Price difference between Vietnamese VPS and foreign VPS

You need to rent VPS, but don’t know what to rent VPS Vietnam Or rent a foreign VPS? Let’s BKNS make comparisons. To see if the price of a Vietnamese VPS or a foreign VPS will suit your needs!

vietnam vpsCompare rental prices between Vietnamese VPS and foreign VPS

VPS rental prices in Vietnam are rarely calculated by the hour

At famous VPS providers in the world such as AWS nice Azure, Hourly VPS rental service is quite popular. Customers can rent VPS for 1 or a few hours to complete certain work. This form developed in the world but not in Vietnam. By hourly VPS rental costs about a few dollars. While at that price in Vietnam, you can rent “an uncle” with just enough configuration for 1 month.

Besides, VPS services in foreign countries are usually paid by Visa card. This makes upgrades and renewals done automatically and easily. In Vietnam, many users are not familiar with this form of payment. They often choose to transfer or pay in cash. Therefore, the hourly VPS rental price for them will be quite time consuming every time they need to renew or buy more resources. That might be why it’s not so popular.

Vietnam VPS rental price usually comes with VAT

This is a matter of local regulations and Vietnam is no exception. VPS Vietnam rental price always includes 10% tax and users will have to pay for this tax. In fact, the price of renting a foreign VPS will also include this.

If you rent VPS in the name of a business, the VAT part of this VPS rental price can be refunded according to state regulations. However, there is no guarantee that if you rent a VPS abroad, you will get a refund of this tax. You may even have to pay import duties for similar foreign services. Therefore, for many small businesses, this is also one of the significant differences that you should keep in mind.

Vietnam VPS rental price will be cheaper than foreign VPS

VPS in Vietnam has better price than foreign VPS

VPS rental prices in the country tend to be cheaper than VPS with the same configuration abroad. This means that users can optimize costs when using domestic VPS services. To explain this, we can see there are two main reasons as follows:

  • first, foreign VPS rental prices are usually calculated in dollars or pounds (depending on the country where you choose to rent VPS). There will always be fluctuations between the Vietnamese currency rate and other international currencies. Therefore, this partly makes the VPS rental price in foreign countries higher than in the country. If you use foreign VPS for a long time. The exchange rate is always increasing is also an issue you should pay attention to.
  • Second, VPS rental prices in the country always come with customer support services. Because, with foreign suppliers, the language barrier makes the support issue not as effective as we would like. However, by choosing a local provider, you can easily request assistance at any time. Therefore, in terms of cost, domestic VPS rental prices will be much more optimal than foreign ones at this point.

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Why should you rent VPS Vietnam?

Transmission speed

When renting VPS in Vietnam, you will get a much faster and more stable Internet connection speed than renting a foreign VPS. The reason is that Vietnam VPS services will have infrastructure systems and data centers right in Vietnam. Help ensure speed for users. Besides, the international undersea cable is constantly having problems. Then the use of VPS Vietnam will not be affected by the transmission speed.

Cheaper cost

Today, the cost to use VPS Vietnam service is lower than that of foreign VPS. Because the standard price set for international VPS services is all subjects. In the domestic market, the suppliers will be based on the income of the customers. Offer packages at very reasonable prices. Suitable for many types of objects. In addition, using an international VPS will include additional costs such as those for Internet transmission lines to Vietnam.

Internationally Comparable Quality

Currently, the quality of Vietnam VPS services is increasingly modern. In Vietnam, there are currently about 27 Data Centers. These Data Centers all meet international Tier 3 standards. Ensure stable and modern network infrastructure. Vietnam also has many reputable VPS providers whose quality is not inferior to foreign VPS. BKNS is one of those providers.

Timely and effective support

When your VPS service crashes. Language differences will make it impossible for foreign suppliers to assist you in a timely manner. But at VPS providers in Vietnam. Your problem will be received quickly and handled within “one note”.

Support speed

Speed ​​of support and troubleshooting is an important part of determining the quality of VPS rental services

Where is the most prestigious place to rent VPS in Vietnam?

Take a look at the comparisons above. We can clearly see that Vietnamese VPS is not inferior to foreign VPS. It even helps businesses optimize costs. For monthly service maintenance and technical support costs. If the audience that your business is targeting is Vietnamese. Then using VPS services located in the country is completely reasonable.

You can refer to Vietnam VPS service at BKNS right. Experience quality service at an affordable price. When using the service at BKNS, You will meet all the advantages of a Vietnam VPS. With a system of genuine servers with terrible configuration located at Tier 3 standard Data Centers. With a dedicated and highly specialized customer care team,…BKNS customers will be satisfied with our Vietnam VPS service.

vietnam vps

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