Should I buy a VPS to hang the game or not?

Use VPS hangs the game has now become a familiar thing for “connoisseur” gamers. But there are still very few gamers wondering whether to buy a VPS to hang the game or not? Please refer to the article below with BKNS to find yourself the answer!

buy vps hang game

VPS hanging games has long become a familiar support tool favored by gamers.

Necessary conditions for a VPS to hang games

To be able to become a perfect game hanging service, VPS needs to have the following conditions:

  • Ram capacity from 2G or more.
  • VPS must run Windows operating system (can be windows 7 or windows server).
  • There is unlimited bandwidth capacity (Bandwidth Unlimited).
  • Using Remote desktop or Remote mobile to control.

Why should you buy a VPS to hang the game?

VPS hangs BKNS . game

VPS hangs the game so you can hang the game 24/24

Hanging games on VPS has the following advantages:

1. Avoid being disturbed

When using a virtual server to hang games, you can be completely assured that no one will be disturbed. There will be no sudden power loss or someone touching the computer system like traditional. Because this is a virtual server and its resources are owned by you. You are free to use it without having to share it with anyone. Using a virtual server to hang the game will help the game operate 24/24 without worrying about the game being interrupted.

2. Extremely safe and secure

VPS hangs the game and inherits the security function from the physical server. They are configured to ensure that the user’s data is safe and secure. Specifically, with the use of VPS, users can limit the number of visitors. In other words, only administrators or authorized people have the right to access and manage the system. Therefore, no one has access to it including service providers.

3. Customize the configuration as you like

Unlike a normal PC, when buying a VPS to hang a game, you can easily expand it by upgrading the hard drive, parameters such as RAM, CPU, etc. to match the needs of use. Instead of struggling to buy more hardware, configure it to physical machines like the traditional way. Now this operation is performed by service providers. Even the user’s resources will be upgraded automatically without having to suspend the virtual server.

4. Help you save money

As you know, investing in a PC with good configuration to play games will cost a lot of money. Not stopping there, the costs of electricity, depreciation costs, etc. will also consume a large amount of users’ monthly recurring expenses. Therefore, choosing to rent a virtual server to hang the game will help you solve this problem well. Because, all costs are included in the monthly service price. The cost will only be incurred when the user has a need to expand the usage configuration.

Risks encountered when using VPS to hang games

  • buy vps

    Nothing is 100% perfect and VPS hosting has some downsides too

    DDOS Attack – Denial of Service Attack, an inevitable problem with any server system crashes. The problem has a greater probability of being hit by a DDoS attack as the number of players increases.

  • Hack servers, VPS or game platforms and applications, affecting the operation of the game.

Where should I buy a VPS to hang the game?

If you are in need of buying VPS to hang the game, please contact us immediately BKNS Via Hotline: 1800 646 884 (Free of charge) for specific advice. BKNS always offer reasonable cost, stable cable connection system, unlimited bandwidth, quality guarantee (SLA) 99.99% uptime.

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