Microsoft partners with Shopify to help retailers expand their reach

Microsoft partners with Shopify to help retailers expand their reach

With the updated Microsoft Channel app, “Shopify on Shopify can easily connect with shoppers on the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network with just a few clicks,” the latest announcement from said the company.

Now available in the US and Canada, the Microsoft Channel app in Shopify allows businesses to automatically show up in the Microsoft Bing Shopping tab and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab for free as product listings.

Source: Microsoft

Benefits for advertisers. Along with an easy way to display in Bing Product Ads, Product Listings on the Shopping tab, and Product Listings on the Microsoft Start Shopping tab, Shopify users will soon be able to take advantage of the new express checkout option. of integrations: “Buy Now” button on ads and product listings. “With the ‘Buy Now’ offer, shoppers can easily purchase the products they are interested in by being sent directly to the shopping cart page,” according to the announcement.

An example of a Buy Now offer on a product ad.

How to set up. Website owners and advertisers can easily set up an integration in Shopify. “Sellers can quickly connect through Microsoft Channel with their Microsoft Advertising account or sign up for a new account in a few easy steps.” In Sales Funnels, click Microsoft and sign in.

Why do we care. This integration and update to the Microsoft Channel app is just another way to help small businesses, retail, and ecommerce find online visibility. As many businesses have been thrown into online stores over the past two years. Shopify is a platform for many new and first-time e-commerce sellers. The Shopify integration means that these retailers (and even those with more experience selling online) will reach online shoppers just in time for the holiday season to end.

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