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Along with the outstanding development of information technology, the demand for using servers of organizations and businesses is increasing. However, the costs of owning and managing a physical server not small at all. Service VPS Server was born to help individuals, organizations and businesses do not need to invest large costs to use a server – Server. Why can VPS Server replace physical server? Together BKNS Find out in the article below!

VPS Server

VPS Server is an outstanding solution in the field of data storage.

What is VPS Server?

VPS Server is a service that provides customers with a virtual private server similar to VPS. But this server is developed and deployed on the basis of cloud computing technology. Therefore, it will inherit the outstanding features and advantages of new technology. And overcome the disadvantages of VPS and physical server.

VPS Server will operate on multiple physical server connections. This gives you instant access to an unlimited supply. Traditional storage resources are usually limited to one physical server. As for VPS Server, you can upgrade unlimited resources. Your cost is determined by the number of resources you choose. Including of CPU, RAM, storage space and monthly bandwidth. If you have a need to expand resources, BKNS will upgrade as quickly as possible so as not to disrupt your business.

The outstanding advantages of VPS Server

High Availability

Virtualization infrastructure from VMware’s world-leading technology platform will give you a powerful, stable Cloud Server with uptime up to 99.99%. Connected network devices are also designed for maximum speed.

Safe backup of data

Distributed storage system and daily backup mechanism ensure data is always available and continuous.

Various operating systems

  • CLOUD-VM01

    140,250 VND /month

    01 Core

    01 GB

    20 GB



  • CLOUD-VM02

    178,500 VND /month

    02 Core

    02 GB

    30 GB


  • CLOUD-VM03

    272,000 VND /month

    03 Core

    03 GB

    40 GB


  • CLOUD-VM04

    408,000 VND /month

    04 Core

    04 GB

    50 GB


  • CLOUD-VM05

    603,500 VND /month

    04 Core

    06 GB

    60 GB


  • CLOUD-VM06

    739,500 VND /month

    05 Core

    08 GB

    70 GB


  • CLOUD-VM07

    1,020,000 VND /month

    07 Core

    12 GB

    80 GB


  • CLOUD-VM08

    1,530,000 VND /month

    08 Core

    16 GB

    100 GB


Unlimited Bandwidth Free SSL certificate let’s encrypt
IPV4 address: 01 Free IPv6/56
Weekly data backup Free trial: 07 days
24/7 support Support to transfer data from other NCC to BKNS.
Free Direct Admin Requires separate configuration

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