BKNS Service Level Agreement (SLA) with monthly operating time of the service as follows:

  • The monthly uptime of the service is calculated using the formula
43200 – Minutes interruptedX 100
ServiceUptime commitmentMaximum Downtime (minutes)

Hosting Linux cPanel

Hosting Linux DirectAdmin

Windows Hosting

Hosting SEO

WordPress Hosting

Cloud Email Hosting99.9%43
Email Relay99.9%43
Email Server




Cloud VPN99.9%43
DNS Domain Name Resolution Server99.99%4
Server (Server)99.9%43


If the monthly uptime of the service is less than the Uptime Commitment, we will compensate the value of the service for that month. The percentage of compensation is determined as follows:

Uptime (Uptime)Compensation rate
from 99% to Less than the commitment level of the service type25%
from 95% to 98.99%50%
less than 95%100%
  • When the compensation condition is satisfied, the amount of compensation will be credited to your ID account.
  • Compensation value only includes direct service value and does not include: Initialization fees and License fees of all kinds of licenses (License) accompanying services such as: cPanel, Plesk, Windows Server, SQL Server lease by month or any cycle.
  • Compensation fees are not convertible to cash.
  • Compensation fee is not applicable or transferred to another account on the same system at BKNS.


Downtime is understood as the total number of minutes of service interruptions per month due to technical problems. Translation interruption log will be BKNS Notify via Support Ticket and email to customers.

Under normal conditions, the interruption time does not include the upgrade and maintenance plan, which has been notified to customers by BKNS 24 hours in advance.

In emergency conditions, BKNS will notify the customer about the troubleshooting plan 60 minutes in advance.

BKNS limited, but not committed, total annual discontinuity of 5 hours.


BKNS There are general exclusions and specific conditions that apply to each type of service. If interruptions arise due to these causes, BKNS service interruptions will not be included.

General exclusions for all services

  • The transmission is interrupted from the customer’s Internet service provider (ISP) to the Data Center.
  • Any interruption of transmission not within the control of BKNS.
  • Overload due to DDOS, DOS, targeted attack on any component of the server;
  • Accidents caused by natural disasters such as storms, floods, etc.
  • Affected by any Control Panel operations, configuration operations performed by the customer or by staff as required – during customer support.
  • Use the service for any other purpose, inconsistent with any of the terms of the Terms of Use.
  • Use the service beyond the specified specifications of each service.
  • The service has expired or is affected by the renewal, upgrade, or conversion process.
  • Trial service (if any) or is being opened temporarily, temporarily raising resource parameters.
  • Any alleged interruption of access that is caused by the failure of a computer or device or from a web browser or mobile device;
  • Errors arise from third-party software and technology.
  • Circumstances caused by factors beyond the control of BKNS such as: Transmission problems or equipment damage at a Data Center operated by a third party (ie at the Data Center, where the service server is located), fire, terrorism, embargo, war , requirements of state management agencies, national network problems.

Specific exclusions for each service

Hosting Service

  • Using services related to advertising programs, increasing views,… causing increased traffic, websites being exploited such as storage places, hotlinks, etc.
  • Errors arise because the website’s source code, plugins, themes, and source code are infected with Malware, Virus, Phishing.
  • Traffic and traffic increased by more than 50% compared to the same time frame the previous day determined to be no fault of BKNS.
  • The server blocks IP access to prevent DDOS attacks or user login failures too many times.
  • The errors returned on the web browser but the system and the Hosting server are still responding well.

Email Service

  • Send and receive Emails through 3rd party software.
  • Outgoing email does not reach its destination because the server IP is temporarily rejected by the receiving system or recognized as Spam by the receiving system.
  • Email not received because the server recognizes incoming mail as Spam.
  • The customer’s domain name or the link contained in the email content or the link in the email’s content points to an IP that is on the blacklist of one of the anti-Spam and Phishing organizations.

VPS Service

  • Errors caused by the administrator’s action from the customer’s side on the management page or directly on the VPS.
  • Excluding impacts due to software errors, errors arising from previous infection with Virus, Malware.
  • Does not include interruption due to intranet link from one Cloud VPS to another Server.
  • Cloud Server has an average network port traffic of more than 70% in 5 minutes.
  • Errors due to configuration and software inside the Cloud VPS virtual server.

DNS Domain Name Resolution Server

  • Not applicable when one of the system’s servers resolves normally.
  • Excludes interruptions due to domain locking and during state transitions, changing name servers.
  • Domain name is in dispute, locked due to policy violation.
  • Does not apply to temporarily invalidated configuration pages.
  • The interruption occurred due to DNS Cache.


To claim under the SLA Commitment at BKNSthe customer logs in to the service management system ( to submit a claim or call the operator directly 1800 646 884 (Free of charge) for assistance.

BKNS will aggregate all relevant information for the customer to confirm one last time before making the refund. Time to check and settle claims is up to 03 working days within office hours.
If the request qualifies for execution (i.e. does not fall under the exclusion conditions mentioned above), BKNS will immediately refund the compensation value calculated according to the formula and regulations as mentioned above. The compensation value is refunded and added to the amount in the customer’s account. Customers can log in to the Service Management system (page to see the amount displayed plus.

Updated date: 12/04/2022

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