Rejoice Ojiaku and hasOptimization have named the 2021 winners of the Search Engine Land Awards for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Search Marketing

Rejoice Ojaiku

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Search Engine Land Awards for Progressive Diversity and Inclusion in Search Marketing. This year, we selected an individual and an organization as the winners for setting an outstanding example in inclusion in the search community.

Excited Ojaiku: Personal

Rejoice Ojaiku

Rejoice Ojaiku received numerous nominations for her work at its founding B -Digital , “a digital marketing platform that aims to showcase and inspire Black talent.” Her nominees praised Delighted for working tirelessly to help black marketers engage with SEO, find work, and become part of the B-Digital community:

  • “Rejoice is an excellent SEO who took her time to create BDigital… She is kind, helpful, talented and pioneering, and shows passion and determination in bringing in people of the skin. Black aims to be at the forefront of SEO. ”
  • “Reji is continuing to work to help the digital marketing industry realize that there is a lot of Black talent out there. Her tireless work in the field makes her a worthy candidate for this award. ”
  • “She is the #1 advocate in promoting POC and women in SEO. She supports what she believes in. She’s also super smart when it comes to key phrases and taught us something new in the industry. ”

Our Guest Judge and Search Engine Land Award Winner Last year for Diversity and Progressive Inclusion, Areej AbuAli said, “Delighted to be so deserving of this award, the impact she has had on this industry over the past year has been enormous. The work she is doing with B-DigitalUK is truly inspiring and her passion and perseverance in spreading the message of equality and inclusion is admirable. Looking forward to seeing all the great initiatives coming from her community. Continue to be YOU, Excited and congratulations! ”

hasOptimization: Organization

hasOptimization is a small marketing agency based in New Hampshire. Their marketing is complemented by their work to be inclusive and diverse across multiple focus areas.

Not only are they helping small businesses, but they are also working to “try to increase accessibility, prioritizing minority-owned businesses, their LGBTQ+ leadership, and continually hiring.” a wide range of neuroscientific employees who may or may not have chronic illnesses. hasOptimization is not a big business, but is growing over time. I have seen a consistent flow of communication involving a wide range of diverse ideas from staff, many of which include new ways to make the web more acceptable and possible. accessible to others from all walks of life,” said their nominee.

“I have a lot of respect for the work that hasOptimization is doing. They are setting the standard for what an agency should focus on when it comes to web accessibility and inclusion. With an excellent team and a diverse set of clients, their mission to make the web a better place can be seen through the services they provide and the customers they serve. . Congratulations to the team, well-deserved! ” added AbuAli.

Congratulations to this year’s well-deserved winners!

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