The benefits of advertising for today’s consumers

benefits of advertising

Advertising has become an indispensable part for businesses that want to introduce products to customers. So what about consumers? What value does advertising bring to consumers? In this article, let’s explore the benefits of advertising for consumers to find the answer for yourself.

Advertising in the field of business

Advertising and marketing are indispensable activities for any business. However, a lot of people are having a wrong view of the concept of Advertising, marketing.. We will take a look at this concept before going deeper into it.

benefits of advertising
benefits of advertising

Is advertising marketing?

Many people mistakenly believe that advertising is marketing. However, advertising is only a small part of the field of marketing. Marketing activities include market research, behavior analysis, product strategy building, image, brand…

With the explosive growth of social networks, and search engines. Some business operators often think of advertising as running ads on platforms such as facebook, google, zalo. However, same as above; Advertising advertising is only a part of advertising activities.

Thus we can see that advertising is not marketing, it is just a small part of marketing. Facebook, zalo, google… are just online marketing tools. The type of advertising using these tools is called Ads (paid advertising). Combined with non-paid advertising activities in the online environment, we have the definition of Online Marketing

Definition of Advertising

So what is advertising? Advertising is defined as a paid or unpaid form of communication and marketing. This activity helps bring products, services, and brands of organizations and businesses to potential customers. It should also be noted that it is only a form of marketing and communication.

When it comes to advertising, we often think of paid activities. This also means that businesses are spending a lot of money on advertising activities. Sometimes the cost of advertising is greater than the cost of producing the product or service.

Each business form is only suitable for certain types of advertising. At the same time, each business only deploys powerful advertising on a specific tool. That means you don’t have to spend money on advertising to sell products. You need to understand which advertising tools your product is suitable for, and how to implement them.

The role of advertising

Today advertising plays a very important and huge role in the economy. Advertising is not just about bringing benefits to businesses. It also contributes significantly to the general development of society, changing customers’ buying habits and behavior.

The role of advertising contributes significantly to the socio-economic development of the country. The development of the advertising industry has shown that advertising plays an increasingly important role. Not only in the manufacturing sector, but also with distributors, consumers and the public.

In general, advertising is a necessary and useful activity for the economy. Without it, consumers would have to spend a lot of time searching for information. Therefore, the product will be more difficult to reach consumers.

benefits of advertising
benefits of advertising

1. The role of advertising For businesses

For a business, specifically here is a manufacturing business. Advertising activities are carried out before or after launching products and services into the market.

Advertising for businesses is an important marketing tool that helps businesses achieve their communication goals. Thanks to the advertising information function, businesses can quickly inform the market. In addition, advertising is an effective tool to support sales and reduce distribution costs for businesses. As well as support for product, pricing and distribution strategies. The role of advertising has contributed to creating a competitive environment, improving quality, improving design and service.

In production business. Businesses not only face the problem of bringing products to customers (target customers). They also have to find a way for the product to reach the distribution channels. It is important to understand that the distribution channel is also a type of customer. They choose to import products also based on the communication and advertising activities of the business. If the product is new and there is no advertising, it is very difficult for the product to enter the distribution channels.

2. For Distributors

Advertising for distributors is a level 2 advertising channel. Usually when bringing products to market, manufacturing companies have been carrying out advertising activities. However, in order to be able to do business and sell more easily, distributors continue to carry out advertising campaigns.

Each distributor will choose a different way of advertising. They can do specific product promotions, product groups or entire stores.

The informational function of advertising will entice consumers to buy the product. Help distributors sell faster and more convenient. At the same time reduce selling costs, establish a good relationship between distributors and customers.

3. For consumers

The role of advertising for consumers is to make it easier for them to find information about goods and services. Compare brands before making a purchasing decision. Without advertising, consumers would find it difficult and time-consuming to search and shop.

And thanks to advertising, the interests of consumers will be guaranteed. In addition, advertising also helps consumers raise awareness about products and services circulating in the market.

4. The Role of Advertising For Society

As mentioned above, advertising contributes significantly to socioeconomic development. Not only support media development. It also helps create jobs for hundreds of thousands of industries in society. Including creators, designers, actors, photographers, videographers, screenwriters, etc.

Today, advertising is more than just showcasing a product. It requires the creative department to design a valuable message for the customer. Since then, the ads with meaningful messages and high humor. Contributing to coloring a beautiful life, helping society become better.

The role of advertising with the government, they often use advertising as a propaganda tool for the public to know information about new policies or direct public opinion. Ads help politicians inform the public about their policies and commitments in elections. As a result, people can choose wisely the leader they want.

5 Benefits of advertising for consumers

1- Customers learn about products and services

Ordinary consumers, if they want to learn about a certain item or have a need to buy a product, will have to go to the store selling that product and ask the store’s staff. This will take a lot of time and effort of the customer. However, if a product is advertised on the market, it will certainly give customers the information they want to know such as uses, usage, price… So if customers can learn about products products that you want through advertising, will significantly save travel costs and time. This is the first benefit of advertising to consumers that Livestream Saigon wants to mention.

2- Consumers can discover new products

Through advertising, consumers also have the opportunity to learn many new products. For customers who are often busy and have little time to go shopping, capturing the market for newly launched products will be very difficult. However, through advertising, consumers will not need to go to supermarkets or shopping centers to know about new products or products that are used by many people today. This benefit helps consumers to shop even when they have little time to research.

3 – There are many choices for consumers

Another benefit of advertising for consumers that we cannot ignore is that advertising helps consumers choose the best products and meet their needs. With the form of advertising, consumers can know details about the use, quality, manufacturer, and price of each product. From there they can compare and find the item they want to use.

4 – The benefits of advertising help consumers know a lot of information

Advertising sometimes also helps customers learn about current social issues or valuable information. Customers will know the prohibited products, the poor quality items mentioned in the advertisement. In addition, some advertisements will also talk about issues such as child care, drug ingredients, milk, etc. Thus, through advertising, consumers can learn many skills in life and get more information. For example, thanks to advertising, we can know many other uses of milk cartons such as planting trees, making decorations… instead of just storing milk like before.

5 – The benefits of advertising help keep prices stable

Another important benefit of advertising for consumers is that it will help stabilize your value for money. Companies always want consumers to pay more attention to them and their products than elsewhere. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of customers, they will certainly offer distinct advantages of their products and keep the price competitive. This generally helps to ensure the budget of the consumer. Consumers can choose products that are suitable for their financial ability.

benefits of advertising
benefits of advertising

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