The most standard facebook ad image size today

facebook ad image size

Facebook ad image size is one of the important factors when running facebook ads. So have you updated in 2022 what size Facebook ad image will be? Let’s discover this article of Sapo right now!

What is a Facebook ad image?

Before learning about Facebook ad image size, you need to understand what is an ad image? Advertising image is the part displayed with the content in the articles used to run ads.

In Facebook advertising, if you do not choose the right image size, it will greatly affect the quality of your ad campaign, because the image is the first element that viewers notice when looking at an ad. Beautiful, clear images and the correct response rate allowed by Facebook will help your ad get noticed and increase the interaction rate of potential customers.

Image ads bring benefits such as:

  • Make facebook ads more attractive, impressive and professional in the eyes of customers
  • Beautifully designed images will help convey the message and easily reach customers
  • Facebook ads with images can be the key to retaining customers, increasing purchase conversion rates
  • Set yourself apart from your competition on Facebook
  • The standard size of images running facebook ads will not violate Facebook’s policy, helping to reduce advertising costs by 30 – 70%, increasing the number of likes, followers and comments to help optimize advertising costs.
facebook ad image size
facebook ad image size

Summary of facebook ad image sizes

1. Image size to run ads by article

Shop owners can refer to the summary of image sizes running facebook ads as follows:

  • Size of 4 square photos

For the first 4 images of the ad, you must leave the size 900 x 900 pixels, the images after that you can take the size you want. This is the standard Facebook ad image size applied today.

To ensure your copy has a nice and clean layout, you need to stick to this image size, plus choose and design vibrant images to attract comments and customer interaction.

  • Facebook ad image size 1 horizontal and 3 square

In addition to 4 images, when running ads you can also use another image layout including 1 large image above and 3 small images below:

For horizontal images, the size will be 900 x 603 pixels and the 3 images below are: 900 x 900 pixels.

In addition to these 4 photos, if you have other photos, the size is arbitrary, just make sure the images are clear, related to the content.

  • Size of facebook ad photo 1 vertical photo and 3 square photo

Besides the 2 image sizes above, the layout of 1 vertical image and 3 square images is also quite popular and effective for advertising.

To create an advertising image layout with 1 vertical image and 3 square images, you need to design the following mandatory images: Vertical image (first image): 598 x 900 pixels and 3 square side images: 900 x 900 pixels. The rest of the images you can choose to resize, just make sure the content is in sync.

  • Advertising image size 1 vertical image and 2 thumbnails

With this layout you can only use 3 photos to run Facebook ads. The size of this Facebook ad image when designing is to have the following size: Vertical image: 448 x 900 pixels and 2 small images 900 x 900 pixels

Because you can only run 3 photos, you need to design photos that are unique and attract so many viewers to interact with many customers.

  • Advertisement photo 1 horizontal image and 2 small square images

Similar to the above layout, 1 horizontal image and 2 thumbnails, you can only use 3 images to run facebook ads. The size of the image to run the facebook ad you need to design is as follows: The horizontal image is 900 x 452 pixels and the 2 images shown below: 900 x 900 pixels

  • Only run 1 single image

For ads where you don’t want to appear too many photos but only need 1 image to convey information to customers, the standard image size you can use is 900 x 900 pixels or 1200 x 900 pixels.

However, because it is only a single image used to run ads, you need to have an eye-catching design and complete information about the product to bring about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

  • Image size with 2 photo layout

With 2 horizontal images, the standard size for these 2 images is 900 x 452 pixels. Use high-resolution photos that show your product or brand to effectively convey your message.

As for 2 square standing images, the required size is 900 x 900 pixels, the image is also required to have high resolution, clear products and information.

For these 2 layouts, your ad can only run 2 images.

  • The size of the image to run the 3-image ad is the same

The standard size for all 3 images displayed with this layout is 900 x 900 pixels, which is also the layout chosen by many shop owners to run ads. With this standard size, it is guaranteed that when the product is framed, it will be vivid and clear. At the same time the composition of the image will be very beautiful.

2. Image size running Facebook ads in the form of ads

  • Facebook video video image size

The standard image size for facebook video is 1200 x 675 pixels, the image size needs to be less than 4G and the text ratio in the image needs to be less than 20%.

  • Ad image size Click to web

Click to Web is a form of advertising on Facebook with a direct link to the shop’s website. This form helps buyers come to the web to choose products directly on the web, and also promote the web widely to customers.

The standard size for this ad is 1200 x 628 pixels, the Facebook image ratio is 1.9:1, and the text-to-image ratio is less than 20%.

  • Facebook lead ad image size

This is a type of Facebook ad that helps you create a form (also known as a form, similar in function to Google forms) with basic information such as full name, phone number, email, and company.

When customers see and are interested in your ad, they will click on your call to action, and the form will present a form for them to fill out. Autofilling the form information will make the registration process simpler. The image size running this facebook lead ad is 1200 x 628 pixels, ratio 1.9 : 1, the ratio of text in the image is less than 20%

  • Facebook Event ad image size

Facebook events help businesses use online promotional events as the most effective way to promote images and reach customers. The appropriate facebook event ad image size is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1.9:1 ratio, and the text-in-image ratio is less than 20%

  • Image size running Page Like ads

This is a form of advertising that helps increase likes for sales fanpage, the size of this ad image is 1200 x 444 pixels, the ratio of text in the image is less than 20% and the image ratio is 1.9:1

  • Facebook Offer ad image size

The size of the facebook offer ad image is 1200 x 628 pixels, the image ratio is still 1.9: 1 and the text-in-image ratio is as small as 20%. This type of advertising helps promote articles that provide discount codes and promotions.

  • Image size running Facebook Carousel Ads (carousel ads)

Recommended image size is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels with a minimum width and height of 600 pixels, a maximum photo of 30MB and a 1:1 ratio as JPG or PNG, which is the right ad format to promote Promote your brand in the form of photos/videos.

  • Sponsored Messenger ad image sizes

In order to increase interaction on Facebook Messenger, this ad helps you re-engage with customers who have had previous conversations to message them about the shop’s current promotions. The standard image size is 1200 x 628 pixels with a minimum width of 254 pixels and a height of 133 pixels.

Aspect ratio from 9:16 to 16:9 but cropped to 1.91:1, image in JPG or PNG and text ratio no more than 20%.

  • Facebook Collection ad image size (collection ad)

The main goal of this type of advertising is to direct customers who click on your ad to go to a landing page where your ad can effectively convey your message or direct customers to a sales page. The photo needs to be 400 x 150 pixels.

  • Size of facebook right column ads (right column ads)

The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels with a minimum width and height of 600 pixels. The aspect ratio is 9:16 – 16:9 in JPG or PNG format. The form of advertising is suitable for businesses and they are only displayed on the computer interface.

facebook ad image size
facebook ad image size

Note when using images to run facebook ads

When using images to run Facebook ads, you need to pay attention to some of the following information to avoid being flagged or locked from running accounts:

  • The size of photos running facebook ads needs to be in the right proportions, according to the standards outlined above
  • Do not use sensitive images, expose skin, sensitive parts, ..
  • The ratio of text on the image should not exceed 20%.
  • If you run ads on a computer with the new facebook interface, you should only use 1 – 4 photos, the 5th image will be displayed, the 5th photo will look like you posted on your personal page.
  • If you only run ads on phones, you can use 5 or more photos normally
  • If you want to upload a sharp image, multiply it by 2 and save it as PNG

Depending on the purpose of your advertising, you should choose the most appropriate images and sizes.

Tips to have quality facebook ads running photos

Beautiful advertising photos, the right size and ratio will help your ads increase the number of interactions, likes, comments, and shares from users. Sapo suggests some tips for you to have quality ads running photos:

facebook ad image size
facebook ad image size

With this rule ⅓ will help your photos have more balance. You proceed to divide the photo into 9 equal parts, then place the main body of the advertisement in points, this way helps the image to have more space and create a natural sense of harmony.

  • Text in advertising images should not exceed 20%

Photos containing more than 20% text may not be approved by Facebook to run ads or may not be targeted to the right audience you want. So, before running the ad, you can put the image through the Text Overlay Tool to check.

The color of the photo needs to carry the right meaning, message, and must be compatible with each other with the product, should not use too many colors in a photo will distract and distract the focus on your message conveyed.

You should only use 1-2 fonts to help the message become clearer and more attractive to viewers, avoiding distracting focus on the message.

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