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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used Email clients in the world. Let’s learn the outstanding features and how to use Outlook in the following article!

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a proprietary Email and task management application available, integrated with most versions of Microsoft Office. It was first released with Exchange Server 5.5 as a bundled program. It was later integrated as the main application with Microsoft Office 97 and subsequent versions.

Microsoft Outlook is mainly used to send and receive Email
Microsoft Outlook is mainly used to send and receive Email

Outlook includes tools such as Email, Notes, Task Manager, Calendar, Contact Management, Web browsing and Journaling. You can sign up for an account and use it completely for free and only need to pay when using its very developed private domain Email service.

This application can be used independently or in combination with other applications for multiple users in an organization. For example, you can Share schedules, mailboxes, SharePoint lists, exchange public folders, meeting schedules.

You can use more Microsoft apps and features when you have an Outlook account. Such as OneNote, Skype, OneDrive, Office Online, etc.

Outstanding Features of Microsoft Outlook

You can access and manage your account Microsoft Outlook in a more efficient and simple way. Because it provides a separate version of the application, which can be used directly on the Desktop. In addition, this application has many other outstanding features that attract users.

Fast access speed, unlimited storage space

Outlook Email has unlimited storage space and has fast access speed. Emails are sorted by time received / sent, capacity, … allowing users to easily look up.

Outlook Email has fast access speed
Outlook Email has fast access speed

In addition, the application also supports sending emails with large file attachments in combination with Skype Drive, OneDrive. Within the time and scope allowed, you can also recover the deleted Email even if the Email has been deleted in the recycle bin.

High security

Microsoft Outlook is always updated and provides a high level of security, protecting customer information well. It also provides spam filtering and blocks external content such as downloaded images. You will be protected from Email spam and phishing by disabling, blocking Email by specific address, domain, and blocking suspicious senders.

The built-in Email scanner will also warn you when an untrusted source sends you something. In addition, users can create, change, delete Email addresses or log in with temporary passwords easily.

Social network integration

Outlook integrates social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This allows you to both check Email and surf social media channels. You can also chat through Skype thanks to Outlook’s Skype integration.

In addition, this application also allows users to use HTML and CSS. Thereby, you can edit in HTML mode, creating your letter more vivid.

How to install and use Microsoft Outlook?

Businesses can combine using Office 365 to increase work efficiency
Businesses can combine using Office 365 to increase work efficiency

Step 1: You download Microsoft Outlook about the device.

Step 2: In this step, you create a new or use an existing Email. To create a new Email, select New Email from any mail folder (for example, your Inbox), then select New Email. You press Ctrl + Shift + M to create an Email message.

Step 3: You can comfortably manipulate on Outlook. You press Ctrl+Shift+Q to create a new meeting request from any folder. User can also forward/reply Email easily.

In the reading pane or on the ribbon, you choose “Reply,” “Forward,” or “Reply to All.”

In the To, BCC, or CC box, do one of the following:

  • You click in the appropriate box, select the recipient’s name and select “Delete” to remove the recipient.
  • User Click on the appropriate box, enter the recipient’s name to add the recipient.

Next to Microsoft Outlook, you can incorporate both Office 365 applications into production and operation processes to improve business efficiency. Contact Eye of the storm for expert installation assistance. Package Microsoft Office 365 belong to Eye of the storm Reliable, highly efficient, includes security measures, Office Portal administration, and free updates.

Many companies are choosing Microsoft Outlook make their Email app by its powerful features and capabilities. More than that, this application can contribute to increased productivity in the workplace.

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