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With countless marketing tactics at our disposal, amazing marketing technology that can track performance and automate campaigns, and countless strategies and processes to optimize marketing, sometimes We can’t see the woods. relationships (personal and real). Sometimes we miss the obvious: successful marketers build relationships. We must remember that the prospect is a real person and to be a successful marketer, we need to build relationships with the potential customers.

A new study by Ascend2 to be Build relationships to convert leads . The survey was conducted the week of June 8, 2020, and a total of 263 marketing professionals participated.

Substantial changes in the way businesses operate are forcing marketers to rethink the way they reach potential customers. Building meaningful connections with buyers is now an important part of generating and nurturing leads that convert.

How are marketers building relationships to generate and convert maximum leads?

Here are some notable findings from Asend2 research, as well as insights from marketing experts.

1. Marketers are struggling to create enough relationships as they shift marketing efforts to more digital transition initiatives.

Half (50%) of marketing professionals report having difficulty building enough relationships as they shift marketing efforts to more digital transition initiatives. Building meaningful relationships with new and existing prospects requires the right allocation of budgets and resources 42% of marketers report as a top challenge to success. success of lead generation.

lead generation challenges

Top Relationship Building Challenges to Convert Leads

Jeff Haws, Senior Marketing Manager, Messagegears

Jeff Haws, Senior Marketing Manager, MessageGears

How can you create stronger relationships? An important first step is to know more about your ideal audience and offer them something of value based on their needs.

Jeff Haws, Senior Marketing Manager at MessageGears , explains, “one of the keys to building effective relationships is identifying your ideal audience and tailoring your message and targeting them. Eliminate as much noise as possible by developing a laser focus on the people who will benefit most from your unique value, and make sure to market and sell on the same page about those people Who is. ”

2. Social media, email marketing, and website/SEO leads are the most effective channels for relationship building to convert leads.

Social media (58%), promotional email (49%) and website/SEO (44%) lead as the most effective channels for relationship building to convert leads. Develop an overall strategy for how all of your marketing tactics connect and work together as part of your strategy. customer journey This is an important step towards building stronger relationships.

Most Effective Channels

The most effective channels to convert leads

Mike Grehan

Mike Grehan, CMO & CEO, acronym

It helps to consider the customer journey when viewing channels. The customer journey is the full set of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Where does the journey begin? Where does the journey end?

According to Mike Grehan, CMO & CEO at Acronyms , “the customer journey often begins with search and very often ends with search. Many brands are loaded with content for the deal section, but seem to lack content for the early stage. This is why SEO is still so important. Content that is thoroughly designed and optimized to answer questions and solve problems creates a brand relationship much sooner rather than trying to compete for attention at checkout. ”

3. Video content is most effective at building relationships to generate leads that convert.

When building loyalty and trust with your audience to build relationships, content creation and distribution is essential. Forty-one percent (41%) of marketing professionals agree that content in video format is most effective at building relationships for generating leads that convert. Types of educational content such as webinar and early research is also effective, according to 36% of those surveyed.

Most effective B2B content

The most effective types of content for converting leads

Rameez Ghayas Usmani, Digital Marketing Executive at PureVPN

Rameez Ghayas Usmani, Digital Marketing Manager, PureVPN

There are many formatting options to consider. Rameez Ghayas Usmani, Director of Digital Marketing at PureVPN explains, “written content is certainly helpful, but today, visual materials such as infographics or videos are working more effectively for marketing and relationship-building purposes, and they will continue to be one of the most commonly used marketing strategies for 2020.”

Dan Bailey, President at WikiLawn share a different content strategy. “Our lead generation strategies currently focus on providing free, high-value content as part of the sales funnel. We create articles, videos and other content, and put that content on a landing page where users have to enter their email address to gain access. We run Facebook ads to drive people to this landing page, and once they’re on our list, we continue to build a relationship with them. ”

4. Lead generation budget is being redirected to social media and website improvement/SEO.

Much of the marketing dollars previously allocated to live events and in-person marketing efforts are being redirected. More than half of marketers say the majority of their lead generation budget will be tied to social media (54%) and websites or improving SEO (51%). Another 44% report that email or automation will take up a significant amount of the budget next year.

Lead generation budgets

How to generate leads Budget will be allocated

Relationship building is especially difficult right now with event livestreams canceled and employees working remotely. How can you replace that face-to-face experience?

Joaquim Miro

Joaquim Miro, Growth Manager, Hoppin ‘World

Joaquim Miro, Growth Manager at Hoppin ‘World , says that “being able to face a prospect is always the best way to convert them into a customer. Therefore, looking for options that allow this to happen remotely is an important next step. ”

Use technology to do almost what you would do in person: train, give guided tours, Q&A sessions and more. Be creative to build relationships with your prospects and don’t let challenges stand in your way.

How are companies reallocating their budgets?

Quincy Smith, Founder ESL Authority , revealing how his organization is shifting budgets. “We reallocated our direct budget (previously used for job fairs, campus visits, etc.) to online retargeting,” Quincy said. He continued, “we’ve always had significant organic traffic, but now just trying to retarget it because there’s not much we can do. Lots of trial and error so far, we’ve done paid advertising before but not for this purpose, so we’re still testing messaging, platforms and images. image. ”

Sunny Ashley, CEO at Autoshipinvoice

Sunny Ashley, CEO, Autoshipinvoice

Sunny Ashley, Managing Director at Autoshipinvoice has shifted most of its marketing budget and efforts to SEO and content marketing . Sunny explains, “there are 3 main reasons why: 1. SEO can be done relatively cheaply, because of the time and labor costs involved in content writing. 2. SEO best practices are always evolving; This means there is always something new to learn. Since marketing now has more time and flexibility without having to plan actual events, now is the time to try new SEO techniques and experiments. 3. SEO takes time. If direct marketing methods aren’t working right now while our clients have less budgets, now is a great time to build a portfolio of content that will grow to be influential in the future. the coming months. As business returns closer to normal, our SEO efforts will hopefully peak. ”

Joaquim, Quincy, and Sunny are all looking for ways to understand their target audiences, reallocate budgets based on what’s working, and focus on building convertible relationships.


Building relationships takes time. Marketers need to listen to their prospects, analyze data, test new tactics and strategies, optimize existing tactics and strategies, and be flexible and agile in what you do. do to build convertible relationships.

Here is the link where you can download the full report, Build relationships to convert leads.


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