wealth” and “luxury” like gold and silver jewels. But yellow is also a pretty strong color, too much yellow can adversely affect the design, because they are easy to irritate the user’s eyes.

– Red: Red is the color symbolizing enthusiasm, luck, inspiration, love, and even fire… Not only that, red also represents passion, and the strongest emotions of People

The inclusion of red in banner advertising is quite challenging, you should only use red if you want your banner and advertising images to inspire strong, or create feelings of warmth and good luck. , maybe even arousing urgency for customers

– Black: Black is one of the basic colors, when used alone will show mystery, boldness, personality, confidence and quite strong. When black and white go together, it exudes sophistication and simplicity. A banner and advertising image that uses black as the main color in the design will be very luxurious, noble, and have a high-quality feeling about its brand personality.

*Choose font:

choose font

Fonts should also be applied in a simple and appropriate way. Do not try to combine using too many different fonts, they will give a messy feeling to the viewer. A suitable design font should be used in harmony with the brand, should not be too fussy to cause discomfort to the viewer.

If the brand logo uses slender, winding strokes, of course, your font should not be too big, rough and hard. Of course there will still be cases where font chaos is the highlight but be careful with this use.

*Insert product image:

Product images must of course be beautiful and clear to bring trust to their customers. Because product images are what you want customers to pay attention to the most, arrange the layout properly, place the product where customers see it fastest and most easily remember.

make advertising banners
make advertising banners

*Insert brand identity details

To increase your individuality and brand identity, avoid confusing other rival brands. A banner design without a logo or brand identity details will not win the trust of customers because of its lack of professionalism.

*Insert CTA (Call-to-action) Call-to-action

CTA is very important in making banner ads, it increases the attractiveness and attracts customers and viewers more than usual. The CTA button needs to be placed in a position that is easy to see, but not too loud to avoid spoiling the surrounding program and product messages.

Usually in Vietnam, the CTA buttons are usually placed in the bottom center or on the right hand side. Because the Vietnamese have a rule of reading from left to right, top to bottom, the CTA button will be the last thing to see if customers go further in their marketing steps and make a purchase decision.

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