[Kinh nghiệm] Where to buy cheap Hosting?

You have the product. You have finished designing the website. You have purchased a domain name. But don’t know buy cheap hosting And where is the reputation? Together BKNS Discover the experience now buy cheap hosting the newest 2022!

Who is cheap hosting suitable for?

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Cheap hosting will meet just enough but basic needs for beginners

Before going into find out the price or the advantages of cheap Hosting. We should find out in advance who this type of Hosting is suitable for.

Because of the “cheap” price, this type of Hosting is limited in terms of resources and technology. And of course it can’t be equal to Cloud VPS or Cloud Server. However, it will be just enough for newly established Websites with low traffic. Or suitable for short-term study, experiment and research purposes.

That is the story of the past.

Today, along with the development of technology, the hardware of Hosting is cheaper than before while the configuration is getting higher and higher. That is why users are very profitable in terms of price at the moment. Therefore, despite the name Cheap Hosting, the quality of this service still fully meets the needs of users. And become one of the most popular web hosting services today.

Factors to consider when buying cheap Hosting

1. Product Specifications

Hosting space is storage space (Disk space) – the space in your server’s hard drive that you use to store your data. The more data the website has, the larger the hosting capacity must be. Paid hosting usually provide Disk space from 1GB to 10GB depending on the service plan you sign up for.

The bandwidth of a hosting is the amount of data exchanged between the website and the user Internet in a month. For example, if you upload to your website a document file with a size of 1MB. Within a month, if 100 customers download that document file, that means your bandwidth consumption is 100MB. Therefore, you need to balance the number of visitors to your website. If the balance is not good, the cost associated with bandwidth will be very large.

The load capacity of hosting is the ability to accept the number of people online at the same time. There are hosting packages that can allow thousands of people to access at the same time and the page load speed is still very smooth. But there are hosting packages that only a few dozen people online reported unable to access.

Uptime is the time the hosting operates continuously for a year. This will depend on the uptime of the hosting server. The more reputable the quality provider, the higher the Hosting uptime time. This means that Hosting has the ability to operate stably and avoid hacker attacks.

2. Supplier

Hosting is not the same as domain. Domain after being registered usually does not have too many problems, but hosting can cause many errors for the website. Therefore, when choosing to use hosting of any unit, you need to carefully consider the support service and customer care team of that unit. A good web hosting service provider should have a fast and effective support team when the website has problems.

Where to buy cheap Hosting?

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BKNS is the leading reputable cheap Hosting service provider in Vietnam

Choosing the right reputable, cheap hosting service provider will help you save costs and effort in the process of doing business on the Internet.

Currently, there are many cheap hosting service providers. But it is difficult to know exactly which supplier is reputable. Especially for inexperienced users. However, when it comes to hosting, servers, domain names, it is impossible not to mention BKNS. With 12 years of experience, BKNS is one of the leading reputable Hosting, Domain and Server providers in Vietnam.

Hosting service at BKNS Cloud computing technology has been applied. Help Hosting stable operation up to 99.99%. We are committed, Hosting quality is always worth the price. Even more than the price.

Why buy cheap Hotsing at BKNS?

  • Modern server system with terrible configuration is located at the leading Tier 3 standard Data Centers in Vietnam. Ensure the ideal environment for the Server to operate in the best environment.
  • The technical team is always online 24/7 to support customers at any time. When there is a problem that needs support, you just need to contact BKNS via hotline, online chat channels or send Tickets through the system. BKNS will respond and assist you within minutes.
  • Diverse payment methods create convenience for customers.
  • Free 7-day Hosting trial is completely free.


By Nguyen Manh Cuong

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