Instructions to receive Hosting discount code at BKNS

Are you looking to buy Hosting but don’t know which provider to buy at a reputable and affordable price? Do not ignore this article, below will summarize the Hosting discount code The latest is happening at BKNS. Help you save more when buying high quality Hosting.

Hosting of BKNS is good?

Hosting is an indispensable component for every website. A good Hosting provider must ensure the following factors. And BKNS doing a great job of it!

  • Server configuration: The server containing the hosting must have a strong configuration to ensure smooth handling of queries and requests of a large number of users accessing simultaneously.
  • Internet connection: The server’s Internet connection must also meet the requirements for high speed. To be able to exchange data quickly and without congestion.
  • Server system administration team: In order for Hosting to operate stably, the hosting server needs a professional admin team. Care, maintenance and continuous updates 24/7. This is not possible with all providers.
  • Hosting capacity: Hosting must have enough capacity to store information, images, data, … of the website according to your needs. In case you want to upgrade the resources of the Hosting package. Service providers must respond to that need and do so quickly.
  • Massive bandwidth: Bandwidth supports the process of exchanging information and conducting transactions. And download the user’s data on the website. You should choose providers that do not limit bandwidth traffic. This will help increase the user experience for the website.
  • Uptime 99.99%: Almost absolute uptime is a necessary criterion of high quality Hosting service. Bigger uptime equals server uptime in big year. A reputable supplier will guarantee you this problem.
  • Provide Hosting management software: The management tool is one of the effective assistants to support the work of website administrators. Thereby helping them to do the job easily, quickly and with high efficiency.
  • High security: In fact, the Hosting plans are on the same server and share resources from that server. If the service provider has good security technology. Your hosting will be minimized from being hacked and losing data.
  • Customer care and support: Another factor that is indispensable and makes an important contribution to the quality of Hosting. It is the supplier’s customer service. The dedicated and professional support team is a big plus.

A little review about BKNS

For those who are interested in networking solutions, it is probably no stranger to the names Bach Kim Network Solutions Joint Stock CompanyBKNS. As one of the few suppliers that was born the earliest and most prestigious in Vietnam. It’s no wonder that BKNS’s Hosting service is rated as a quality and reputable service.

Advantages of high quality Hosting packages at BKNS:

Strong infrastructure: High-end server configuration using the latest Intel Chipset and DDR4 RAM now brings outstanding processing performance to your website.

Quick access – Speed ​​up processing: The server uses an SSD with Webserver Litespeed technology. For fast access speed, 10 times faster processing speed than conventional systems.

R1 soft backup: Backup software for the most powerful hosting service today. Allow BKNS Daily backup for customers and continuous storage for up to 30 days. Customers can manually restore data proactively according to existing backups.

Safety – Security: cPanel administration software with Cloud Linux operating system. Used on the hosting server BKNS helps prevent 99.99% of the risk of Local – Attack.

One click: Automated installation of more than 350 popular PHP codecs with just 1 click. After 30 seconds, you have your website right away.

Free 7-day trial: You have 7 days free trial.

Instructions to receive BKNS Hosting discount code here

If you have decided to choose Hosting service at BKNSthen get Hosting discount code to order. It will save you a lot of money and

Step 1: You visit the website of BKNS:

Step 2: Click on the item “PROMOTION

Step 3: After selecting the “PROMOTION“, the screen will show a summary of promotions at BKNS. Please click to see the latest promotions! Hosting discount codes will appear in promotions for Hosting services.

Hosting discount code

Questions related to BKNS

What is BKNS?

BKNS whose full name is Bach Kim Network Solutions Joint Stock Company. BKNS is a unit that rents, provides domain names, hosting, server services, email domain names for businesses with reasonable and affordable prices. BKNS was established in October 2010. With the motto “Leading technology – Connecting successfully”, BKNS has affirmed its position and is currently one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in network solution services.

How long is BKNS Hosting discount code?

Usually, common, normal BKNS We will regularly offer promotions to bring customers the best prices. Therefore, you should regularly visit the website and click follow to receive notifications when there are new promotions from BKNS.

How to use Hosting discount code?

There are many ways to use Hosting discount code at BKNS. Here are the 2 most typical and easiest ways to apply Hosting discount codes:

Method 1:

Copy the Hosting discount code, select the service plan you subscribe to. At checkout, enter the discount code above and apply. After applying the code, the total amount to be paid will be reduced by % of the value of the discount code.

Method 2:

Please contact BKNS via Hotline: 1800 646 884 (Free of charge) or message via Zalo, Live chat, Facebook channels in the bottom right corner of the website. BKNS will assist you in a few minutes.

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