Internal communication plan and key benefits

internal communication plan

Communication plan Internal is an important tool, helping managers run their businesses smoothly. That’s why, nowadays, more and more businesses are interested in this activity. In the following article, we will provide you with interesting information about the internal communication plan. Follow along!

Why do businesses need an internal communication plan?

Communication plan is a collection and list of activities to provide and communicate information between members, departments, levels in the same organization or enterprise arranged according to a schedule, with a specific deadline. body. It plays an important role in the development of the business.

Benefits of an internal communication plan


A cohesive and united team is a strong team. Internal communication is an invisible wire connecting and sticking members together.

Clear and transparent information

When provided with complete and accurate information, employees will clearly define their tasks and goals, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. In addition, with clear and public information channels, all departments in the business will coordinate smoothly and in harmony with each other.

Attract talented people, retain good people

The communication plan will help employees feel respected, cared for, and love the working environment. From there, employees will be enthusiastic, proactive in their work and want to stick around for a long time. They will try for the business, introduce the business to everyone.

Good internal communication contributes to creating an ideal working environment, this is one of the factors that attract talented people and promote recruitment.

Increase love, strengthen trust

An effective internal communication plan will help employees understand the situation, orientation, vision and strategy of the business. Thanks to that, the trust of the members is increased. They will be aware of the role of contribution and dedication to the common goal. At the same time, pay attention to building corporate culture.

internal communication plan
internal communication plan

Consequences if the business’s communication plan is poor

If the communication plan is not effective, internal conflicts are difficult to avoid. When members disagree, not sticking together will affect the development of the business.

Conveying inaccurate information will cause employees to misunderstand the business, thereby not focusing on building values ​​and corporate culture.

Limited communication will cause employees to lose trust in the leadership. Businesses will lose talented people, encounter obstacles when recruiting new people.

The process of building an effective internal communication plan

How can I build an effective internal communication plan that is suitable for the goals and situation of the business? Let FASTDO share with you the following steps!

Conduct a situation assessment

The first step is to assess the current state of the business. This is the foundation for a perfect plan. It is necessary to evaluate the business situation and human resource activities of the enterprise. In addition, determine what internal communication activities the business has been implementing and how effective those internal communication activities are.

Define target audience

Next, it is necessary to determine: what is the information communicated in the internal operations and who is the recipient of the information. These are two important elements that make it easier for you to proceed to the next steps in your plan.

Proposing goals and messages

You can refer to the SMART principle – the “smart” principle in goal design to clearly define the core point:

  • S- Specific: Specific, clear goals.
  • M- Measurable: The goal is measurable.
  • A- Attainable: The goal is achievable.
  • R- Relevant: Realistic Objectives.
  • T- Time-Bound: The goal has a deadline to complete.

Once you have identified the target, you can easily build the content of the communication message. Message content is what businesses want to convey to employees.

Evaluate and define strategy

Making a strategy will help minimize unnecessary risks, often deployed based on the long-term vision of the business. Issues at the heart of the strategic plan:

  • Specific training and promotion roadmap for employees.
  • The compensation system should be clear and specific.
  • Internal communication of the business.

Agree on the next action plan

In this step, it is necessary to plan in detail the tasks and specific action steps that need to be performed. Then, deliver the content that needs to be conveyed to departments and employees on different communication channels.

Measure the effectiveness of your internal communication plan

To know if the internal communication plan is effective or not? You need to conduct a measurement evaluation. Can make a survey on the level of satisfaction, listen to employees’ suggestions/opinions about internal operations. From there, evaluate the strengths and areas for improvement of internal communication activities.

Channels to implement the internal communication plan

Currently, there are many information channels to implement effective communication plans. That is:

Internal publications: Newspapers, internal magazines, books are one of the most used internal communication planning channels when email is not yet popular. In these publications are often articles sharing about the central issues of the business.

Notice board: This is an effective information channel, useful when you want to communicate events. At businesses, there are often bulletin boards placed in conspicuous locations. Just print the notice and paste it up, almost everyone will see it.

Social networks: Facebook, Zalo, Spike, Workplace or Slack are social networks used by many businesses. Here, employees can exchange information easily and quickly.

In addition, businesses also easily publish information, announcements or policies to help employees update news in the fastest way.

Email: This is an effective communication plan when businesses want to announce events, policies, or launch new products…

Internal meetings and briefings: At weekly meetings of departments, enterprises can reward and honor individuals and departments with excellent work.

During the briefings with the leaders of the department, the news can be communicated to the managers and they will communicate to the staff in the room.

Internal game activities: This will be a way to arouse interest and attract employees’ affection. By creating exchanges, contests, game shows will contribute to building good relationships at the company.

Common mistakes made when planning internal communications

In order to have a great communication plan, it is necessary to plan carefully and meticulously. However, sometimes mistakes still happen, affecting the effectiveness of the internal communication plan.

Choosing the wrong communication method

Using only one communication tool will cause businesses to face many limitations. To maximize the effectiveness of the internal communication plan, businesses should combine the use of communication channels suitable for each goal.

Confusing message

When you convey a message to people, it is necessary to simplify the content to limit the situation where the recipient of the message does not fully understand the meaning of what you want to say. Use short, concise words that are easy to understand.

Not paying attention to measuring results

After developing the plan, it is necessary to conduct measurement to see if it is working effectively, giving you a clearer view of the plan. From there, learn from experience and promote the ability in the following plans.

internal communication plan
internal communication plan

Case studies on internal communication in enterprises in Vietnam

How do leading enterprises in Vietnam have internal communication plans? What makes their plan so effective? Please refer to the information below for more details.

Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd

In more than 12 years of accompanying Vietnam, Samsung Electronics has become one of the largest enterprises, with huge revenue up to billions of dollars a year.

Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company always focuses on the spirit of solidarity among employees. Once there is a problem, the staff will join the discussion and come up with a solution. This has minimized conflicts and conflicts arising between members of the company.

In addition, Samsung Electronics often organizes picnics and bonding activities together. These are activities that connect members, help them understand each other better, and contribute to solidarity.

internal communication plan
internal communication plan

Communication plan at Unilever Vietnam

Unilever always does a good job of internal communication, setting a good example for other businesses to follow. At Unilever, the human factor is a top priority. Unilever always focuses on connecting employees, caring and taking care of employees. Employees here enjoy very good benefits, work in an ideal environment.

The interview method at Unilever is quite interesting: the candidates will participate in the game, try their hand at the virtual working environment. This has increased the competitiveness of employees while making them aware of the company’s work ethic. Since then, the process of connecting from the leadership to the employees and between all levels of staff is more convenient.

Every business has its own story and needs to have an appropriate internal communication plan for each case. Enterprises need to understand the company’s strengths and internal characteristics to be able to come up with the most perfect internal communication plan.

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