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make product promotional film

Film making service Product advertising is one of the hot services applied by many businesses today. Film advertising has become a familiar marketing medium, playing an important role in the company’s long-term development and communication strategy. Kool Media is one of the units that has many years of operation in the field of advertising film production. Having cooperated with hundreds of businesses in many industries, they have the full capacity and professionalism to bring to customers the best quality advertising footage.

What is a promotional film?

Advertising film or TVC advertising is a form of advertising video used to introduce products and services of a business.

Usually, a TVC advertisement is only 6s – 60s long and is often interspersed with programs on television.

This type of advertising is accessible to a wide range of customers, has a wide spread, especially when shown in prime time frames.

Today, TVC ads appear not only on television but also on other social media channels such as facebook, youtube, website, etc.

Therefore, TVC has more and more wide coverage and is an absolute marketing tool that must not be ignored.

make product promotional film
make product promotional film

What is a product promotional film?

Product promotional video is a video introducing the features, features and outstanding advantages of a product and has different duration frames of 5s, 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, and possibly longer. depending on the goals of the marketing plan of each business.

Product advertisements used to broadcast on television often have frames of 10s, 15s, 20s, 30s. If the business makes promotional films to broadcast on other media channels such as youtube, facebook, LCD and Frame… there will be many different time frames for you to choose from depending on the business’s plan to target the group. Which target audience and how much the campaign will cost.

To make an effective product advertising film, we must show the outstanding features, features and advantages of the product compared to other products of the same type. At the same time, product advertising films must hit the customer’s psychology so that they can increase sales, promote business growth plans, promote brands and business images to consumers.

Reasons why companies and businesses should edit advertising videos

Since the development of the internet, TVC advertising has also expanded and diversified its content and posting channels. The reason TVCs have such a strong development is because they possess the following outstanding advantages:

  • Through promotional videos, businesses create their own substance and uniqueness for the brand.
  • Eye-catching images, lively sounds are easy to stimulate and attract viewers
  • Reach a variety of customers
  • Can be posted on all media channels, with high coverage
  • Easy to create viral effects, widely advertising the brand to customers brings a great source of revenue.

Why should businesses make product introduction films?

Impressive and profound brand positioning

Want customers to use your product, the first step is to position the brand, put the business image in their memory. People need a position in society to be respected, the brand also needs to be positioned to affirm the influence of the company.

When using a short promotional video, your product is shown elaborately from content, images to quality. Those are also the key factors to mark and promote the business image to customers.

Of course, if the video is good, the brand positioning will also be good, customers will buy your products as soon as they need it without thinking of other brands.

Changing consumer behavior and habits

Consumers often intend to buy products that have previously been used or recommended by friends and relatives. A newly born product will be very difficult to access, even, the opportunity to compete is not there. However, the product introduction clip will bring you unexpected surprises.

If the content of the product promotion clip is built properly and methodically, it will attract the attention of viewers. Once the link is created, the product introduction video will be kept in the viewer’s memory, stimulating their curiosity, promoting their purchase behavior after watching the promotional video.

make product promotional film
make product promotional film

The budget is suitable for each different audience

To promote images and create brand awareness, most businesses have to spend a large amount of advertising budget. Which is TVc advertising, viral video, etc. For the big guys, there will be no problem. However, where do small businesses get the economic potential to compare with large companies.

The product introduction film was born with the mission of optimizing costs for businesses with limited budgets. With a reasonable and sufficient cost, you can reach a huge audience, through social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… With the rate of accessing social sites increasing by 99%, Product filming has been, is and will always be an effective weapon for the brand positioning strategy of the business.

Advertising film making process

Each production unit will have a different advertising film production process and depending on the requirements of each project, there will be additional jobs. At Kool Media, an advertising TVC usually follows the following 8 steps:

Step 1: Meet with customers, exchange information and receive requests from customers.

Step 2: Based on the Brief received from the client, the creative team conducts an idea search. For each project, we will think of 2-3 ideas for customers to choose from.

Step 3: Send a quote and sign a contract based on the final idea with the customer.

Step 4: Proceed with the scenes

Step 5: Post-editing

Step 6: Send the first demo to the customer to see.

Step 7: Edit the promotional video according to customer feedback (if any)

Step 8: Finalize and hand over.

make product promotional film
make product promotional film

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