The dominant programming language trend in 2022

Programming language trends 2022

Programming languages ​​play an important role in the sciences and real life. Along with the development of information technology, programming languages ​​are becoming more and more diverse, bringing more choices for programmers.

So what is a programming language? Which language will become the trend for the future programming industry? Together with Mat Bao and the following article, review the programming language trends 2022.

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Programming language trends 2022

Programming language trends 2022

1. What is a programming language?

A programming language is a language built on its own rule system, used to communicate between humans and machines. This is the language used by programmers to build algorithms and work programs on electronic devices. Components of a programming language include:

  • Alphabet: is a set of characters used in building programs. Each type of programming language will have its own character system.
  • Syntax: is a set of rules about the form and order of a statement.
  • Semantics: is a component that explains the meaning of a programming operation to be performed. The semantics will depend on the context of the operation and correspond to the combination of characters.
Programming languages ​​are used in many fields

Programming languages ​​are used in many fields

With the development of the programming language trends 2022This language is increasingly being applied in many fields. Such as:

  • Programming mobile applications using the Android operating system.
  • Programming iOS applications, compatible for each version of Apple products.
  • Web programming and web interface design.

2. How many programming languages ​​are there?

Programming languages ​​are classified into three main categories:

  • Machine language

Machine language or machine code is considered the foundation language of the microprocessor. All programs will be converted into machine language before execution. Because this is the only language that the microprocessor can directly understand and execute.

  • Assembly language

Assembly language is a low-level programming language that writes programs using acronyms in English. In order for electronic devices to receive and execute the program, assembly language will be translated into machine language through an assembly tool.

Programming languages ​​are divided into several categories

Programming languages ​​are divided into several categories

  • High-level programming language

A high-level programming language is a programming language that is highly independent, close to natural language, and is less dependent on compilers and processors. Programming language trends 2022 are high-level programming languages ​​such as Java, C, C++, Pascal, PHP…

In addition to the above, people also classify programming languages ​​based on the method of building and executing the program. With this division, programming languages ​​include: linear programming languages, structured programming languages ​​and object-oriented programming languages.

3. Top popular programming languages ​​2022

According to statistics, there are more than 700 programming languages ​​​​and the number shows no sign of stopping. The languages ​​that are expected to become mainstream for the programming industry this year include:

  • Programming languages ​​C and C++

C language was born in 1970, has made a great contribution to the programming industry and is the inspiration for many other programming languages. Today, C is still the number 1 choice for building high performance applications. C++ programming language is an object-oriented programming language, developed on the foundation of C. This language is widely used in high-level application design.

C and C++ are the most popular programming languages ​​today

C and C++ are the most popular programming languages ​​today

Both C and C++ have high compatibility, multi-paradigm, and many libraries and features similar to plugins. The syntax is close to logical thinking, making it faster and easier to write code. With the above strengths, C and C++ are programming language trends 2022.

  • Java programming language

Java code is one of the most popular programming languages, supporting fields such as financial services, mobile application development, web, big data, etc. This language can operate on many devices and systems. operating, just installed Java Runtime Environment.

The Java programming language has a large open source code

The Java programming language has a large open source code

Java belongs to an object-oriented programming language, with an extremely rich number of API functions. Large open source collection, has many strong development tools such as Netbeans, Eclipse. In addition, this is also a language that is quite easy to learn with a large user community.

  • PHP programming language

PHP is a general-purpose programming language, originally used to track visits to Rasmus’s personal website. This is an open source scripting language that runs on the server and is used to build web applications. With the pair of PHP tags, PHP code can be easily embedded into HTML pages.

PHP - completely free programming language

PHP – completely free programming language

The biggest advantage of this programming language is its simple structure, large library and completely free to use. However, PHP can only work on web applications because the grammatical structure is not as optimal as other programming languages. In return, PHP has a large user community, opening up attractive job opportunities for developers.

  • C# programming language

C# is developed by Microsoft, is in the top programming language trends 2022. C#’s features are quite diverse, close to common programming languages ​​and suitable for beginners. At the same time, this is also the perfect choice for game development, web application programming, desktop.

C# is suitable for beginners

C# is suitable for beginners

This programming language has improved the existing problems of C and C++ such as side effects, pointers. C# has high security, easy interaction with database, easy to develop and is supported by .NET Framework.

  • JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript was born in 1995, is one of the most popular Front End programming languages ​​today. Not stopping there, JavaScript also developed into the Back End and made an impact in the fields of IoT and games. This language is considered to be easier to learn and lighter than other programming languages.

JavaScript - Front End Programming Language

JavaScript – Front End Programming Language

The strength of JavaScript is building highly interactive browsers and websites. Errors are easy to detect, can be compiled in HTML. In addition, JavaScript is also used in input checking, minimizing manual checking when accessing through the database.

Update programming language trends 2022 It is a must for those who are working in the information technology industry. Hopefully the above article of Mat Bao has helped you have an overview of programming languages ​​and their applications.

The image and content of the article are compiled by Mat Bao.

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