Renting a server VNPT is an address that has many options when renting a server. VNPT is a major network operator in Vietnam. With the leading TIRE 3 standard Datacenter system in Vietnam. Today, let’s learn about the details as well as the price of VNPT server rental.

rent server vnpt

BKNS server at VNPT

What is VNPT server hosting?

Renting a VNPT server, also known as renting a server place. Another name is colocation service. This is a space rental service to place physical servers at datacenters (DC). There are many levels such as individual devices, racks or stand-alone. With this option, servers will be installed on DC racks. With high standards such as 1U, 2U, 3U…. Each server will have UPS power, network and static IP to provide services on it such as website, email or voip switchboard to the outside.

Features of server hosting service at BKNS.

With strong cooperation with DCs, BKNS has provided booking services for hundreds of large and small domestic and foreign customers. Features of server colocation service that BKNS is providing:

  • Customers are advised to choose the right service package by the experienced consultants of BKNS, helping customers have the highest efficiency with an extremely suitable cost.
  • Servers are located in international standard data centers with professional support and operation procedures.
  • Customers are provided with 2 static IPs for each server and can add unlimitedly as soon as they need it at an extremely favorable price.
  • The servers are provided with high-speed bandwidth, domestic and international connections.
  • Customers have full rights to manage and use the server.
  • Can administer the server remotely or directly at the Datacenter.
  • There is a team of technicians to support 24/7, solve problems quickly and promptly.
  • Free server bandwidth monitoring tool.
  • Free LAN connection when renting a server for 2 or more computers.
  • Free support to reinstall the operating system 2 times/month.
  • Support to initialize PTR records for IP for free upon customer request as soon as required.
  • VNPT Server Rental Price List

  • BK-01 VNPT

    Server location: 1U

    Power capacity: 300W

    Information flow: Unlimited

    Inbound Bandwidth: 200Mbps

    International Bandwidth: 10Mbps

    Network port: 100Mbps

    Backup generator power: Yes

    UPS: Yes

    Ip v4: 01IP/Device

    IP v6: Free of charge

    Technical assistance: 24/7

    1,600,000 VND /month

    06 months 5% off

    12 months 10% off

    24 months 15% off

    Minimum payment 03 months

  • Price of Additional Service to rent a VNPT server at BKNS

Description / Package (VND/month)BK-01 VNPTBK-02 VNPTBK-03 VNPT
1. Add 1 IP address45,000 won45,000 won45,000 won
2. Extra 1U Rack Space200,000 won200,000 won200,000 won
3. Upgrade domestic bandwidth by 100Mbps700,000 won700,000 won700,000 won
4. Additional 100W of power capacity200,000 won200,000 won200,000 won
5. Rent a Firewall system350,000 won350,000 won350,000 won
5. Set 1U/50W . device1 million1 million1 million
6. Place the device below 1U/50W500,000 won500,000 won500,000 won
7. Local RJ45 . Cable1 million1 million1 million
8. Back-end fiber optic line1 million1 million1 million
Minimum payment3 months


Free bandwidth monitoring tool.

– Free LAN connection (1Gbs) when ordering from 2 servers or more.

– Free to install or reinstall the operating system (2 times/month)


Price does not include 10% VAT

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Through the above analysis and information, BKNS hopes that you have a better understanding of renting a VNPT server at BKNS. BKNS is having a lot of promotions when you rent a server at VNPT. If you are interested, check it out.

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