The right way to teach, tease, and appease your audience with content [Ví dụ]

The right way to teach, tease, and appease your audience with content [Ví dụ]

This week, we’re talking about audiences – helping them, playing games with them (until the law gets in the way) and putting them to sleep.

Set your audience on smooth sailing

Second-generation family-owned company Sailrite is a one-stop retailer with a viewer-first website. Designed for home and boat owners with a penchant for do-it-yourself, website content of Sailrite prioritizes education (what the audience wants to know) over advertising (what the company wants to say or sell).

The company makes it easy for do-it-yourselfers to purchase the materials they need for their projects. Each New & Notable entry includes an article, a video tutorial and a device list. The timestamps listed for each chapter in the video are particularly helpful. (Want to see? Let’s see temporary shade on the patio doing.)

Sailrite Blog – Meet our customers – features customer interviews and customer-submitted stories. Many posts go into great detail not only on how but also on why their projects. Some delve into more quirky topics like cat against boat .

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: CMI’s Kim Borden says it best: “The site was built for the success of the customer. And she will know. Kim has purchased materials from Sailrite in the past. So when her family joins a “project boat” — one that lacks small luxuries like engines and seats — she knows where to turn for help. As she researched the instructions for making chairs, cushions, and more, she came to appreciate the instructional information, tips, and tricks the site provided.

All content is no stamps and can be easily searched. And that strategy has paid off for both the company and the customer in Kim’s example.

“A large portion of my purchases come from them because I trust how their tools are used in the apps and they are willing to put the information out there,” she said.

By designing and building a content strategy keeping your audience first, the business has created a position customers turn to (and trust) over and over again.

It’s true: #ContentMarketing puts audience needs ahead of brand messages that lead to visits and back sales. We’ve received the receipt. @kborden3 @sailrite via @CMIContent #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: CMI’s Kim Borden shared examples with us.

They bet brands – and brands win

The free, downloadable game Brands Against Humanity (briefly) transforms Cards Against Humanity’s dark comedic style (and adult “party game for horrible people”) into franchises. The brand has made terrible choices.

Like Fast Company explain : “Rather than establishing pop culture and banter, each white card in Brands Against Humanity lists a particularly egregious and unethical decision a well-known company made in the past. ”

But brands may have had the last laugh. Within weeks of its coverage, visitors who wanted to download the game found this 404 message on the site:

An image showing a 404 error message from Ellie & Elisa that reads “Nothing to see here.  This page is no longer available due to a copyright claim.”

What happened? Unfortunately, no one who has written about the new game has shared an update on its demise.

A screenshot showing a Google results search for Brands Against Humanity.  The results show articles from Fast Company and London on The Inside.

And Ellie and Elisa, the creative team behind the game, only provide an upside down smile emoji to reply to a tweet Request information about what happened. (When we reached out to them via email, the creative duo let us know that they don’t consider the game going well – but they’re still not sure how the game will turn out when it does return.) also confirmed that none of the games the media that initially reported on the game have followed up with questions about its fate.)

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Brands against humanity offer several lessons. First, pay attention to Copyright law even if you don’t plan to monetize your content. Second, make sure to regularly update your content – ​​you never know when the story will change. That advice works for everything from periodically checking links to contacting source to make sure their advice stays true.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: CMI’s Kim Moutsos wanted to download the game only to see a 404 error frustration.

They fought brands – and brands won. #ContentMarketing what lessons to learn from Brand’s short, daring ride against humanity via @KMoutsos @CMIContent. cc: @ellieandelisa #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

Put your audience to sleep – on purpose

IKEA Australia wants to lull its customers to sleep with IKEA Sleep Podcast and IKEA Slow TV.

Started a few years ago, podcast shows periodically on the IKEA Australia podcast site:

Yes, it was simply one person narrating the IKEA catalog – product name after product name read in a soft voice.

While podcasts From time to time, IKEA Slow TV seems to be a single project to support the company’s Festival of Sleep in 2019. The videos follow IKEA’s freight on a 14 – Day Journey from Asia to Australia, from a cruise to a truck trip to the store. It includes not only ambient sound, but also the ability to read IKEA products on board. “I can’t explain it, but I can’t stop watching,” Written Jules Yap on the IKEA hacker blog.

(The Slow TV concept is based on the Norwegian Slow TV concept, a live broadcast of what a car sees during its journey – like this most 10 -one hour train ride .)

WHY IS THE PROBLEM: Many content marketers struggle with “boring” topic. In this case, IKEA – a brand known for its quirky and fun – made its content “boring”. Take away its boredom by delivering it in unexpected ways. That is more likely to create a memorable connection and maybe even a conversation with a customer.

HOW WE HEAR ABOUT IT: We saw an IKEA news advertise its new feature live streaming and go down the rabbit hole until we find these examples. And while they don’t happen this week, we think they’re too unusual (and hilarious) to keep them to ourselves.

Eliminate boredom by delivering # content in unexpected ways. See this @IKEA_Australia #ContentMarketing example via @CMIContent. #WeeklyWrap Click to Tweet

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